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Resemblance by julvett Resemblance :iconjulvett:julvett 4,580 448 Harry Potter - Nostalgia by kurot Harry Potter - Nostalgia :iconkurot:kurot 51,425 4,347 Skating by julvett Skating :iconjulvett:julvett 4,501 530 RHr - Just a peek by Aleccha RHr - Just a peek :iconaleccha:Aleccha 2,764 271 Harry Potter Comic 08 by Loleia Harry Potter Comic 08 :iconloleia:Loleia 6,049 743 Marauders Facebook Timeline 1 by julvett Marauders Facebook Timeline 1 :iconjulvett:julvett 4,232 621 Older Lily and Snape by julvett Older Lily and Snape :iconjulvett:julvett 3,337 504 Harry Potter Chara meme by MachoMachi Harry Potter Chara meme :iconmachomachi:MachoMachi 3,905 532 Harry Potter Comic 07 by Loleia Harry Potter Comic 07 :iconloleia:Loleia 12,861 1,277 HP - Snape's idea by Tenshi-no-Hikari HP - Snape's idea :icontenshi-no-hikari:Tenshi-no-Hikari 16,479 2,275 Marauders Facebook Timeline 3 by julvett Marauders Facebook Timeline 3 :iconjulvett:julvett 3,569 672 October 31, 1979 by julvett October 31, 1979 :iconjulvett:julvett 2,893 573 HarryPotter.BoyDress-upGame.v2 by porotto HarryPotter.BoyDress-upGame.v2 :iconporotto:porotto 12,987 3,223 blast from the past by viria13 blast from the past :iconviria13:viria13 8,987 322 Sibling Rivalry by julvett Sibling Rivalry :iconjulvett:julvett 2,372 211 Look alikes by julvett Look alikes :iconjulvett:julvett 1,583 147 HarryPotter: PrisonerOfAzkaban by daekazu HarryPotter: PrisonerOfAzkaban :icondaekazu:daekazu 6,983 429
Tease: Sirius Black x Reader
Something gently brushed past Sirius's knee causing him to shiver slightly. Small incidents like this had been occurring over past hour and as a result he was no closer to completing the potions essay that Slughorn had set. Looking around the table he tried to work out who it could possibly be. James was busy talking to Lupin; Peter was slowly getting worked up as he tried to complete a piece of homework whilst Lily and F/n were deep in conversation about holidays.
He had no idea how F/n had convinced Lily to come, probably Lily was worried that the boys were a bad influence and she wanted to retain her friend. James looked up at the clock and smirked, an hour had past and that’s all they had said they were going to do. Lily rolled her eyes at his lack of dedication to his education and quickly picked up hers and F/n’s  finished essays before James could. As everyone slowly began packing up he felt it again, only this time it ran up his actual thigh. Only two people co
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Jealousy by julvett Jealousy :iconjulvett:julvett 1,539 112 Marauders Facebook Timeline 2 by julvett Marauders Facebook Timeline 2 :iconjulvett:julvett 3,087 299 Bad Ass Harry Potter by theartful-dodge Bad Ass Harry Potter :icontheartful-dodge:theartful-dodge 6,595 576
Letters and Denial (Young!Sirius x Reader)
-Harry Potter
-Young!Remus or Young!Sirius
-Reader, Christmas, Fluff
Signed, your Secret Admirer
You tear your eyes from the love letter some soul had slipped into your bag sometime today. You’d been eyeing it with disdain. Honestly, who wrote love letters anymore? Though you had to admit the penmanship was fairly splendid. Still it did nothing for you. You hadn’t time for silly love letters. You already had your sights set elsewhere. You move said eyes over to peer at the gentleman who’d so rudely made your heart endure things you’d never felt before.
"I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him."
“I would greatly appreciate if you would stop talking.”
"But Sev! Look at him sitting there all handsome and intelligent, reading a book! Ugh, and he knows it too!"
"If you're so obsessed with the Gryffindor idiot perhaps it’d best to approach him and quickly let him turn you down."
You turn your gaze to Severu
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