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Bitter Alcoholic Fluttershy by WhiteDiamondsLtd Bitter Alcoholic Fluttershy :iconwhitediamondsltd:WhiteDiamondsLtd 3,216 595 Shoulder Armor Tutorial by RoxyRoo Shoulder Armor Tutorial :iconroxyroo:RoxyRoo 2,440 421 The Seven Deadly Sins by RosinAngel The Seven Deadly Sins :iconrosinangel:RosinAngel 746 92 Sass-tiel 2 (Warning: Language) by enginesummer Sass-tiel 2 (Warning: Language) :iconenginesummer:enginesummer 335 76 HUNGER GAMES- district 12 by inklou HUNGER GAMES- district 12 :iconinklou:inklou 5,305 1,296 u  r  b  a  n  l  i  f  e by Val-Faustino u r b a n l i f e :iconval-faustino:Val-Faustino 1,910 220 CyberpunkGirl by Aioras CyberpunkGirl :iconaioras:Aioras 405 43 Sighisoara by BogdanEpure Sighisoara :iconbogdanepure:BogdanEpure 1,061 117 happiness by jyoujo happiness :iconjyoujo:jyoujo 1,357 88 Sass-tiel 8 (Warning: Language) by enginesummer Sass-tiel 8 (Warning: Language) :iconenginesummer:enginesummer 279 88 bleh face sketches by AishaxNekox bleh face sketches :iconaishaxnekox:AishaxNekox 2,900 129 Featured June 05 - Dove-Stock by FullBodyShots Featured June 05 - Dove-Stock :iconfullbodyshots:FullBodyShots 1,559 0 Sass-tiel (Warning: Language) by enginesummer Sass-tiel (Warning: Language) :iconenginesummer:enginesummer 348 75 time is running out by lifelikesuicide time is running out :iconlifelikesuicide:lifelikesuicide 432 20 Praetorian Battle Scene by FJFT-Art Praetorian Battle Scene :iconfjft-art:FJFT-Art 1,118 161 Head study by Ghoopas Head study :iconghoopas:Ghoopas 1,836 78 r e n d e z v o u s by Val-Faustino r e n d e z v o u s :iconval-faustino:Val-Faustino 368 86 Cheesecake Shots (+recipe) by claremanson Cheesecake Shots (+recipe) :iconclaremanson:claremanson 1,237 86 busts no.5 by paexiedust busts no.5 :iconpaexiedust:paexiedust 681 70 Sniper Pony by Foreling Sniper Pony :iconforeling:Foreling 1,284 269 THIS IS RUSSIA by DeMotivationalMuch THIS IS RUSSIA :icondemotivationalmuch:DeMotivationalMuch 1,034 306 Commission - KILLIKENA PIC SET by jesonite Commission - KILLIKENA PIC SET :iconjesonite:jesonite 1,124 82
Winner [Green x Reader]
Green was sitting peacefully at his desk, doing whatever paperwork that gym leaders have to do. When, all of a sudden he heard a high pitched shriek of terror coming from the outside of his house. He quickly stood up and dashed out of his house, with his Umbreon following him, to see who cried out the shriek. That's when he saw you, being chased by three Beedrills. Let's just say he wasn't very surprised to see that sight. After he was done mentally face palming, he went into action.  He jumped in front of you, shielding you from the Beedrills.
"Umbreon, use shadow ball!"
You watched as Umbreon took out the Beedrills with such ease, all three of them, with one shadow ball. The Beedrills quickly regained their consciousness, but before they could attack Umbreon scared them away.
Jumping on Green's back, you buried your face into neck. "Thanks Green."
Green swiftly grabbed you and brought you so you were facing him.
"Do I even want to know how you managed to get chased?" He asked si
:icontheskybecomesadream:TheSkyBecomesADream 186 103
Ref Sheet Comish - Avarus Lux by TwilightSaint Ref Sheet Comish - Avarus Lux :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 333 39 Wolf calendar 2010 - 2011 by woxys Wolf calendar 2010 - 2011 :iconwoxys:woxys 1,210 190 Perfect Soles 2 by SelfshotYourFeet Perfect Soles 2 :iconselfshotyourfeet:SelfshotYourFeet 588 39
Booty Injections Part 3
Porsha heard about her friend Vanessa's butt injections and wanted some too. She saw how dancers made so much money off the sizes of their big asses. She had big credit card debts from all her spending and needed cash.
Porsha didn't have the big bucks to get a professional butt injection, so she went asked some dancers at the strip club and they told her about an underground place where she could get injections from a lady who operated in an hotel room.
Porsha found out the rates the woman was charging. While she was broke, Porsha managed to get the money, $200.00 dollars, by lying to her grandmother about the need.
A week passed and Porsha went to the hotel which was located on the edge of town by the airport.
That day was a busy one for the lady doing the injections, she had 9 clients that day in all. When Porsha got there she sat down next to two girls who were waiting before her.
Although they were sitting down, she could tell they had some big asses. Just by glancing, one girls hi
:iconcitizenbjm:citizenbjm 162 2
Casper 15 by xTaboo Casper 15 :iconxtaboo:xTaboo 212 39
Liquor is one way out an'death's the other
The art of growing up,
is to pour shots of whiskey                                            
into your coffee in the morning
to make it through
the day.
when all you want to do
is lie in bed
but there’s nothing
about that
:icongrew-up-a-screw-up:grew-up-a-screw-up 174 36
Flying glass by PlastikStars Flying glass :iconplastikstars:PlastikStars 1,467 190 Snow by PlastikStars Snow :iconplastikstars:PlastikStars 2,915 402 auralis-stock - January 05 by FullBodyShots auralis-stock - January 05 :iconfullbodyshots:FullBodyShots 353 6 Female Soldier STOCK II by PhelanDavion Female Soldier STOCK II :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 628 32 War of the seasons 2 by BogdanEpure War of the seasons 2 :iconbogdanepure:BogdanEpure 467 154 Smoking Hot Shots by SmokingHotShots Smoking Hot Shots :iconsmokinghotshots:SmokingHotShots 337 28 Samurai by SusanCoffey Samurai :iconsusancoffey:SusanCoffey 1,584 93 Barcos da Noite by Val-Faustino Barcos da Noite :iconval-faustino:Val-Faustino 316 79 Amber by jocachi Amber :iconjocachi:jocachi 817 27 Brief Break 3 -ANNIE n NATASHA by jesonite Brief Break 3 -ANNIE n NATASHA :iconjesonite:jesonite 1,088 87 Stormfront by andreimogan Stormfront :iconandreimogan:andreimogan 285 30 Sass-tiel 3: Return of the Sass (Language Warning) by enginesummer Sass-tiel 3: Return of the Sass (Language Warning) :iconenginesummer:enginesummer 241 50 I'll never be the same by PlastikStars I'll never be the same :iconplastikstars:PlastikStars 1,033 135 The Milky Way by k-n-8 The Milky Way :iconk-n-8:k-n-8 447 41 majestic Azazel by mangakasan majestic Azazel :iconmangakasan:mangakasan 338 11 YOUTUBE VIDEO Petenshi Skye by AishaxNekox YOUTUBE VIDEO Petenshi Skye :iconaishaxnekox:AishaxNekox 1,791 186 Moosing Around by enginesummer Moosing Around :iconenginesummer:enginesummer 340 100 Jagermeister Halloween by Laura-Ferreira Jagermeister Halloween :iconlaura-ferreira:Laura-Ferreira 420 31