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Gravity Falls: Distracted Dipper :iconneodusk:Neodusk 1,824 304
Someone Just LIke You. Levi x Titanshifter!reader
      “You can do this, (Y/n).” Eren said, “Just breathe.”
      You stood in the center of a field, only a few miles from the Recon Corps Headquarters. Eren stood in front of you, with Hanji and Levi a fair distance away on horseback. You took a deep breath, shuddering slightly on the exhale. Slowly, you lifted your hand to your mouth, letting it rest on your lips for a moment.
      “Remember,” Hanji called from her horse, “You’ll need a clear goal before transforming, so focus on the idea of picking him up.”
      You glanced up at Eren, who stood calmly in front of you, as if you weren’t about to turn into a giant Titan. Though, he would be more used to it than most. And of course if anything went wrong he could transform. Gathering your resolve, you opened your mouth, closing your teeth around your hand in one quick motion. You waited for the spark that signa
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Turkey Day Rivalry(Titan!ErenxReader)
“So, why are we stuck doing this again?” Connie asked as the group of teens made their way through the fields to the forest. “Because we’re at the bottom of the food chain.” You replied, cracking your knuckles and taking delight in watching Connie squirm in discomfort. “Haha, very funny.” Jean grumbled with his arms crossed. You simply tilted your head, a look of confusion on your face. Armin opened his mouth to come to your rescue, but Eren held his arm out. “Let her figure it out.” You ran the scene through your head, finally understanding. Everyone knew when it sunk in, because you half-heartedly punched Jean in the shoulder.  “We’ve got ourselves a comedian over here.” Ymir stated with little enthusiasm.
“What do we have to do?” Christa asked. Nine heads turned to stare at the blond strategist. “We have to get the food Harvest Day-“ “Well that should be easy, let’s go!
:iconladyvixen911:LadyVixen911 105 35
Damyan Dragon Ref :iconirisdesert:IrisDesert 555 70
Hope [Jean Kirschtein X Titan Shifter!Reader]
 The cell was dim, illuminated by only the light of the lanterns outside your door. You twisted in your bed, tugging on the chains that shackled your wrists. It was uncomfortable, sleeping with your arms outstretched, but you had gotten used to it ever since they put you in there.
 You remembered your last day of sunlight. You remembered the warmth of it on your back as you were pulled out of your Titan body, half-conscious and half scared to death. Your friends had been hostile around you, as if you were a threat to them. You hadn’t meant to transform, but your friends were in danger, and you accidentally cut your finger on your 3DMG.
 Your eyes opened, and for a moment all you saw was black. You could feel eyes on you, peering at you from between the cell bars. Sitting up, you stared right into a pair of impossibly golden eyes.
 “Jean,” you breathed, pushing yourself up against the cell wall, increasing the distance between you two. A feeling of
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