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Pacific Rim is not a Rip-off of Evangelion
Ever since the first trailer for the upcoming Guillermo Del Toro film Pacific Rim popped up on the pages of Youtube, it has been accused of being a rip-off of Neon Genesis Evangelion or Evangelion for short. To which I say, "Um, no. It's not." Here's why. Let's look at their similarities and differences.
Evangelion and Pacific Rim: Giant monsters come out of the sea, we build mechanoids to fight them which are powered via mental synchronization.
Now the differences:
* The monsters, or Angels, are alien-like entities who constantly attack Tokyo 03 to reclaim their "father" Adam (who they are descended from) and "mother" Lilith (who brought forth humanity or the Lilim) and regard humanity as minor inconveniences.
* The Evas are organic creatures covered in armor and powered by 14-year-olds born after an apocalyptic event called The Second Impact and contain the souls of their mothers or maternal figures. (Shinji Ikari: Yui Ikari, Asuka Sohryu: Kyoko Sohryu, Rei Ayanami: Naoko
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His Dishwasher Hands
I met a boy,
who captivated me.
His long
was always slicked like silk
into a band
at the nape of his neck.
He wore black
and walked with a swagger,
the hem of his trench-coat
reaching past his knees.
He reminded me
of the vampire Lestat
and he had a habit
of blushing
when I caught him off guard.
He was a musician
in the making,
or a poet
or a surgeon-to-be,
but you'd never tell
because he had a dishwasher's rough hands.
And maybe I didn't know him well,
but I know he had cornflower blue eyes
the likes of which you could swim in
and his green work shirt
was always molded to his stick-figure skin.
I met a boy,
and the tilt of his head
and the opaque hue of his skin
inspired me.
And I let him go.
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Eyes of my own engulf frozen soils.
The lingering poisons disrupt a common thought.
Salvation encrusts itself namelessly and without praise.
Similarities peak formally, and also without doubt.
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Day 21: things i need my teenager to know
you are not invincible
but nor are you the souffle,
half baked, collapsed
in the centre;
you are an uncalloused heart-
a secret fragility
bordered with strength.
i am not invincible either
though mine is a restitched heart
built and rebuilt again-
a secret strength
buried under frailty.
you are walking a dangerous path
with boys who want to wear you
like a trophy-- boys who don't think
--no, that's it, boys who don't think.
you open into them the way
flowers greet the sun, and they still
don't think. i need you to know
you are more than a thing.
i once walked your path:
ran pell-mell through forests
of boys who don't think.
one day you will realise
the answer you're looking for
isn't for you to find. it's better to
tip your head and drink
from the sky-- that bottle
is a stain poisoning you.
i dipped my head
more than you know,
eyes pinched shut
and the sky weeping-
undrunk & in pain.
people will leave you.
nobody can promise you forever,
sometimes they will leave &
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Just like the sun
You remind me of the shine from the sun,
You have so many similarities,
With that shining star.
You brighten my day,
But you ruin my history.
You make me mad.
You give me pain,
You, I hate you so.
But, there is another similarity,
That you have with the sun
I can't live without you
Can't survive, Without you
No matter how much I hate you,
I damn well know I need you,
Just like the sun warms the grounds of the planet,
Keeping the creatures live and,
You warm my heart.
I hate to say; I love you.
But, I do.
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I Am
I am her, lusting after men, riches, vengeance over those who hated or thought me worthless, searching for perfection in that one thing, never giving up on the dance, no matter the blood, sweat, and tears
I am him, eternally searching, yearning for that feeling of love and togetherness, falling to pieces as it slips away once again, but willing to wait forever for that one
I am her, fearing to be left alone, screaming when I am, always be ridiculed for things beyond my control, and envying others with what I want, praying to wake up with what I lack
I am him, forever lost in music and fake, everything fake, from company to flowers, bonded to one who cannot speak, yet we understand and connect despite, waiting for someone to take me away from my world, and at the same time begging to stay, yet in the end I have no choice
Four little dead dolls, in the end, I am them, they are me, and we are ghosts in our little world of paper flowers, mournful music, and dancing, although I dance in ano
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