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ALL THE PEOPOLE by ShoobaQueen ALL THE PEOPOLE :iconshoobaqueen:ShoobaQueen 78 42 nuu by ShoobaQueen nuu :iconshoobaqueen:ShoobaQueen 56 16 QnA the Meta Question by ShoobaQueen QnA the Meta Question :iconshoobaqueen:ShoobaQueen 62 23 Sleeping rght now by ShoobaQueen Sleeping rght now :iconshoobaqueen:ShoobaQueen 46 18 (VT) Jimmy Casket Theory Pt.4 - Knifey and Gregory by FallenShadow95 (VT) Jimmy Casket Theory Pt.4 - Knifey and Gregory :iconfallenshadow95:FallenShadow95 75 129 Tomnuss Mothers Day by ShoobaQueen Tomnuss Mothers Day :iconshoobaqueen:ShoobaQueen 63 14 have some Tomnuss by ShoobaQueen have some Tomnuss :iconshoobaqueen:ShoobaQueen 30 11 Hobbes the Dog by ShoobaQueen Hobbes the Dog :iconshoobaqueen:ShoobaQueen 70 14 GIF FabCrab by ShoobaQueen GIF FabCrab :iconshoobaqueen:ShoobaQueen 62 15 FOTF bookmark by PencilSketch5678 FOTF bookmark :iconpencilsketch5678:PencilSketch5678 26 10 Sleepless by ShoobaQueen Sleepless :iconshoobaqueen:ShoobaQueen 40 15 No Ideas by ShoobaQueen No Ideas :iconshoobaqueen:ShoobaQueen 26 8 Naps by SisterOfMine Naps :iconsisterofmine:SisterOfMine 35 16 Q and Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa by ShoobaQueen Q and Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :iconshoobaqueen:ShoobaQueen 54 17 Because I Am Hungry by ShoobaQueen Because I Am Hungry :iconshoobaqueen:ShoobaQueen 55 10 Innocence - ShoobaQueen Contest Entry by FallenShadow95 Innocence - ShoobaQueen Contest Entry :iconfallenshadow95:FallenShadow95 26 21 But I Don't Like Guacamole by ShoobaQueen But I Don't Like Guacamole :iconshoobaqueen:ShoobaQueen 51 23 Happy Birthday Mama Billy!!! by ShoobaQueen Happy Birthday Mama Billy!!! :iconshoobaqueen:ShoobaQueen 51 13 Don't Starve styled Shooba by PencilSketch5678 Don't Starve styled Shooba :iconpencilsketch5678:PencilSketch5678 41 5 Hungry Hungry by ShoobaQueen Hungry Hungry :iconshoobaqueen:ShoobaQueen 50 16 OC Shooba Tomnuss by ShoobaQueen OC Shooba Tomnuss :iconshoobaqueen:ShoobaQueen 34 8 New Sister! by ShoobaQueen New Sister! :iconshoobaqueen:ShoobaQueen 46 18 Lil' Sister's Entry - Entry for Shooba's Contest by FallenShadow95 Lil' Sister's Entry - Entry for Shooba's Contest :iconfallenshadow95:FallenShadow95 15 22 Sledding (Fellowsheep and Frinds) by SisterOfMine Sledding (Fellowsheep and Frinds) :iconsisterofmine:SisterOfMine 8 12 Shooba by SisterOfMine Shooba :iconsisterofmine:SisterOfMine 9 11
Fellowship Roleplays Ch 8 - Voices
Peggy sat in the living room, listening to the sounds of Shooba devouring an elemantis in the kitchen. George edged her way around Shooba and out of the kitchen, and Peggy waved her over. “Hey George! While I was wandering around in the fab crab cave, I found a dagger.” She held out an old looking knife with a golden hilt. “You use this kind of weapon. Do you want it?”
George took it and turned it over in her hands, examining it with interest. “Ooooh. I like it. Where did you say you found it?”
“Inside the fab crab cave, next to an elemantis skeleton.”
George suddenly heard a voice in her head. “hello?”
She started. “Hello. Who’s this?”
“I don’t have a name,” came the response. “But I’m the knife in your hands.”
“Oh.” George held the dagger carefully. “I've held a lot of knives, but I don't believe I've had one talk to
:iconsisterofmine:SisterOfMine 7 2
Yet another drawing for Shooba :3 by Princess-Rosie10 Yet another drawing for Shooba :3 :iconprincess-rosie10:Princess-Rosie10 8 3
Fellowship Roleplays Ch 3 - The Quest for Shooba
There were no hedgehogs in the house. They had evacuated a week ago. Shooba’s cactus plant is dying. The whole house felt her absence.
“Editor! Come back!” The Narrator tried to summon him back.
Anne was sulking and planning her revenge. “Yes, please come back.” She brandished a sword.
Peggy interrupted them. “So, Narrator, do you know where Shooba is?”
She knelt down. The Editor had provided her with the exact location. "Shooba is in a cave." She gave the details. "I'm sorry about Tessy. I'll get him back..."
Anne glared at everything. "Good..."
Mama Billy came downstairs, peeking in the door cautiously. “What's going on?”
"I want my Tessy!" Anne explained.
"What happened to Tessy?"
"He-“ She stopped. "We don't know if anything happened... I don't think the Editor did anything. He was just lying to me."
“The Editor was here?” Billy looked nervous. “What did he want?”
Anne’s right foot was twitchi
:iconsisterofmine:SisterOfMine 6 5
Fellowship Roleplays Ch 11 - Odd Occurances
Peggy came down the stairs. “George? You need me?”
“Yeah!” George hurried over to her, the old knife clutched in one hand. “Your knife spoke to me!”
"What?” Peggy tilted her head. “Can you elaborate on that a bit?"
“Well, basically,” George explained, “while I was holding it, I could hear it's voice in my head. It can see and hear from my perspective as long as I'm touching it. And it spoke to me! It didn't speak to you?”
"Um... I don't think it did."  
”I could have spoken to her,”George heard the knife say. ”But I wanted to make sure I got out of the cave first. I didn't want her to leave me behind...”
“She would never do that!” George assured. “But I guess I understand. Hey Peggy,” she said aloud. “The knife can speak, but it doesn't know why. It can't remember much about its past, other than its previous owner got eaten by an
:iconsisterofmine:SisterOfMine 6 7
Sacrifice (Fellowsheep and Frinds) by SisterOfMine Sacrifice (Fellowsheep and Frinds) :iconsisterofmine:SisterOfMine 6 23
Fellowship Roleplays Ch 9 - Motives
Peggy was alone in the living room. She felt very unsettled for some reason. She realized suddenly that the sounds coming from the kitchen had stopped. She got up and peeked into the kitchen. Shooba wasn’t there. A feeling of nervousness crept over her.
Shooba was sulking in the darkness of an empty cupboard, peeking at Peggy through a crack. Creepyness: level 9.
When she noticed Shooba, Peggy screamed loudly. Shooba jumped, startled. Loud thumping sounds came from the cupboard. Peggy stopped screaming abruptly, staring at the cupboard. She was completely creeped out. Shooba hissed, and Peggy hissed back. "Why are you in the cupboards?" she asked. "Are you stuck?” Shooba only hissed in reply. "Uh... Ok..." Peggy backed away slowly, right into a wall.
Shooba did an unseen Fab Crab dance in the cupboard.
Myst somehow watched the Fab Crab dance. She was quite amused. She awkwardly danced along with the Fab Crab.
Shooba ate Myst because no one must witness the dance of the Fab
:iconsisterofmine:SisterOfMine 5 4
Fellowship Roleplays Ch 6 - Shooba is Awake
The Narrator summoned the Editor to her room. She turned her head, and there he was, as if he had already been there. She jumped. "M-my sister said if you were truly my friend, you wouldn't get upset with me for doubting you..."
"Maybe not the best thing to start with, dear," said the voice in her head.
He narrowed his eyes. "Who wouldn't be upset knowing someone who claimed to love and trust you didn't really trust you at all?"
She started freaking out again. "R-right. B-but I-I just want to know w-w-why you're changing everything..."
"I have seen thousands upon thousands of worlds come and go in my lifetime,” he explained. “I have seen what makes them rise and fall. I don't have to change anything. But I see the path of destruction your world is headed down, and because I care about you, I want to fix it for you. Would you prefer I let your family tear themselves apart, destroying this world altogether?"
The Narrator sighed with relief. He was good. "No... Of cours
:iconsisterofmine:SisterOfMine 4 2
Js by Ninjanerd2 Js :iconninjanerd2:Ninjanerd2 4 9
Fellowship Roleplays Ch 4- Twitter and Cannibalism
Back at home, the Narrator summoned the Editor. He appeared behind her. “What’s the matter, my dear?”
The Narrator had tears falling down her cheeks. She had tried so desperately not to let anyone see her cry. It showed how weak she truly was. "We found my sister... But if you get her, my family will hate me. I don't understand. You keep saying that you're making things better, but the more you change, the more they want to kill you... A-and I can't lose you.... You're the only one that still wants me..."
He raised his eyebrows. "If I get her? What do you think I'm going to do to her? Kill her? Don't you trust me?" He looked offended. "All I've ever done is try to help you and your family, and you still doubt me. I thought you loved me." He turned away, head held high.
She felt the tears stream from her eyes again. "N-No! You misunderstand! I trust you! B-but my family d-doesn't. And I'm afraid they'll hate me if I let you near them... They think you're awful and won'
:iconsisterofmine:SisterOfMine 2 1
Fellowship Roleplays Ch 5 - Backstories
The family returned to the house. Anne went to her room to make plans off page. Mama Billy sat on the couch, holding Shooba in her lap. The girl was asleep. She was human outwardly, but in her head, the curse of the Fab Crab was having a vicious battle with the Editor’s magic.
A random ghostly character popped up and appeared near Mama Billy. She didn’t speak, but floated around her.
Billy looked up, a bit startled. “H-hello…”
The ghost smiled at Billy. She looked as though she were swimming, but she was merely a ghost, swimming in air. "Hello." Her voice was kind and soft, yet her eyes showed that she had gone through a great pain. She rested next to Billy.
“Who are you?”
The ghost smiled. "That’s not of any importance, and I'm afraid it might put someone in danger. I am here to talk about someone else. Not myself."
“Who? Do you need to tell me something?”
“MOMMY?!?!” Merp flopped on floor face first.
:iconsisterofmine:SisterOfMine 2 1
ShoobaQueen Icon Animation by ChazyCat ShoobaQueen Icon Animation :iconchazycat:ChazyCat 7 11 Shooba Decal by Shoo-Cat Shooba Decal :iconshoo-cat:Shoo-Cat 0 0 Mah Self by ShoobaQueen Mah Self :iconshoobaqueen:ShoobaQueen 55 13