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Shrinky-Dinks Tutorial by CatharsisJB Shrinky-Dinks Tutorial :iconcatharsisjb:CatharsisJB 1,894 399
Gotcha, Little Guy!
If he were totally honest with himself, David would admit that he suspected something from the very beginning.
It was an average July day in Forteville — humid, buggy, and stupidly hot. Despite the Jurassic weather conditions, David was still out for his daily 4-mile run. Three miles in, his whole body was drenched in sweat and his feet were aching, but he was deep in an endorphin-driven euphoria. Last year, his 11th grade year in high school, he came in third in the state junior triathlon. He was determined to win next time, his last chance before graduation.
But July heat takes no prisoners, and even Forteville High’s golden boy had to slow down and take a swig of water as he passed the 7th Street playground. No kids were around because of the heat — in fact he hadn’t even seen anyone else on the street — but he was surprised to suddenly find himself watched by two sets of curious eyes at the level of his elbows.
Looking down, he saw that he was being fo
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Ross and Dana AR Comic Pt2 by OzzieAstaroth Ross and Dana AR Comic Pt2 :iconozzieastaroth:OzzieAstaroth 339 65 pixelkitties' library card is revoked forever by egophiliac pixelkitties' library card is revoked forever :iconegophiliac:egophiliac 2,014 191 Ross and Dana AR Comic Pt1 by OzzieAstaroth Ross and Dana AR Comic Pt1 :iconozzieastaroth:OzzieAstaroth 385 60
Becoming A Neko's Pet pt.1
Becoming A Neko's Pet pt.1
He ran through the black forest terrified.  The creature that chased him showed no sign in stopping its pursuit.  Every time Tom thought he had lost it the thing would appear in front of him making him change his course.  "Why," he thought annoyed as his legs charged through the black night and towering trees, "Why does my life suck!"
Looking Back
Tom was a six foot tall sixteen year old with brown hair, blue eyes, and a light build.  He wore a plain blue t-shirt with tan short pants.  He was smart, always receiving straight B's and winning awards.  His parents however never thought this was good enough.  When he came home he'd receive long lectures, even beatings about how he wasn't the perfect child they'd always wanted or how he was the biggest disgrace of mankind.  All he wanted was their love and they never gave it to him, so today instead of going straight home
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You Are What You Think
(Pie TF, Cheetah TF, pumpkin/jack-o'lantern TF, bush TF, fruit TF, clay TF, bubble TF, glass TF)
By grapehyacinth
Walking into Gena Fellowes' lab was always a treat for Jim Marks. He never knew what strange sight he might encounter there. Today he entered to view Gena positioned in front of a cage, observing it closely. But its contents were not moving, nor would they. All this cage contained was a block of cheese.
“Um, Gena, that cheese isn't going anywhere,” he coughed.
She looked up, startled. “Oh, oh, Jim!” she cried, running over and grabbing his arm. She pulled him closer to the cage. “This is no ordinary block of cheese!”
Jim could feel her shaking in excitement, and he could only imagine what she was up to. “Meanwhile there's a mouse somewhere who's feeling very deprived.”
She shook her head in surprise. “No, Jim. That is
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American McGee's Alice Pink Room by ThePrincessNightmare American McGee's Alice Pink Room :icontheprincessnightmare:ThePrincessNightmare 1,850 167
A Game Of Hide and Seek VORE
Warning: Soft non-fatal Vore and Shrinking
 It was a slow day at are house it was are Christmas break and me and my sister Alice were left home again by are selves we were sitting on are couch watching the TV we had a VCR and we would rather watch movies on the VHS tapes we were watching an old favorite of mine "Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla" the first one that was made in the 1970's not the one made in the 90's and the 2000's Alice had her arm around me, she was rubbing my head with her fingers we were perfectly rested and I was enjoying the movie I just hoped Alice was too.
We watched the final part in the movie were Godzilla ripped off Mechagodzilla's head and everything became a happy ending I gave a yawn and Alice joined in with her own yawn she scratched my head and gave a laugh "You know we still got sometime to play a game," I said it was 6:00 and we go to bed around 10:30 Alice smiled at me deviously she knew what game I meant it was like tradition for us, "ok kiddo I'll go
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Ino Sakrura Fart Request
(While in the bathroom, Naruto unravels a scroll and tries to practice a new jutsu)
Naruto: Oh boy! This jutsu is going to open new doors for me!  (Naruto does hand signs) Ninja secret art! Shrinking jutsu!
(Naruto shrinks to the size of a pen)
Naruto: Alright! (Naruto suddenly slips into the toilet) Oh no!
(Two people go into the bathroom, its Sakura and Ino)
Ino: (Stomach grumbling) Oh man! I told you we shouldm't have eaten Choji's chili special!
Sakura: It hurts so bad we couldn't even make it to the girl's bathroom! I'm going first!
(Sakura pulls her pants down and places her naked ass on the bathroom)
Naruto: What is going on?
(Sakura uncontrollably farts and poops in the toilet and Naruto gets hailed by it)
Sakura: Oh my God! (Continues farting)
Sakura: (Sighs) Thats a little better.
Naruto: (Comes up for air)  Man it smells like Grandma Tsunade's underwear!
Ino: Ok its my turn now! (Ino places her naked butt on the toilet and and releases a flood of poop and
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Becoming a Neko's Pet pt. 2
pt. 2 Explanations
(Author's Note: This part doesn't have as much action as the last one. More explaining done here)
Tom panted in fear and exhaustion while he crawled backwards on his rear and feet, staring up at the giantess that towered over him.  He couldn't see her clearly; however he could make out the outline of her body, tail, and cat like ears.  As she reached for him he backed until, to his dismay, a wall prevented him from retreating any further.  He could do nothing as the giantess picked him up and held him by his shirt in front of her face.  Licking her lips she proceeded to lifting him higher above her now wide open maw.
"No, please don't," Tom screamed as he struggled to get free.  She ignored his screams smiled then dropped him in.  "Noooo!!"
Tom jerked awake. His sight was foggy and his breathing was fast and hoarse, but there was light meaning he was certainly alive or maybe somehow in heaven but he hi
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They Grow Up So Fast
Callie hated that her parents always left her with a babysitter. She was in her own mind grown up enough to be able to stay home alone for a little while.
Her parents on the other hand believed that 9 was still much too young to be left home alone.
Callie didn't dislike the girl her parents always had watch her it just kind of made her less than happy that they didn't think she was big enough to be home by herself.
As a matter of fact Jamie was one of her favorite people most of the time. Callie certainly looked up to her. She wanted to grow up and be just like her.
To Callie, Jamie was perfect. She was blonde haired, and blue eyed. Jamie was tall and slender and as far as Callie was concerned she had a great body. Callie had on several occasions told Jamie just how pretty she was. Above all Callie was jealous of Jamie. She was jealous of her age and her freedom, she was jealous of the fact that she had breasts that Callie had not even started developing yet.
Really Callie felt what mo
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Behind The Scenes by VoidStrata Behind The Scenes :iconvoidstrata:VoidStrata 911 19 Behind The Scenes Pt.2 by VoidStrata Behind The Scenes Pt.2 :iconvoidstrata:VoidStrata 639 16 Plunger TG Sequence - Aishitai by majorkerina Plunger TG Sequence - Aishitai :iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 1,627 350 Behind The Scenes Pt.1 by VoidStrata Behind The Scenes Pt.1 :iconvoidstrata:VoidStrata 555 5 Elli swallows - Iray vore animation (updated) by TheWiking2000 Elli swallows - Iray vore animation (updated) :iconthewiking2000:TheWiking2000 1,262 244 Back to back - Sophia by FaTerKCX Back to back - Sophia :iconfaterkcx:FaTerKCX 113 1 Bad Neighbourhood by GeeTeeSS Bad Neighbourhood :icongeeteess:GeeTeeSS 418 21 Sweaty Demise Under Sister's Socks by youranus32 Sweaty Demise Under Sister's Socks :iconyouranus32:youranus32 256 3 Clash of the big, and small - Sophia by FaTerKCX Clash of the big, and small - Sophia :iconfaterkcx:FaTerKCX 123 15 Standing Still - Sophia by FaTerKCX Standing Still - Sophia :iconfaterkcx:FaTerKCX 210 14 Sekirei Selection by Jackurai Sekirei Selection :iconjackurai:Jackurai 1,452 276 I want us to invest in NACHOS, dem NACHOS are GOOD by VoidStrata I want us to invest in NACHOS, dem NACHOS are GOOD :iconvoidstrata:VoidStrata 587 23 Big Buttons by Sanone Big Buttons :iconsanone:Sanone 178 12 Shrinking at the Office 1 by tontoBlackadder Shrinking at the Office 1 :icontontoblackadder:tontoBlackadder 535 7 Soooffice by Starkadhr Soooffice :iconstarkadhr:Starkadhr 316 13 High Heel Prison For Tiny StepSon by youranus32 High Heel Prison For Tiny StepSon :iconyouranus32:youranus32 267 6
Bite size love.
John walked in to his best friends Eve's house.
"Hello, Eve? You here?" John said taking his shoes off.
"John that you? just find a place to sit I'll be right out!" Eve said from her room.
"Okay" John said taking a seat on Eves couch "So you said you had something for me?" he said as he got comfy and looked around her living room.
"Yep! I hope you like it!" She said as she walked out with a box in her hand.
John looked at it with surprise.
"Wow Eve you didn't have to get me anything!" He said as he opened the box.
"He He. I hope you like it!" Eve giggled as John opened the box.
"Wow it's... mountain climbing gear?" He said as he looked at it surprised.
"Yep you like it?" She said with a smile across her face.
"Yes but it looks like it was made for a doll or something that was 2in tall." John said as he looked at it even more.
"I know! Isn't it great?" She said, almost jumping with glee.
"Um, sure, I guess. Whats it for?" He said, puzzled at Eve.
"It's for you, silly. How else are you g
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The Dare by rice777 The Dare :iconrice777:rice777 244 6 Unaware Crush by ShrinkingBoy Unaware Crush :iconshrinkingboy:ShrinkingBoy 261 6 Trampled Under Foot by Helrin1 Trampled Under Foot :iconhelrin1:Helrin1 334 15 Mom-Daughter moments by Starkadhr Mom-Daughter moments :iconstarkadhr:Starkadhr 357 41 Victoria's Secret Compartment by Glkthread Victoria's Secret Compartment :iconglkthread:Glkthread 687 81 Reality Change Female Muscle Growth by muscle-fan-comics Reality Change Female Muscle Growth :iconmuscle-fan-comics:muscle-fan-comics 512 13 Sweaty Nylons Punishment by youranus32 Sweaty Nylons Punishment :iconyouranus32:youranus32 190 5 Giantess Photographer. by Tinyman91 Giantess Photographer. :icontinyman91:Tinyman91 429 63 Squish Fantasy by Herretik Squish Fantasy :iconherretik:Herretik 312 16 Comm: Tiny Twintails 2 by Herretik Comm: Tiny Twintails 2 :iconherretik:Herretik 711 31 He just won't give up, so... - Sophia by FaTerKCX He just won't give up, so... - Sophia :iconfaterkcx:FaTerKCX 170 14 Stretching - Bryanna by FaTerKCX Stretching - Bryanna :iconfaterkcx:FaTerKCX 142 12 In her pantyhose by Starkadhr In her pantyhose :iconstarkadhr:Starkadhr 331 18 After School Fun by FaTerKCX After School Fun :iconfaterkcx:FaTerKCX 371 31 Olivia's Bike Seat by Smexy-Nation Olivia's Bike Seat :iconsmexy-nation:Smexy-Nation 205 54 Protective Sister by GeeTeeSS Protective Sister :icongeeteess:GeeTeeSS 266 6 Giantess/Trampling - Love hina ...something P2/3 by DeviantKibate Giantess/Trampling - Love hina ...something P2/3 :icondeviantkibate:DeviantKibate 785 9 The Cruel Bullys by GeeTeeSS The Cruel Bullys :icongeeteess:GeeTeeSS 235 24