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Rose Girl by esayelemay Rose Girl :iconesayelemay:esayelemay 1,570 314 Honey Honey Up In The Trees by hishy Honey Honey Up In The Trees :iconhishy:hishy 490 60 Kvothe in the Eolian by Skadivore Kvothe in the Eolian :iconskadivore:Skadivore 271 37 Camden Lady by Laura-Ferreira Camden Lady :iconlaura-ferreira:Laura-Ferreira 592 24 Stardust by jazzylemonade Stardust :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 281 75 I Should Have Kissed You by jazzylemonade I Should Have Kissed You :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 377 124 The Dreams In Which I'm Dying by jazzylemonade The Dreams In Which I'm Dying :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 355 107 P!nk by ChrisWoottonArt P!nk :iconchriswoottonart:ChrisWoottonArt 437 157 Put Your Fears In Order by jazzylemonade Put Your Fears In Order :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 178 8 A Song and A Dance by jazzylemonade A Song and A Dance :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 936 116 Utada Hikaru by bommie Utada Hikaru :iconbommie:bommie 225 132 Springsteen by justinsdrawings Springsteen :iconjustinsdrawings:justinsdrawings 304 183 Hand In Glove by jazzylemonade Hand In Glove :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 403 70 Girish by MumblingIdiot Girish :iconmumblingidiot:MumblingIdiot 144 25 No Mundane Options by jazzylemonade No Mundane Options :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 237 72
His dance is not necessarily a dance,
It is more of swaying to the beat.
He has an odd stance,
When he gives the audience a treat.
His voice has wide ranges,
When he sings a simple emotional song.
His love for his friends never changes.
His friendships last long.
He shows no emotion on TV shows,
Though he makes other people show what he is feeling.
He seems to never age nor grow;
His stated age sends fans reeling.
Fan service excites the people in large groups.
The band seems as though they got drunk off beer.
He excites his fans when he has fun with his troops.
When the band starts their routine the crowd will cheer.
:iconninjanakashima:NinjaNakashima 21 23
Some Sort of Drunken Sincerity by jazzylemonade Some Sort of Drunken Sincerity :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 262 69 Lost Riots by jazzylemonade Lost Riots :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 336 97 Since That Summer by jazzylemonade Since That Summer :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 274 77 Backbeat by jazzylemonade Backbeat :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 131 31 Non-Conformist by jazzylemonade Non-Conformist :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 249 42 Raybans at Night by jazzylemonade Raybans at Night :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 198 19 Comfortable With Silence by jazzylemonade Comfortable With Silence :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 314 76 A Lot Like Love by jazzylemonade A Lot Like Love :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 326 47 Like a Rolling Stone by jazzylemonade Like a Rolling Stone :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 170 77 Cheryl Cole by ChrisWoottonArt Cheryl Cole :iconchriswoottonart:ChrisWoottonArt 705 305 Jennifer Lopez by ChrisWoottonArt Jennifer Lopez :iconchriswoottonart:ChrisWoottonArt 454 87 Neon Blur by jazzylemonade Neon Blur :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 148 16 Gone On Holiday By Mistake by jazzylemonade Gone On Holiday By Mistake :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 151 57 Sing by jazzylemonade Sing :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 148 9 Then And Now by SassyLittleThing Then And Now :iconsassylittlething:SassyLittleThing 73 51 Withnail and I by jazzylemonade Withnail and I :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 115 90 L'Anarchie Pour Le UK by jazzylemonade L'Anarchie Pour Le UK :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 126 28 Lady in Pink by heartbreakdi Lady in Pink :iconheartbreakdi:heartbreakdi 166 47 Will by jazzylemonade Will :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 81 8 Fun with the Runwells by jazzylemonade Fun with the Runwells :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 121 22 Battle of the Guns by jazzylemonade Battle of the Guns :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 122 4 Listening to Dead Rock Stars by jazzylemonade Listening to Dead Rock Stars :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 100 20 Bish Bash Bosh by jazzylemonade Bish Bash Bosh :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 110 15 Light and Dark by TenmaSaga Light and Dark :icontenmasaga:TenmaSaga 83 28 Space Oddity by jazzylemonade Space Oddity :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 209 60 drop.drip.drop. by mondscheinsonate drop.drip.drop. :iconmondscheinsonate:mondscheinsonate 82 51 Reclined Gymnast by gdphotography Reclined Gymnast :icongdphotography:gdphotography 57 2 If You Can't Dance by jazzylemonade If You Can't Dance :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 105 50 Dance by TheRealLittleMermaid Dance :iconthereallittlemermaid:TheRealLittleMermaid 122 4 Gene Kelly by jazzylemonade Gene Kelly :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 258 84 Metrosexual Love by jazzylemonade Metrosexual Love :iconjazzylemonade:jazzylemonade 226 47