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Base 7 by SkeleBunnyBases Base 7 :iconskelebunnybases:SkeleBunnyBases 593 71
Character Conception Meme : Francis
Character Conception Meme : Francis
Part 1: The Basics
1. What is your character’s name?
Francis. Nope, no last name yet. Yes I named him before pope Francis.
I totally flipped tho when I heard about it. Maybe I CAN see into the future?
2. Is there any reason or story behind its name? If so, what is it?
Nah, son, I just like that name. French names seem to haunt me. NO WAIT FUCK of course! Malcolm in the middle? Francis? The oldest brother? He was always my fave character on that show and I loved how the name sounded. So yeah that was my inspiration.
3. What was their back-story at the time?
He never had 'real' parents. His mother was always on anti-depressants since he's 3, he only knows her in a state in which he doesnt really do anything. She slept most of the time. And his father was rarely home, usually on business trips, who knows what else he did on those 'business trips' though. He was practically raised by his big brother Damien, even if he was only 3 years older, also h
:iconajulira:Ajulira 8 13
Request for Skelebunny ReaderxRussia - DAMN OWLS
Damn Owls
Hooo…. Hooo… Hoooo…
"Da, I would like to know as well." You turned from where you had been helping Finland with working on his Great Grey Owls and looked down the ladder. You blinked in surprise at the sight of the strange man at the bottom of the tree with platinum hair, big purple eyes, a curious aura of death around him, and one of the parent birds on his shoulder, hooting down his ear-hole. You almost slipped down the ladder, until Finland hollered up from the nest above you.
"Oh Mr Russia! Hi! We were just checking the nests to see how the vole population is going. There are three chicks, so this family won't be visiting you this summer!" Mr Finland hollered in delight, only to give a little shriek of pain as one of the fluffy chicks clacked his beak at him and then tried to peck his buttons and fingers.
"I see…." The dark violet aura faded and the brightest smile you'd ever seen formed on Russia's face. You breathed a sigh of relief, you had heard enough from Estonia an
:iconechosdusk:echosdusk 45 15
Love by the Lake - Finland x Reader
Love by the Lake
You felt the waves beneath your boat and suddenly you were very nervous… did you get waves on a lake? All throughout your holiday in Scandinavia you had been cursed by the same sensation of danger on the water and been forced to hide in the cabin of the cruise ship in case you had thrown up. You had of course assumed it was just because of the waves, you loved water but the stormy weather of the north had made you just a little sickly obviously. However, you were not afraid of lakes, you lived beside them back home but for some reason… for some reason your boat was rocking!
“Why did you guys convince me to go on the boat?” You bleated as you gripped the rail of the little tour boat that was shunting around the lake edge. Your friends stared at you with irritation, they knew you as the life of the party and yet now you were just ruining the romantic feel to the afternoon. That was another thing that was probably adding to your
:iconechosdusk:echosdusk 44 6
warmth by Ajulira warmth :iconajulira:Ajulira 15 7 Loving yourself by Ajulira Loving yourself :iconajulira:Ajulira 12 4 AT - Skelebunny by Bluejotain AT - Skelebunny :iconbluejotain:Bluejotain 9 10 Same Dog by VerlangenLotte Same Dog :iconverlangenlotte:VerlangenLotte 4 5 Pooh Character Doodles by VerlangenLotte Pooh Character Doodles :iconverlangenlotte:VerlangenLotte 5 2 Qt Pie by Ajulira Qt Pie :iconajulira:Ajulira 7 0 Dev ID by SkeleBunnyBases Dev ID :iconskelebunnybases:SkeleBunnyBases 5 0 Antilissa and Demonio by VerlangenLotte Antilissa and Demonio :iconverlangenlotte:VerlangenLotte 4 3 sylvain by Ajulira sylvain :iconajulira:Ajulira 4 0 Trio by Ajulira Trio :iconajulira:Ajulira 5 2 Day 24- Skeleton by wylde Day 24- Skeleton :iconwylde:wylde 2 0 New mascot by Derpelancer New mascot :iconderpelancer:Derpelancer 0 2 Skelebunny by Methra Skelebunny :iconmethra:Methra 0 0 Skelebunny by skelebunny Skelebunny :iconskelebunny:skelebunny 0 0 Shadow and Skelebunny by Cara-da-Carrot Shadow and Skelebunny :iconcara-da-carrot:Cara-da-Carrot 2 15
Freakenstein 14
The creature carried his creator out of the woods, and into the mountains, where he saw an old windmill in the distance. While the creature was staring at the slow-spinning vanes, he heard something coming from the opposite direction. He turned to look, and saw the angry mob, headed by Herr Vogal.
CORY= "SOMEONE, GO FETCH MORITZ AND FRANKENSTEIN'S GROUP!  THE REST OF US, GO KILL HIM!!!"  Without seeing Frankenstein draped over the monster's shoulder, the mob began to run towards the creature. Seeing all those men with torches and pitchforks running towards him, the creature ran away from the mob, and towards the windmill.
When the creature finally made it to the windmill, he turned and saw that the mob had doubled in size(Frankenstein's group had joined them). Scared, the creature entered the windmill, and saw, next to a flight of stairs, were five partial tree trunks(uncut firewood). The creature put Frankenstein down, and bega
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Skelebunny by SuicidexAngelxRuki Skelebunny :iconsuicidexangelxruki:SuicidexAngelxRuki 0 0 Art Trade- SpazzticFace- Skex by BumblebeeGirl13 Art Trade- SpazzticFace- Skex :iconbumblebeegirl13:BumblebeeGirl13 2 1 Toys and Secrets by mexican-jo-cool Toys and Secrets :iconmexican-jo-cool:mexican-jo-cool 7 10 Pooooooooh by VerlangenLotte Pooooooooh :iconverlangenlotte:VerlangenLotte 14 6 Let's be Friends - Pooh+Skex by Speedvore Let's be Friends - Pooh+Skex :iconspeedvore:Speedvore 4 2 Hartley and Katerina by Brissinge Hartley and Katerina :iconbrissinge:Brissinge 3 3 out of pie by Ajulira out of pie :iconajulira:Ajulira 8 6