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Close to heaven :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 7,063 744 she-ra.....WILL KICK YOUR ASS!!!!! :iconnebezial:nebezial 5,058 431 he man and the masters of the universe cover :iconnebezial:nebezial 5,193 244
Lovely knees, scraped elbows
she wishes she has lovely knees, instead she has a lovely
way to see the world. she doesn't believe in umbrellas, only
the stars in the midnight sky and the raindrops running down
her neck, arms, legs, spine.
she knows things that most will find useless: there are more
stars in outer space than there are grains of sand on earth. dogs
have over three hundred facial expressions, mostly made with
their ears. the average person will spend two weeks waiting
for the traffic lights to change in their lifetime.
she wonders: what if stars are just dead pixels in the sky? what
if they are specks with worlds living in them? that would mean
that we are just a speck to someone who thinks they are alone
in the universe.
she does not get along with logic. logic is not wisdom, creativity
is. she wakes up in the middle of the night and scribbles her
thoughts on post it notes: through the forest, down to your bones.
the air sleeps under people's beds. when we get there, we'll
be lost again: send me a po
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She Can Tell|KaoruxReader
She Can Tell
"Hi (y/n)!" the Hitachiin twins greeted you in unison. You turned your head to face the mischievous grins plastered on each twin's face and the troublesome gleam in their identical eyes.
"Hey Kaoru and Hikaru!" you say, smiling at the twins. Sure, they could be troublesome, naughty, annoying--you could go on forever. But somehow, you and the twins were great friends.
The three of you walked to class, chatting all the way. "Do you think she's ready, Hikaru?" Kaoru asked his brother as he slid into his seat in Class A-1. "I don't know..." Hikaru said, resting his chin on his fist once he sat in his chair.
You sat in front of Kaoru every year since the two of you started middle school. The years of middle school were tough. Kaoru would always tug on your hair in the middle of class, not to mention they were very closed and secretive.
The close of middle school came, and the twins both apologized for their nuisance to you for the past years. You forg
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Shewoman...shaddap! it makes sense :iconnebezial:nebezial 5,008 297 [Commission]: She-Venom Transformation :iconbleedingheartworks:BleedingHeartworks 316 6 hordaks maintenance... last motu for a while :iconnebezial:nebezial 1,313 103 most random bunch of sketches evur...hellzyeah :iconnebezial:nebezial 1,590 214 horde prime....2 headed overlord of eviiiiiiiillll :iconnebezial:nebezial 1,378 87
She shall be Meine Liebe Frau- Germany x Reader
You were swimming in the crystal blue water of Lake Constance, Germany. Its waves were gently lapping against your arms. You [h/c] hair was wet and slicked back. The afternoon sun was gently beating down your [s/c] skin. Your [e/c] eyes looked up to a cloudless spectacular blue sky.
“_____ vhat are you doing?”
You turned around to see your long-time boyfriend walking towards you from the beach. You smiled and admired how his eyes exactly matched the sky.
“Ludwig, I was only looking at the sky. Plus, you should come join me, the water feels nice~”
Ludwig looked you and then the sun. You saw he was growing a bit uncomfortable from the heat by seeing his flawless white skin turned pink.
“Fine, liebe. I vill join you”
You grinned as he joined you in the waist deep water. You could tell that the cool water relieved some of the heat he felt from the sun.
“It’s nice isn’t it? The lake, the weather, and this secluded spot..”
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 800 332
grab n go :icononebadpenny:onebadpenny 583 122 Planet Wallpaper :iconpincel3d:pincel3d 372 112 Disney/Marvel Mashup 2 :iconracookie3:racookie3 1,159 88 adora and she-ra...testing design and style :iconnebezial:nebezial 2,808 157 shulk2 the revenge :iconnebezial:nebezial 2,011 195 hordak -zbrush doodle :iconnebezial:nebezial 1,785 187 Sadness in the forest :iconpincel3d:pincel3d 372 74 Paint your world :iconpincel3d:pincel3d 743 198 Panshe :icontelthona:telthona 1,460 33 Freedom - Wallpaper :iconpincel3d:pincel3d 221 45
Lilith My Queen
Lilith My Queen:
In darkness she called me
My life she did bind.
Lilith my Queen;
My soul was consigned...
By blood we were sealed
By hatred defined!
We killed in her name
For this angel of mine.
Her wings were the darkest
They bore chains of steel.
Through darkness my wounds
And my scars she did heal.
In nightmares she whispered
They broke me in time.
She tore out my heart
And ripped out my mind.
All through the black winter
This one frosted night
The heavens did weep
For the death of the light...
-Chen Yuan Wen, 10th March 2012
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 225 227
.:Taking Over Me:. :iconbleedingheartworks:BleedingHeartworks 491 41 Tears of the forest :iconaomori:Aomori 1,454 172 13. PNG FILES :iconohsheisgaga:OhsheisGaga 765 48 She Hulk :icondandonfuga:dandonfuga 4,045 110 [Commission]: She-Venom Bust :iconbleedingheartworks:BleedingHeartworks 160 6
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:iconmkcvxiii:MKCVXIII 120 86
bright future :icononebadpenny:onebadpenny 458 20 spread your wings :iconbaukjespirit:BaukjeSpirit 454 111 Hebe Tien :iconalicexz:alicexz 978 110 Glee, the girl of mystery :iconjohndowson:Johndowson 351 111 Kabuto Orochimaru: Paperwork :iconyakushi--kabuto:Yakushi--Kabuto 3,784 1,600 Child abuse :iconsarcastic-bastard:sarcastic-bastard 342 54 CIVIL WAR :iconpanelgutter:panelgutter 3,056 235 Mysterious Way :iconpincel3d:pincel3d 225 104 she is still too young :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 1,161 85 8. PNG FILES :iconohsheisgaga:OhsheisGaga 782 56 - Hell's angel - :iconsandylynx:SandyLynx 899 126 10. PNG FILES :iconohsheisgaga:OhsheisGaga 730 83
Kakashi x Reader - ..That's what she said..
You walked around Konoha with a small smile on your face. The daisies you had picked earlier shook a little in the calm breeze.
....Absolutely beautiful....
Kakashi stared down at you from his spot in a tree where he was reading. Sure he'd seen some women but you were the cherry on top. You saw Jiraiya failing to peek at you and giggled softly. "Hi Jira-kun!" Kakashi chuckled from above and Jiraiya just face-palmed. He jumped down to you from the tree and put his book in his pocket.
"Oh, Hello Kakashi-kun! How are you?" Your smile was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. "Great now I saw you today." You blushed a little. Kakashi smiled through his mask,eyes turning upward. You two passed by Kiba and Akamaru and greeted them. "Why is he so big?" You asked the jonin.
"That's what she said." "That's what who said?" Kakashi laughed. "What's so funny, Kashi-kun?" He just leaned against a tree, head on his forearm, laughing hysterically. "You don't get it, but please be
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She wolf expressions :iconguillermoramirez:GuillermoRamirez 1,302 45 [Commission]: She-Venom Transformation II :iconbleedingheartworks:BleedingHeartworks 246 4 Borealis Rock :icongirltripped:girltripped 1,003 78 For you III :iconpincel3d:pincel3d 265 79 Teeth and Swords :iconchriscold:ChrisCold 2,181 60 Hollow 3 :iconmisza-pawlowski:misza-pawlowski 1,345 78