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Late night kisses (shintaro x reader)
(y/n) = First name
(h/c) = Hair color
(e/c) = Eye color
(f/c) = Favorite Color
~ * ~
You were surprised to come home to a empty house, grocery bags in your hands as you had just come back from shopping, buying what all of the members had requested you buy and what the gang had run out of or needed.
"Hello?" you called out, struggling to carry the bags into the kitchen. You dropped them onto the floor with a thud as you gave up, the bags too heavy and your arms too sore. 'Man do these guys eat a lot' you glared down at the bags, a scowl on your face.
Walking to the store and back was hard enough with 2 handfuls of heavy groceries, your arms were tired and your hands hurt from the plastic bag handles digging into your fingers while you walked. There was a bit of shuffling until the door of Shintaro's room opened, said boy poking his head out to look at you, messy black hair sticking up at odd angles as if he just woke up. "Ah! (y/n), everyone left to go on some mission not too long ago."
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Jinzou Enemy Orig. Eng Lyrics
“What’s the point of repeating the days?
When your dreams have all gone and faded away?”
What a wonderful thing you’re saying.
Although you would claim that,
“I love the unreality,” with your fingers to me.
You can’t say it with your mouth, isn’t that right?
Connecting with others that have neither faces nor voices,
it’s an odd thing.
But it’s not love, which we both can believe.
After that, today like any other days will begin to fade,
But pretending you’ve lived that day,
you sleep to shut it all away.
“Aah, so boring,” you sigh averting your sad eyes.
Yet you can’t close them even if you try.
Hey, even as this day is already come to an end,
Are you looking at me in the screen with an unpleasant face again?
We both know it’s not the best strategy,
and I know you understand this,
Hurting from those old dark days;
making you fall into the abyss.
Lying you don’t understand at all,
how ‘
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