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MLP - Carousel Boutique by ZOE-Productions MLP - Carousel Boutique :iconzoe-productions:ZOE-Productions 1,864 78 New World Nami by MortuaryMadness New World Nami :iconmortuarymadness:MortuaryMadness 282 17 Wear the Rainbow III by Mkatesoccer Wear the Rainbow III :iconmkatesoccer:Mkatesoccer 1,313 197 Anime girl by xogirlxo78 Anime girl :iconxogirlxo78:xogirlxo78 1,187 61 Ask - Question #44 by GingaAkam Ask - Question #44 :icongingaakam:GingaAkam 702 278
The Nerd Love Song
[A-1 is a comicbook store btw! xP]
Oh when I first saw you
At A-1
It wasn't hard to tell
That you were "The One"
I took one look
At that DBZ-Tee
Adventure Time hat on
And your, skinny jeans
I walked right by and said
"I lost the game,"
You said:
"Wait a minute, now what's your name?"
I took one sec
And I gave it a thought
And I said:
"Babe, it's whatever you want!"
And I said:
"I could be Chi Chi Son,
And we could fly on Kinto-Un
And though at times, I'll get mad
It won't be so bad
And I could be Marceline
The one-and-only Vampire Queen
And we'll fly through all the sky
And I'll only eat red dye."

When I next saw you
At the Comic Con
It wasn't hard to tell
That you were "The One"
I took one look
At your great cosplay
Cloud Strife's outfit on
I yelled, "You look great!"
You stopped walking
And I did the same
You said, "The one that wouldn't
Tell me her name...?"
I took one sec
And I gave it a thought
And I said:
"Babe, it's whatever you want!"
:iconautumntheninja:AutumnTheNinja 37 27
Skeet, ffff by DragonRider13025 Skeet, ffff :icondragonrider13025:DragonRider13025 688 178 Barefoot Skinny Jeans by iraisavampire Barefoot Skinny Jeans :iconiraisavampire:iraisavampire 390 45 -84- by walruskungfu -84- :iconwalruskungfu:walruskungfu 923 200 Go To Sleep Gif! :3 by ShannonxNaruto Go To Sleep Gif! :3 :iconshannonxnaruto:ShannonxNaruto 406 88
Emo Poetry Drinking Game.
1. Every time the word "Black" is used, take a shot. (Same thing for the word "Darkness")
2. If the whole basis of the poem is how no one understands their complicated intelect or how awful it is to try and cram themselves into tighter than tight skinny jeans, take a shot.
3. Whenever they use a dark color ex. The crimson liquid runs down my wrissssstahh. take a shot.
4. If the whole poem has numerous amounts of unneeded adjectives, take a shot. (Extra points if they wrote it in a Shakespearian fashion)
5. If the ending result makes you want to kick the author's ass for being such a pussywillow, break the bottle and go off and look for them.
6. Whenever you snicker at an overly dramatic line, take a shot.
7. Every time they use the word "void" or "abyss" take a shot. (Take two if those words are describing their soul. Take three if they are describing a person's eyes.)
8. Whenever the term "No one wants me" pops up, take a shot.
9. Whenever they talk about cutting their wrists and how
:iconbassist-freak:Bassist-Freak 41 42
Skate Star by DomSplinter Skate Star :icondomsplinter:DomSplinter 377 39 beautiful friend by latticeworkopines beautiful friend :iconlatticeworkopines:latticeworkopines 204 20 MMD - LAT Pants + DL by TheMikuDancer MMD - LAT Pants + DL :iconthemikudancer:TheMikuDancer 245 62 Pig Mess by pikarar Pig Mess :iconpikarar:pikarar 1,215 90 Skinny Jeans- by Sarahmillerphoto Skinny Jeans- :iconsarahmillerphoto:Sarahmillerphoto 352 85 me. by 00Yarko me. :icon00yarko:00Yarko 179 110 Spring Party by pinkparis1233 Spring Party :iconpinkparis1233:pinkparis1233 262 70 The Soap Stop by NatVon The Soap Stop :iconnatvon:NatVon 194 23 Embryo by disco-ball Embryo :icondisco-ball:disco-ball 151 58 Classy or Casual? by zillabean Classy or Casual? :iconzillabean:zillabean 413 124 STOCK_48.3_Looking Up At You by Bellastanyer-STOCK STOCK_48.3_Looking Up At You :iconbellastanyer-stock:Bellastanyer-STOCK 141 47 'DESTRUDO' by riingo 'DESTRUDO' :iconriingo:riingo 482 126 skinny jeans by mijnnaamis skinny jeans :iconmijnnaamis:mijnnaamis 189 64 Coontail by SeizureDemon Coontail :iconseizuredemon:SeizureDemon 276 19 Oh. My. Gawd. by yobuddie Oh. My. Gawd. :iconyobuddie:yobuddie 607 13 Keeping the Bench Warm by TheAmericanDream Keeping the Bench Warm :icontheamericandream:TheAmericanDream 948 70 Concentration by Foxy-Feet Concentration :iconfoxy-feet:Foxy-Feet 336 27 Sock Strip Soles by Foxy-Feet Sock Strip Soles :iconfoxy-feet:Foxy-Feet 210 20 The Car Journey by Foxy-Feet The Car Journey :iconfoxy-feet:Foxy-Feet 217 45 Tip Toe Soles by Foxy-Feet Tip Toe Soles :iconfoxy-feet:Foxy-Feet 203 12 Dobuita Showing Off the Goods by TheAmericanDream Dobuita Showing Off the Goods :icontheamericandream:TheAmericanDream 433 62 Soles Paradise by Foxy-Feet Soles Paradise :iconfoxy-feet:Foxy-Feet 177 33 Raised Toes by Foxy-Feet Raised Toes :iconfoxy-feet:Foxy-Feet 187 17 Skinny Jeans by High-On-Fairydust Skinny Jeans :iconhigh-on-fairydust:High-On-Fairydust 385 32 RFTS Micca Lusios 2014 by KianJimenez RFTS Micca Lusios 2014 :iconkianjimenez:KianJimenez 663 40 rizzo commish by johnnyrocwell rizzo commish :iconjohnnyrocwell:johnnyrocwell 361 63 Never Give Up by smooch360 Never Give Up :iconsmooch360:smooch360 94 3 DWN+TAD Dobuita Collab by TheAmericanDream DWN+TAD Dobuita Collab :icontheamericandream:TheAmericanDream 343 17 ATownCalledMercy by ErraJawnson ATownCalledMercy :iconerrajawnson:ErraJawnson 729 81 Dirt Kissed Arches by Foxy-Feet Dirt Kissed Arches :iconfoxy-feet:Foxy-Feet 162 26 Relaxation by Foxy-Feet Relaxation :iconfoxy-feet:Foxy-Feet 153 19 36'-24'-36' by Parallendicular 36'-24'-36' :iconparallendicular:Parallendicular 154 16 Mirror Image 2 by Foxy-Feet Mirror Image 2 :iconfoxy-feet:Foxy-Feet 145 29 Paper Dress up Tobi by liea Paper Dress up Tobi :iconliea:liea 514 34 Commish9: H - W for Glockgal by ngoziu Commish9: H - W for Glockgal :iconngoziu:ngoziu 287 38 Gay Superman Edit by swarley7 Gay Superman Edit :iconswarley7:swarley7 118 43 At Her Desk by Foxy-Feet At Her Desk :iconfoxy-feet:Foxy-Feet 146 36