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. i forgive you | Iwaizumi Hajime
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It was one of those nights when she would be arguing with her boyfriend of 2 years, Iwaizumi Hajime, over the pettiest subjects in the world. She would be screaming at him, and he would be shouting at her, occasionally even propelling with objects through the air to express his anger in a violent manner.
Tension, stress and distrust had become the core of their relationship. There wouldn’t pass one day where he wouldn’t be suspicious of her cheating on him with another guy, but truth be told, there was no existence of such a guy. Sure, she would hang out with Oikawa from time to time, yet that was only to uncover the likes and dislikes of her boyfriend, so she’d know what to get him as a present to surprise him on their 2-year anniversary, but no, things didn’t go as planned for Iwaizumi started accusing her of cheating for the umpteenth time that month.
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As Fragile as a House of Glass
You are faking it again –
You know the one I mean.
When you pretend to be happy
You can only injure yourself.
Is that your reasoning?
You're wrong.
The burden you bear is invisible but solid,
And its weight presses on everyone around you.
You cannot do this alone.
You are not Atlas.
You can ask for help.
It's hard.
The cherry red you spill
Tastes like iron to the ground
And licorice to the crowd.
Having a clear canvas
Does not mean you have to paint.
You're hurt.
You are not a little Barbie.
Makeup will not give you
An unbroken smile.
You were not made to have skin
That barely surrounds your spine.
Just breathe.
Hear the whisper as the air enters your body.
It  murmurs –
"You are alive!"
– So listen.
You are stronger than you know
And more beautiful than you would dare to believe.
You are here for a reason.
Nobody is born
Simply so they can die.
So do not step off the ledge in front of you.
You know it is not what you truly want.
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Breathe Me
       “I have to wind myself up, everyday, just to…get out of bed in the morning.” The frame shifts to a wind-up toy, vaguely reminiscent of the woman speaking. She continues, in a voice dripping with barely-contained pain, “And…I have to keep winding myself up.” Back to her face, but mostly her watering eyes. They’re a stunning shade of green. I feel a pang of sadness, then watch as the various warnings against taking antidepressants are listed.
        I scoff. Tracie shoots me a questioning glance.
        “I think these commercials are meant to depress people,” I say.
        “I think they’re made so people who are depressed can relate,” she counters. I glance down, and away. She raises her eyebrows.
        “Let’s prete
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Lyrics: Octavia [EileMontyVA]
Rewrite of "Titanium"
In the Style of David Guetta featuring Sia
I comb the crowd, but I can't see your face out there.
I'm playing now, won't wait on love.
I'm paralyzed, from all these whispers in my brain.
I'm focused now, I won't give up.
I'm resonant, won't stop for you.
Playing away, playing away.
You play your games, you bring me pain.
Playing away, playing away.
You hurt me now, but I won't cry. I am Octavia.
You hurt me now, but I won't cry. I am Octavia.
Ditch me now, but it's you who'll have lost it all.
Lost now and bleeding love.
Rain it pours, but I won't let it bring me down.
I'm playing now, won't wait on love.
I'm resonant, won't stop for you.
Playing away, playing away.
You play your games, you bring me pain.
Playing away, playing away.
You hurt me now, but I won't cry. I am Octavia.
You hurt me now, but I won't cry. I am Octavia.
I am Octavia.
Born strong, believe none.
Dying over broken dreams.
Born strong, and raised with class.
You hurt me now,
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I won't fall
I'll withstand it.
No matter how hard you shoot,
I won't fall.
I'm stronger than you think.
No matter how many ammo you waste on me,
I won't fall.
I'll withstand everything.
I'll repel everything you throw my way,
I won't fall.
I'm stronger than you could ever guess.
Just try and shoot me down,
I won't fall.
You'll see
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