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Awesome Eagle by tysonhesse Awesome Eagle :icontysonhesse:tysonhesse 2,871 284 Darth Vader skateboarding by TheArtofBlouh Darth Vader skateboarding :icontheartofblouh:TheArtofBlouh 454 105 Friction. by Endling Friction. :iconendling:Endling 2,882 174 Second Face by PhotoYoung Second Face :iconphotoyoung:PhotoYoung 4,248 259 Better Steeze.. by icitoujours Better Steeze.. :iconicitoujours:icitoujours 767 170 Like a Boss by KatieHofgard Like a Boss :iconkatiehofgard:KatieHofgard 1,055 42 Skateboarding Ballerina by PhotoYoung Skateboarding Ballerina :iconphotoyoung:PhotoYoung 2,502 173 Tactical Shredding by lonefirewarrior Tactical Shredding :iconlonefirewarrior:lonefirewarrior 1,368 341 Meditolliation by taifun Meditolliation :icontaifun:taifun 4,685 856 Ballerina by PhotoYoung Ballerina :iconphotoyoung:PhotoYoung 391 17 Modern Avatards by Amanecer Modern Avatards :iconamanecer:Amanecer 725 49 Sunabe Skateboarding by Uchinan-Chu Sunabe Skateboarding :iconuchinan-chu:Uchinan-Chu 1,175 155 NEEEEEEEYYAAAAAARRRGGGHH by thoughtless4ever NEEEEEEEYYAAAAAARRRGGGHH :iconthoughtless4ever:thoughtless4ever 1,434 154 Master Blaster by eddiethink Master Blaster :iconeddiethink:eddiethink 699 79 Elements of Skateboarding by Midna Elements of Skateboarding :iconmidna:Midna 266 70 skateboarding businessman by sonofdirk skateboarding businessman :iconsonofdirk:sonofdirk 439 75 Sk8er colt by dennyvixen Sk8er colt :icondennyvixen:dennyvixen 831 31 'And all that JAZZ' by FooRay 'And all that JAZZ' :iconfooray:FooRay 532 57 Kick Flip by Mobster9 Kick Flip :iconmobster9:Mobster9 631 66 bs 5-0 by Lundern bs 5-0 :iconlundern:Lundern 570 49 Skateboarding poster by owenz Skateboarding poster :iconowenz:owenz 162 24 mini skater by prettyfreakjesper mini skater :iconprettyfreakjesper:prettyfreakjesper 407 215 backside flip by knot- backside flip :iconknot-:knot- 272 159 Free ride Downhill Skateboarding by Grafik Free ride Downhill Skateboarding :icongrafik:Grafik 515 23 Mario + Sonic an the X-Games by SuperAshBro Mario + Sonic an the X-Games :iconsuperashbro:SuperAshBro 222 16 Ollie by Dorsa123 Ollie :icondorsa123:Dorsa123 683 135 5H17777 by saraserket 5H17777 :iconsaraserket:saraserket 264 10 Andy Warhol Skateboarding by InfernalFear Andy Warhol Skateboarding :iconinfernalfear:InfernalFear 192 150 brian - ollie by sutherlandboswell brian - ollie :iconsutherlandboswell:sutherlandboswell 546 68 Steve Caballero Air by eddiethink Steve Caballero Air :iconeddiethink:eddiethink 340 78 FREE SNAKUU by Scourge-Is-Awesome FREE SNAKUU :iconscourge-is-awesome:Scourge-Is-Awesome 355 76 foot lftgrab by bad95killer foot lftgrab :iconbad95killer:bad95killer 467 171 Skateboarding by PhotoYoung Skateboarding :iconphotoyoung:PhotoYoung 180 12 Automated Robotics by pacman23 Automated Robotics :iconpacman23:pacman23 225 5 shredpool by m7781 shredpool :iconm7781:m7781 619 52 Herwig. by stlind Herwig. :iconstlind:stlind 223 35 swan by blueish swan :iconblueish:blueish 180 127 Ghost Skater by JSZ-JaZz Ghost Skater :iconjsz-jazz:JSZ-JaZz 180 14
Tightening the trucks, loosening up the wheels, Putting the griptape on
Jumping on the board, speeding up, getting the feel of your brand new deck
Feeling the breeze as your pacing along the street, olling onto a side walk
Seeing little kids as you past, doing a trick from them you can see happiness in their eyes
Trying to go to a skate park but their too damn packed
Held back to the city, with escape plans
Waxing up a ledges for a few minutes, looking out for cops
Watching your buddy tear the shit out of the brand new ledges
Grinding a rail, feeling the vibration run through your body
Lost balance, hit the ground face 1st and roll
Get up one fall is nothing, ignore what others say around you
Practices helps the more practice you will eventually land it
Getting video taped, going a sick line, trying to get sponsered when what you've done have been done before
Take it to the next step, go farther then what the previous skater has down, there are no limits in skateboarding.
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:iconcrazycubsfan1985:Crazycubsfan1985 24 13
Inkboarding!!! by SaccharoKirby Inkboarding!!! :iconsaccharokirby:SaccharoKirby 147 12 Wicked Credit Card by Emezie Wicked Credit Card :iconemezie:Emezie 282 57 Grindin' Totem by pacman23 Grindin' Totem :iconpacman23:pacman23 193 14 Sailor Skater 1 by SenshiStock Sailor Skater 1 :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 170 15 streamin by emlan streamin :iconemlan:emlan 549 25 Skateboarding Ballerina by PhotoYoung Skateboarding Ballerina :iconphotoyoung:PhotoYoung 163 15 Nike Toss by shawnie-b Nike Toss :iconshawnie-b:shawnie-b 510 70 Skater Base by PixelBerii Skater Base :iconpixelberii:PixelBerii 1,188 181 It muffins! by Epulson It muffins! :iconepulson:Epulson 771 131 Artistic Skateboarding by KristianLouis Artistic Skateboarding :iconkristianlouis:KristianLouis 124 24