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Eucalyptus tree Paintings by artsaus Eucalyptus tree Paintings :iconartsaus:artsaus 715 41 Theory Of Machines by KuldarLeement Theory Of Machines :iconkuldarleement:KuldarLeement 1,691 45 Misty River by artsaus Misty River :iconartsaus:artsaus 5,189 261 Maud Pie Custom Plush by Nazegoreng Maud Pie Custom Plush :iconnazegoreng:Nazegoreng 698 76 River Eucalyptus Tree by artsaus River Eucalyptus Tree :iconartsaus:artsaus 845 34 Misty pink Woodland by artsaus Misty pink Woodland :iconartsaus:artsaus 628 22 Enter the ANIMUS - Aguilar Assassin's Creed Movie by LeonChiroCosplayArt Enter the ANIMUS - Aguilar Assassin's Creed Movie :iconleonchirocosplayart:LeonChiroCosplayArt 712 43 Beach Dunes by artsaus Beach Dunes :iconartsaus:artsaus 817 38 Forest Sunrays by artsaus Forest Sunrays :iconartsaus:artsaus 2,228 107 Very Large A1 Print of The Forgotten Gods by Yoann-Lossel Very Large A1 Print of The Forgotten Gods :iconyoann-lossel:Yoann-Lossel 325 20
Signed, Anonymous
That's what they call me,
Two legs and two arms,
Two eyes but only one heart,
And still I'm apart from this world,
My name is different,
But my face remains the same,
And it's a shame that they call me
Pitiful, a disgrace; inhumane.
I might as well brand it on my forehead,
And wear my titles with pride,
After all, it's just a name?
What do I have to hide …?
Just a box of secrets, left in the dark,
An unstitched doll with a broken heart,
A letter, a rose and a glass of wine,
And a fine drawn line
Depicting the difference between love,
And a waste of time.
Oh, show me mercy,
For I never meant no harm,
But I've got you wrapped around my finger,
Like a kitten wrapped in yarn,
Oh, how I know you like it here,
My lover, my friend, my dear,
But time is just too trivial,
And I'm playing out your worst fear.
Here comes the smoke,
And the lights – we dance,
The air will keep us afloat,
Because I offered one last chance.
Perhaps I'm spinning this web,
Farther out from my control,
But I
:iconalxplaysguitar:alxplaysguitar 61 33
Megalong Creek by artsaus Megalong Creek :iconartsaus:artsaus 1,162 38 Australian Gum Trees Painting by artsaus Australian Gum Trees Painting :iconartsaus:artsaus 307 12 JSC Limited Editions by J-Scott-Campbell JSC Limited Editions :iconj-scott-campbell:J-Scott-Campbell 472 46 Misty River by artsaus Misty River :iconartsaus:artsaus 906 26 Autumn river painting by artsaus Autumn river painting :iconartsaus:artsaus 1,128 29 Wet Forest by artsaus Wet Forest :iconartsaus:artsaus 1,192 41 Spring Trees by artsaus Spring Trees :iconartsaus:artsaus 1,203 43 mystic river by artsaus mystic river :iconartsaus:artsaus 1,019 44 Forest Glow by artsaus Forest Glow :iconartsaus:artsaus 674 33 Forest Gum Trees by artsaus Forest Gum Trees :iconartsaus:artsaus 492 14 Quiet Stream by artsaus Quiet Stream :iconartsaus:artsaus 529 20 Autumn Rain by artsaus Autumn Rain :iconartsaus:artsaus 366 15 Misha and Jensen signed by Cataclysm-X Misha and Jensen signed :iconcataclysm-x:Cataclysm-X 1,526 350 Halo 4 Poster by TDSpiral Halo 4 Poster :icontdspiral:TDSpiral 719 31 Superheroine weekend part 4 (last) by cosplayerotica Superheroine weekend part 4 (last) :iconcosplayerotica:cosplayerotica 405 29 Autumn Colors by artsaus Autumn Colors :iconartsaus:artsaus 263 9 Forest Green by artsaus Forest Green :iconartsaus:artsaus 333 15 Megalong Valley by artsaus Megalong Valley :iconartsaus:artsaus 401 15 Rural sunset by artsaus Rural sunset :iconartsaus:artsaus 239 11 Australian Gum trees by artsaus Australian Gum trees :iconartsaus:artsaus 360 14 Australian Summer by artsaus Australian Summer :iconartsaus:artsaus 224 15 Woodland Trail by artsaus Woodland Trail :iconartsaus:artsaus 265 8 Australian Landscape by artsaus Australian Landscape :iconartsaus:artsaus 402 16 Megalong Creek by artsaus Megalong Creek :iconartsaus:artsaus 291 9 Let's Party by DimensionalSkull Let's Party :icondimensionalskull:DimensionalSkull 269 125 Gravity Falls Signing 2 by Closer-To-The-Sun Gravity Falls Signing 2 :iconcloser-to-the-sun:Closer-To-The-Sun 209 34 Oregon Ocean Painting by artsaus Oregon Ocean Painting :iconartsaus:artsaus 914 46 Foggy River Painting by artsaus Foggy River Painting :iconartsaus:artsaus 330 15 Afternoon Light Lake Lyell by artsaus Afternoon Light Lake Lyell :iconartsaus:artsaus 218 5 Misty Reflections by artsaus Misty Reflections :iconartsaus:artsaus 432 13 Washington Beach Sunrise by artsaus Washington Beach Sunrise :iconartsaus:artsaus 959 48 Beach Dunes Norah Head  , NSW by artsaus Beach Dunes Norah Head , NSW :iconartsaus:artsaus 308 5 Patonga creek by artsaus Patonga creek :iconartsaus:artsaus 352 11 Distant Farm Painting by artsaus Distant Farm Painting :iconartsaus:artsaus 376 9 Mooglegurl Print by MoogleGurl Mooglegurl Print :iconmooglegurl:MoogleGurl 1,134 77 Valley Gum Tree by artsaus Valley Gum Tree :iconartsaus:artsaus 308 6 Eucalyptus Trees Australia by artsaus Eucalyptus Trees Australia :iconartsaus:artsaus 277 20 Ethereal by LukeAustin Ethereal :iconlukeaustin:LukeAustin 1,748 160 Colorado River Painting by artsaus Colorado River Painting :iconartsaus:artsaus 318 11