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Fem!Hands 1 Stock by MostlyGuyStock Fem!Hands 1 Stock :iconmostlyguystock:MostlyGuyStock 2,386 104 Tda Rectangle base v1.01 [download] by cacti-sloom Tda Rectangle base v1.01 [download] :iconcacti-sloom:cacti-sloom 1,135 113 Chimaera by Dianae Chimaera :icondianae:Dianae 2,821 609 Fem!Hands 7 Stock (Perspective) by MostlyGuyStock Fem!Hands 7 Stock (Perspective) :iconmostlyguystock:MostlyGuyStock 1,073 70 black cats by Fukari black cats :iconfukari:Fukari 4,153 47 Male!Hands 1 Stock by MostlyGuyStock Male!Hands 1 Stock :iconmostlyguystock:MostlyGuyStock 4,983 304 Suicide - Part Three by maryana01 Suicide - Part Three :iconmaryana01:maryana01 1,368 292 Fem!Hands 2 Stock (Holding Pen) by MostlyGuyStock Fem!Hands 2 Stock (Holding Pen) :iconmostlyguystock:MostlyGuyStock 1,738 87 The Wanderer by moyan The Wanderer :iconmoyan:moyan 8,533 367 Skin Brushes by env1ro Skin Brushes :iconenv1ro:env1ro 4,482 841 Off - genderbend by Fukari Off - genderbend :iconfukari:Fukari 2,603 53 Fem!Hands 4 Stock (Door + Handle) by MostlyGuyStock Fem!Hands 4 Stock (Door + Handle) :iconmostlyguystock:MostlyGuyStock 677 52 If You Get Lost by CanisAlbus If You Get Lost :iconcanisalbus:CanisAlbus 1,058 53 The tribe. by PlastikStars The tribe. :iconplastikstars:PlastikStars 3,290 1,224 teen spirit2 by KsenijaObukhovsky teen spirit2 :iconksenijaobukhovsky:KsenijaObukhovsky 288 16 Rat Max by Zummeng Rat Max :iconzummeng:Zummeng 225 8 Skinny Dipping in the Dark by johnjoseco Skinny Dipping in the Dark :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 3,790 731 .: Lust of the deeper pain :. by KalmaKamala .: Lust of the deeper pain :. :iconkalmakamala:KalmaKamala 937 175
Nine Confessions Of A Skinny Girl
The difference between being thin and being skinny
is that when you’re skinny,
everyone is constantly trying to get you to eat.
As if you are deliberately starving yourself.
As if they are soldiers
and you are a war they must win,
food instead of guns in their hands.
Seven years ago, when I first realised
that I couldn’t sleep on my side anymore
because my hipbones cut like knives into my skin,
that I could count every single one of my ribs,
I ate everything I found in the fridge till I threw up,
and my mother assumed I was doing it on purpose.
It took me three sessions of intensive therapy
to convince the therapist that I wasn’t sick
when honestly, I wasn’t sure myself anymore.
Girls who look in the mirror
and see a collection of bones
and stories and thigh gaps and brittle wrists
are called beautiful in magazines,
so why do I only see hollow eyes and skin
that is just barely stretched over a skeletal frame?
The first time a boy grasped my wr
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