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Sheik Legend of Zelda by Its-Raining-Neon Sheik Legend of Zelda :iconits-raining-neon:Its-Raining-Neon 517 15 Legend of Zelda - Wii/WiiU/DS/etc Era by lucidsky Legend of Zelda - Wii/WiiU/DS/etc Era :iconlucidsky:lucidsky 3,047 156 Sheik - Legend of Zelda by MaraVWGolf Sheik - Legend of Zelda :iconmaravwgolf:MaraVWGolf 195 36 Sheik by TixieLix Sheik :icontixielix:TixieLix 1,406 249 HI SHEIK by Humanoid-Magpie HI SHEIK :iconhumanoid-magpie:Humanoid-Magpie 1,417 220 Sheik by Sui-yumeshima Sheik :iconsui-yumeshima:Sui-yumeshima 4,072 343 Sheik by sambees Sheik :iconsambees:sambees 5,144 259 Dark Sheik (redux) by onisuu Dark Sheik (redux) :icononisuu:onisuu 1,019 61 Sheik The Gymnast by Boywithmeese Sheik The Gymnast :iconboywithmeese:Boywithmeese 658 151 Sheik - Legend of Zelda III by fiathriel Sheik - Legend of Zelda III :iconfiathriel:fiathriel 208 25 Link sheik yaoi by Sui-yumeshima Link sheik yaoi :iconsui-yumeshima:Sui-yumeshima 931 148 Sheik by furafura Sheik :iconfurafura:furafura 597 32 This is Hyrule, Link by eERIechan This is Hyrule, Link :iconeeriechan:eERIechan 1,569 152 LoZ -- sheikMMMMMMM by onisuu LoZ -- sheikMMMMMMM :icononisuu:onisuu 882 47
There's A Hero In All Of Us TG (Zelda/Sheik TG)
My name is Hershel. I am flipping burgers at Burger King right now. I wish the day would be done already. I want to get back to playing some Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time right now and let all my worries wash away, whatever those worries are. I at least wanted to have something interesting happen instead of the usual nothing. Grab a chunk of meat, grill, flip and pass on to the next person and then repeat the same process over and over again until 6:00 pm. I looked at my watch and it read 4:00 pm.
I grumbled, “How hard is it to ask for to get some excitement at work?”
Out of all the cool events that could happen, I didn’t want something like that so I pushed that thought away. It was when a loud noise pierced the area around me that I knew this wasn’t my mind playing tricks on me. I quickly fell to the ground to hide, but had to give up within moments due to the situation. I felt cold metal touch my
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 84 20
Sheik by onisuu Sheik :icononisuu:onisuu 1,309 66 link and sheik by onisuu link and sheik :icononisuu:onisuu 875 54 Needle storm by fae-photography Needle storm :iconfae-photography:fae-photography 463 148 SSB4 E3 Demo character color selections. by Neoriceisgood SSB4 E3 Demo character color selections. :iconneoriceisgood:Neoriceisgood 233 16 Sheik Samurai/Ninja Version by MyCKs Sheik Samurai/Ninja Version :iconmycks:MyCKs 251 11
Sheik-Female or Male? An Essay
In the image above this text, you will see some official art for ‘The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’ One of Zelda, the well recognised princess from the said series, and another of Sheik, the little question mark in gaming history.
( shows a somewhat larger image of them.
For those who didn't/never played Ocarina of Time, Zelda disguised herself as Sheik in order to hide herself from Ganondorf.  During your quest as an adult, Sheik would frequently appear to offer you help in one way or another.
Ever since Ocarina of Time, there has been a constant arguments on the internet between two sides.  
On the one side, we have the people who believe that Sheik is just Zelda in a different costume and with some altered features. (Different hair and eye colour, and a different skin tone)
On the other side, we the people who believe Sheik is actually a man, and Zelda used her magic to not only change her appearance, but her gender
:iconmattdark:MattDark 21 99
Sheik by Daniel-Link Sheik :icondaniel-link:Daniel-Link 426 112 zelda -- dark sheik by onisuu zelda -- dark sheik :icononisuu:onisuu 500 63 Sheik- sketch by Daniel-Link Sheik- sketch :icondaniel-link:Daniel-Link 694 126 kiss by Sui-yumeshima kiss :iconsui-yumeshima:Sui-yumeshima 359 55 Sheik by Real-Warner Sheik :iconreal-warner:Real-Warner 1,137 158 Cosplay with Zelda. by LemonxChanh Cosplay with Zelda. :iconlemonxchanh:LemonxChanh 195 5 Commission-Sheik by elazuls-core Commission-Sheik :iconelazuls-core:elazuls-core 781 40 winter sheik by Sui-yumeshima winter sheik :iconsui-yumeshima:Sui-yumeshima 222 18 Sheikah by Sui-yumeshima Sheikah :iconsui-yumeshima:Sui-yumeshima 361 36 Tickle torturing Sheik by Bad-Pierrot Tickle torturing Sheik :iconbad-pierrot:Bad-Pierrot 521 70 Smash Striker: Sheik by Tails1000 Smash Striker: Sheik :icontails1000:Tails1000 275 10 smile Sheik by Sui-yumeshima smile Sheik :iconsui-yumeshima:Sui-yumeshima 366 28 skyward sword -- impa and sheik by onisuu skyward sword -- impa and sheik :icononisuu:onisuu 842 69 SSB Host Club by Rinny09 SSB Host Club :iconrinny09:Rinny09 593 126 Sheik Colored by AIBryce Sheik Colored :iconaibryce:AIBryce 528 55 LoZ - Magical Music by Gabbi LoZ - Magical Music :icongabbi:Gabbi 510 101 Sheik vs Chun-li Nintendo vs Capcom by Riklaionel Sheik vs Chun-li Nintendo vs Capcom :iconriklaionel:Riklaionel 185 13 Sheik by twilightzant Sheik :icontwilightzant:twilightzant 382 29 Zelda: Minuet of the Forest by Dayu Zelda: Minuet of the Forest :icondayu:Dayu 423 72 Ocarina of Time -- Sheik by onisuu Ocarina of Time -- Sheik :icononisuu:onisuu 645 21 080117 LoZ Sheik's PENIS by dan-heron 080117 LoZ Sheik's PENIS :icondan-heron:dan-heron 477 494 Sheik is hurt by MistressAinley Sheik is hurt :iconmistressainley:MistressAinley 601 223 SHSHSHSHEIK by Sui-yumeshima SHSHSHSHEIK :iconsui-yumeshima:Sui-yumeshima 331 36 Run sheik run by fae-photography Run sheik run :iconfae-photography:fae-photography 146 37 Sheik by ragecndy Sheik :iconragecndy:ragecndy 521 95 Ocarina of Time: The Seven Sages Stained Glass by nenuiel Ocarina of Time: The Seven Sages Stained Glass :iconnenuiel:nenuiel 189 12 Sheik Son of Shadows by DarthiaWolf Sheik Son of Shadows :icondarthiawolf:DarthiaWolf 424 90