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Voltron: Shiro by Owlyjules Voltron: Shiro :iconowlyjules:Owlyjules 1,604 40 SHIRO :) by Kanda3egle SHIRO :) :iconkanda3egle:Kanda3egle 458 17
Shiro X Chubby Reader- Deep Scars
“(Your name)! Behind you!” Pivoting, you slashed your sword hitting the Galra solider who went plummeting to the ground with a hiss.
Giving Keith a nod of thanks, you continued to take down the enemies alongside Keith hoping Pidge would hurry up with whatever she was modifying. “Shit!” One of the soldiers slashed your abdomen making you fall to your knees.
Before he could give a final blow, Pidge and her lion smashed through the door and tore through the remaining enemies.
“(Your name)!” Keith was by your side in an instant, gently moving your hand away to look at the damage. You hoped the gash wasn’t that deep because of your big round stomach and all, but you knew it was, it hurt way too much not to be a deep wound.
“Shiro isn’t going to like this…” Keith mumbled.
Pidge came running out of her lion seeing you were injured. “How bad is it?” She already had gauze which wouldn’t really help, but for now
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