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Homosexuality in Transformers
Slash, Morality, and the Cybertronian Way
An essay by Traci J. (Loco Exclaimer)
This is an essay on homosexuality, especially that portrayed in relationships between the fictional characters in the fandom Transformers. The first half deals exclusively with homosexuality as an issue in itself with little to no mention of any fandom, and details my point of view on this issue. The second half details said relationships as portrayed between any two given characters from Transformers. I hope you enjoy.
Part One: Homosexuality, Morality, and Religion
I honestly find it revolting that religion is even an issue when it comes to homosexuality. It's an issue of discrimination against human beings, and ought to be treated as such. Women were seen as second-class in Biblical times; does that make them lesser beings? No.
Still, this section will deal with the "morals and ethics" of being gay.
1a. Morality
Some people, for an indeterminat
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Cold and smooth is the surface of glass, but it doesn't have a color,
and it hides the naked truth unlike any other
You look so innocent in the truth, but it really, truly lies,
'cause the person that it sees right now hardly can comply
The glowing glass holds the image of you, but all it sees is perfection
you like to tease it is the truth, though it is only your reflection
Blinded by beauty is the mirror to only notice features
it compares you to the rest, lower than a creature
It can't see your pain inside, or understand your feelings
and you know as you move on, it's yourself you're slowly killing
You let out a cry of pain as you pound your fist into the glass
then you fall onto your knees and hope those feelings swiftly pass
The mirror breaks and is left confused as it lays there shattered
blood drips down your raw hand and your breathing slowly patterns
Now the mirror is just like you, it's broken and a mess
and you can't repair the pieces which are lower than they are les
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TFP: Nemesis Prime returns :iconxx-antares-xx:Xx-Antares-xX 188 51 Shattered Glass- Optimus prime :icongoddessmechanic:GoddessMechanic 924 66 D+D: Ratchet and Rodimus :iconzeromayhem:ZeroMayhem 407 72 bid his life farewell with smoke and mirrors :iconmiserecordia:miserecordia 146 27 Worried :iconpeng-ko:peng-ko 641 161 + Say Goodbye + :iconakirakirai:akirakirai 2,604 196 end of an age. :iconsea-of-ice:Sea-of-Ice 789 39 Leap of Faith :icon2ninjabee2:2ninjabee2 309 130 Optimus prime - Ver.SG weapons :icongoddessmechanic:GoddessMechanic 531 66 broken :iconamore-eterno:Amore-Eterno 263 40 TFA Sketch Dump 4 :iconjazzthetiger:JazzTheTiger 315 68
Through the Shattered Glass
This was bad, this was bad! Three human youths pound their feet as the run through a nightmarish landscape that was, perhaps once upon a time, their home of Jasper, Nevada. They weren't sure as to how they got here, something must have caused the ground bridge to become unstable. Suddenly the lone female of the group darts behind some rubble, then grabs and pull the tallest male, who in turn grabs their youngest member. At last, a chance to catch their breathe and clear their lungs of smoke. They cough heavily then breathe through either sleeves or collars.
“W-where are we?” Rafael whimpers in fear.
Miko answers sarcastically, “Jasper, Nevada. Welcome to Hell on Earth! Enjoy your stay.”
“Miko!” Jack snarls at her looking out from their hiding place. This was wrong, this wasn't the Jasper they knew.  Raf's idea of going to a different dimensional seems more logical by the second, more so after crossing what they thought was a
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Song of the Shattered
Believe me,
Believe me.
I didn’t lie.
Your touch left me broken,
Your voice made me cry.
Shatter, shatter,
Broken glass.
Pain’s here to stay,
And will not pass
I wanted you badly,
Though I knew you were pain.
I thought I could take it.
Now I have myself to blame.
Shatter, shatter
Broken glass.
Break for me baby,
Or we won’t last.
Your crystal perfection,
Your sorrowful words…
I just wanted to fix you.
Instead I burned.
I thought I could heal you.
I am such a fool.
Shattered and broken,
And under your rule.
My heart was fragile,
As fragile as glass.
I thought I was stronger,
That the pain would pass.
Practice makes perfect.
Grind all my shards.
Leave nothing left.
It can’t be that hard.
Instead of your rescue,
I sealed my demise.
My heart shattered glass,
Defiled by your eyes.
I thought I could save you,
But needed saving instead.
Your ruthless assault
Left me broken and numb.
I know I was foolish.
I learned far too late.
Now I know you aren’t broken
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Shattered Glass Decepticons
Function: Leader
"Peace will come for all Cybertronians."
Strength: 9
Intelligence:  9
Speed:  9
Endurance: 9
Rank: 10
Courage: 9
Firepower: 9
Skill: 8
As a young mathematician, Megatron lectured at one of Cybertron's most prestigious universities. During the course of his own studies, he had developed a set of equations that could predict social trends in a given society. He was alarmed when these trends pointed to a civil war on Cybertron. His colleagues dismissed his work as the paranoid ranting of a lunatic. He saw them as simply misguided and he retreated underground to prepare for the coming war. When Optimus Prime began his march across Cybertron, Megatron was ready. He had developed the art of transformation, refashioning his own body into one capable of converting to an aerial vehicle of tremendous power. While Optimus spread the gospel of destruction and conquest, Megatron cha
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