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Male!Pocahontas/Reader - Different
MalePocahontas/Reader one-shot - Different

(Pocahontas - Pocahon) (John Smith - Jane Smith)

(Little side fact: 'Que que na-to-ra' means 'you will understand' in Algonquin.)
(Y/n) = Your name
(L/n) = Last name
(S/c) = Skin color
"Ay ay ay ya
Ay ay ya
Que que na-to-ra
You will understand.
Listen with your heart
You will understand
Let it break upon you
Like a wave upon the sand
Listen with your heart
You will understand
You will understand…"

Pocahon sat cross-legged on the thick large branch in front of Grandma Willow. His eyes were closed as he stood still with nature as it was as silent as himself. The passing breeze blew through his long silky black locks of hair in a hushed whisper. The the only other sound made other than the whispering wind were the chirping birds and the sound of his own steady breathing. "I feel today will be different from others…"
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Tick Tock, Goes the Clock Lyrics
Tick Tock, Goes the clock, and what then shall we play?
Tick Tock, Goes the clock, now summer's gone away?
Tick Tock, Goes the clock, and what then shall we see?
Tick Tock, Until the day that thou shalt marry me.
Tick Tock, Goes the clock, and all the years they fly.
Tick Tock, And all too soon, you and I must die.
Tick Tock, Goes the clock, We laughed at fate and mourned her.
Tick Tock, Goes the clock, even for the Doctor.
Tick Tock, Goes the clock, he cradled and he rocked her.
Tick Tock, Goes the clock, 'Til River kills the Doctor.
Doctor, Brave and good, He turned away from violence,
When he understood the falling of the Silence.
Tick Tock, Goes the clock, He gave all he could give her.
Tick Tock, Goes the clock, Now prison waits for River.
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BTLG - Marked Destiny - Scotland x Reader
*La la laaaaa*
You stirred from your sleep. “Uh?”
*Laaaa la laa la la*
The soft grass under your fingers tips gently pushed you up.
‘Am I in a dream?’ your mind questioned. Your body was righted up. At first you struggled with your footing until without further assistance, you stood on your own.
“_________~” a cooing voice said.
The world felt slow. “Huh?” Your eyelids still felt heavy. “Who is that? Mom? Dad?”
“Oh _______ let me sing a song for you~”
Slowly as if your body had a mind of its own, it walked in a particular direction. ‘Where am I going?’ You couldn’t turn your head. Green trees surrounded you. Your bare feet expertly moved around sharp rocks and roots but you were not consciously moving them. ‘My body…it feels like I have no control…’
“_______ you will just love
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Golden action :iconbokehlie:Bokehlie 234 22
Freaking Singing Pony. :iconblackgryph0n:BlackGryph0n 804 442
Rock Star Brushes :iconxcassiex24:xCassiex24 303 103
The Hanging Tree song (Creepypasta version)
Are you, are you...
Fiends with a proxy?
The tall faceless man
Is watching you and me
Soon we'll be facing a
Young boy named Jeffrey
Here comes, my foe...
Will you, will you...
Meet me and Jessie?
After you survive
The Rainbow Factory?
Some guys were the victims
Of Clockwork and Toby
And tonight, we may...
See Masky and Hoody
Did you...did you...
Meet a pink pony?
She's really gone insane
Why did she go crazy?
Ben Drowned and Rap Rat will
Keep haunting the TV
If we keep, fighting...
I'm sure that we'll be free
Were you...were you...
Playing with Sally?
A guy named Eyeless Jack
Is after my kidney
That image of a dog
Was scary and creepy
Like that mouse, who was...
Abandoned by Disney
Would you...would you...
Show brutality...
Against the man who tries
To hold you sexually?
He offered me a rose
And chuckled lustfully
And it won't, be long...
Until we meet Reggie
Could you...could you...
Always protect me...
Like how that lady Jane
Would protect her Mary?
Some black and white cl
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Red Wolf Stock 67: Howling :iconhotnstock:HOTNStock 752 65
::Sugawara Koushi X Reader:: Underwear [ 3 ]
Lyrics could be heard around the apartment that Sugawara and [Y/N] shared, and the male's ears perked, eyebrows knitting together. Rolling off the bed he was previously asleep in, he ventured out into the home in his boxers. He ran a large hand through his locks, and let out a sleepy yawn as the singing seemed to get louder.
Curiosity drilled through his entire being, and the smell of rice and eggs seized his senses. Turning down the hall, he opened his mouth to speak as he almost stepped foot in to the kitchen, but it shut when he walked in on his girlfriend.
She wore one of his shirts, a grey one, and nothing but polka dot underpants below that. Her hips swayed as a melodic voice rumbled up through her vocal cords and passed her lips, and she tapped an egg against the edge of the frying pan, cracking it open.
A silly smile found it's way on to the third year's lips, and he leaned against the door frame, watching for several moments as his lover sung beautifully, not noticing he was w
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Heavy Metal Shy :iconrautakoura:Rautakoura 1,341 888 The Coyote Who Couldn't Sing :iconscrewbald:screwbald 1,631 225
Anime Festival Asia 2015 short :iconfantasyblade:FantasyBlade 481 55
Rapunzel OOAK doll :iconlulemee:lulemee 1,933 425 Fiolee - Bad Little Boy :iconangellust155:AngelLust155 2,123 170 Female Base 10 :iconnoemi--bases:Noemi--Bases 1,419 183 FREE Bouncy Jigglypuff Icon :iconkattling:Kattling 3,670 348 Music :iconmidna01:Midna01 4,032 191
Tokyo Teddy Bear - English lyrics
Tokyo Teddy Bear
Original by Rin Kagamine
Music by: Neru
Oh Mother, Father, I'm sorry for all my lies
Thanks for always being there, to soothe me when I cried
Oh Brother, Sister, I doubt I'll see you soon
It's time for me to go, in these old worn out shoes
Their ego growing bigger, I steer away from the crowd
Hoping they'll disappear, just maybe somehow
"I only wanted to be loved", I scream out
If I could only find, some special way to rewind,
Cut out part of my soul inside
Oh "Love your neighbor", said the savior
No one listens to his show
Yeah "You're just a nothing, you don't matter!"
Why not? I don't know!
I got hurt trying to dream of, filling the gaps behind the seams
Someone tell me the truth,
What does life mean?
To all my classmates, this is my final goodbye
None of you stopped to help, when I felt lonely or when I cried
Is this honestly what you see in me? Is this honestly what you see in I?
Is this honestly what lies underneath? Is this honestly the ugliness inside?
Ah! It's
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Winter Hymn :iconqinni:Qinni 5,177 202 Singin' in the rain :iconsynfull:Synfull 1,439 273 Princess Aurora - Sleeping Beauty :iconfirelilycosplay:FireLilyCosplay 576 213 Animated Ladies - final :iconkatcombs:katcombs 744 242 Friends Base :iconbreezeinuzuka:BreezeInuzuka 1,929 445 Un Monstre a Paris :iconseagerdy:SeaGerdy 2,336 168 just for the lulz :iconoomizuao:oomizuao 1,640 138 OP - How It Really Went Down :iconmcgooen:Mcgooen 1,251 279
AmericaxReader- My Hero
You were running your evening shift at the most popular café in town.
You were lucky to get a job here, and the advantage you had above all the other pretty girls who applied here was that you actually did work. You didn't consider yourself to be gorgeous at all, but you weren't ugly either. It was a fact that you were simply just 'plain', but the idea of it didn't bother you the least. What did bother you, though, was the fact that you always felt under-appreciated for what you did, and the only possible reason for that was because you weren't pretty. Maybe if you were, people would acknowledge your presence, and notice you more. You thought that applying for a job would get you more out going, and so far you've come to know many different people at the café. Working here was the best idea you've ever had.
The thing that made this café so popular was that it had an open mic-night every Friday, and the café was always packed with people having a great time, d
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Sitting Howling Wolf Lineart :iconwildspiritwolf:WildSpiritWolf 1,817 121 11_Couple4 :iconapple-bases:apple-bases 1,234 108 Raptor Chant :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 7,733 783 Jallu :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 3,347 189 Hatsune Miku Colour :iconkouken:Kouken 1,673 134