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This poem is about sex.
(yeah, that got your attention)
This poem is about sex.
This poem is about love.
This poem is about living in your sexuality
instead of being afraid of it.
This poem is about saying “fuck you”
to everyone who told you
it’s wrong.
It’s dirty.
It’s shameful.
This poem is about the sin so natural
it takes you to heaven on earth.
This poem is about turning the key,
finding your voice,
making your own choice.
This poem is about independence,
instead of buying into all their misery.
“Abstinence class”
150 pages of health text book telling you
6 years of administration telling you
6 years of scaring you
out of what’s instinctual.
6 years of alarmist tactics,
and no information
on –
anything, really.
No information,
no education,
just propaganda,
setting a social taboo
so they can control how we live our lives.
“Avoid the
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CC and her Tubby Kalley Pt 2
About 2 months and a half later...
Kallen's cherubic, double-chinned face was drenched with sweat as she trudged across the track field. Her giant breasts bounced up and down with every heavy step she took. She wore a light-red sweat-jacket with matching sweatpants, and despite being an XXXL size, the clothes still clung tightly to her obese frame. Her humongous, tubby gut swayed in every which direction, jiggling all over. Her impressively large ass-cheeks were performing the same seductive maneuver, the peak of her butt-crack poking out from over the edge of her pants. She clenched and unclenched her pale sausage-like fingers several times. No part of this woman could be considered "small" in the slightest. At this moment, the redhead currently weighed around 221 pounds of beautiful fat and flab.
"Oh man...I don't know how much more I can run..." Kallen knelt forward and took a deep breath. Despite having only run two and a quarter laps so far, she was complet
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Code Geass Female WG 1
' stuffed...'
Kallen Stadtfeld let out a satisfied belch as she rolled over onto her back, finally full. A mountain of shredded wrappers and empty bags of food laid all around her. There were tiny crumbs of chips, pretzels and other snack foods strewn across the rugged floor.
Kallen's huge, bloated gut stuck out about 5 inches straight up in the air, completely stuffed to the brim with food. Her school uniform had snapped apart halfway through the binge, so there was nothing to hide the gigantic belly anymore. Her thighs felt thicker, and her breasts seemed to be a bit more plump than usual. Slowly, Kallen lifted her hands and ran them all over the swollen flesh, groaning in pain. She was beginning to regret having eaten so much in such a short amount of time.
"Ugh...I'm so...I'm so full..." she groaned, thoroughly massaging her aching belly. She belched again, and slowly began to drift off, since the large consumption of food had made her sleepy...
...but then a loud, wet fart
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