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Hetalia x Bullied!Insecure!Depressed!Reader
Hetalia x Bullied!Insecure!Depressed!Reader
The Silly Dance Video
You sigh as you close your locker. It's time to go to Algebra; your least favorite part of the day. Not that you had any problems with Algebra; you don't mind having to take it in the least bit. It's just that you constantly get bullied in that class. The other students send you horrible notes, and then you get in trouble for passing notes in class. You go to the room and sit down. You do your warm-up then lay your head on your desk, praying that the other students will be merciful today and ignore you. No such luck. You receive a note from the girl next to you; 'Fat slut' it says. The hateful notes continue; 'Stupid b***h' 'Just go ahead and kill yourself; nobody gives a s**t' 'Can't you do anything right?' 'After class I'll crush you. That is a promise.'
When class is finally over you run to the girl's bathroom, hide in one of the stalls, and cry your eyes out. Once you're finished letting the tears out you go up to th
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The large wolf lying next to you was like a giant heater. You shifted, kicking the blankets off. The wolf lifted it's large, shaggy head, snuffling slightly in apology. You smiled, running a hand over it's blonde back.
Once a month this wolf would appear in your backyard, whining and snuffling. At first you had freaked out, almost calling the police. But something had stopped you. It was the wolf's eyes, dull purple pools that made you rethink about calling the police.
Now, when ever the wolf showed up, you let it in the house. It had taken to sleeping across your legs or lying with it's head on your shoulder. It also always left before you woke, leaving the strange smell of cigarettes behind it.
"Why do you come here?" You muttered, tapping the wolf's large black nose. It sneezed, making you cringe. Wiping your hand, you rolled your eyes.
"You're like a werewolf or something, I swear."
That got the wolf's atte
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Japan x Reader: Secret Stash~
Your cheeks were burning brightly into a dark shade of red, so much so that you could practically feel the heat emanating from your face and into the air. Your arms were almost trembling as you kept a firm hold on the book in your hands, your eyes so glued to the pages that you couldn’t seem to falter your gaze anywhere else.
The book you were holding was Hentai.
And you were in it.
Your throat was stuck, almost clogged together by machines that denied to work, as you continued to stare at the erotic picture in front of you. You honestly couldn’t even think straight; this situation was definitely not something you were prepared for.
You had gone to Kiku’s house to spend some time with him but for some odd reason, he didn’t seem to be about. You would have left if it wasn’t for a note that he left in the kitchen, telling you that he had gone to a meeting and would be back soon, so you could make yourself at him (he knew you very
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Laughing Jack x Reader- I'm Going to Need more Red
It was an obvious fact that baking was one of your favourite hobbies.The large collection of baking trays often stacked in the sink of Slender Manor, the scent of cake that seemed to stick to you at all times and the multiple icing sugar packets sprawled across your bedroom floor was a dead giveaway.
Even your outfit seemed to match your obsession with baking!
What you often wore was a (f/c) blouse and a simple (s/f/c) skirt that was covered with a black apron that had white frills covering the edge. On your feet there were (f/c) pumps with matching socks that stopped at your mid-thigh, and your hair was styled into a bun with a cupcake hairpin to keep it in place.
You were downright adorable and from the moment you were accepted into Slender’s household after adding some ‘unusual’ ingredients into your food, you were every pastas target. They each attempted to gain your affection with multiple gifts and food but you denied each of them sweetly with a sorrowful look a
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