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Pandora Hearts - My Lady by adelhaid Pandora Hearts - My Lady :iconadelhaid:adelhaid 1,258 143 Fallout New Vegas - Kiss by maXKennedy Fallout New Vegas - Kiss :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 957 69 Marvel - Sharon Carter by GENZOMAN Marvel - Sharon Carter :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 3,452 86
From Stock Texture to Vector :iconchewedkandi:ChewedKandi 712 111
Four Colours In Her Hair by ChewedKandi Four Colours In Her Hair :iconchewedkandi:ChewedKandi 2,191 209 Fallout: New Vegas Companions by Doomed-Dreamer Fallout: New Vegas Companions :icondoomed-dreamer:Doomed-Dreamer 1,319 272 Carried Away by ChewedKandi Carried Away :iconchewedkandi:ChewedKandi 1,566 297 Easy Hair Brushes for Adobe Illustrator by ChewedKandi Easy Hair Brushes for Adobe Illustrator :iconchewedkandi:ChewedKandi 603 36 Slumber Party by girltripped Slumber Party :icongirltripped:girltripped 5,318 375 Taking Leave by sharonscapes Taking Leave :iconsharonscapes:sharonscapes 962 104 South Korea by Cioccolatodorima South Korea :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 1,202 155 Candy coated by girltripped Candy coated :icongirltripped:girltripped 2,362 120 Sharon Apple - Macross Plus by yayacosplay Sharon Apple - Macross Plus :iconyayacosplay:yayacosplay 918 81 The Waste's Gonna Eat You Up by lilibombe The Waste's Gonna Eat You Up :iconlilibombe:lilibombe 914 240 Loves and Bears by Milady666 Loves and Bears :iconmilady666:Milady666 1,081 52 Sharon Tate by IleanaHunter Sharon Tate :iconileanahunter:IleanaHunter 1,470 265 Diary by thefifthorder Diary :iconthefifthorder:thefifthorder 610 109 Pandora Hearts - Sharon by adelhaid Pandora Hearts - Sharon :iconadelhaid:adelhaid 299 25 PH: Casual view by wtfproductionsskits PH: Casual view :iconwtfproductionsskits:wtfproductionsskits 257 41 Pandora Hearts: Sharon by MarionetteTheatre Pandora Hearts: Sharon :iconmarionettetheatre:MarionetteTheatre 244 22 White Temptation by Queen-Uriel White Temptation :iconqueen-uriel:Queen-Uriel 422 73 Vectoring Hair by ChewedKandi Vectoring Hair :iconchewedkandi:ChewedKandi 1,419 108 Cosmic by girltripped Cosmic :icongirltripped:girltripped 2,107 118 Pandora Hearts: Group by Ansuchi Pandora Hearts: Group :iconansuchi:Ansuchi 306 56 Fallout New Vegas Cosplay : A Game of Caravan by LadyofRohan87 Fallout New Vegas Cosplay : A Game of Caravan :iconladyofrohan87:LadyofRohan87 226 70 Ladies of Shield by Chadwick-J-Coleman Ladies of Shield :iconchadwick-j-coleman:Chadwick-J-Coleman 2,161 107 .:Rose of Sharon:. by spanishbomb0 .:Rose of Sharon:. :iconspanishbomb0:spanishbomb0 374 76 PH - Break and Sharon by Miyukiko PH - Break and Sharon :iconmiyukiko:Miyukiko 1,909 122 Pandora Hearts - 01 by shiroang Pandora Hearts - 01 :iconshiroang:shiroang 642 34 Pandora Hearts II by metalguppy Pandora Hearts II :iconmetalguppy:metalguppy 298 23 Tutti Frutti by ChewedKandi Tutti Frutti :iconchewedkandi:ChewedKandi 377 123 Demon by adunio Demon :iconadunio:adunio 225 61 Undisclosed Desires by ChewedKandi Undisclosed Desires :iconchewedkandi:ChewedKandi 233 66 Commission TinyFMG 02 by Ritualist Commission TinyFMG 02 :iconritualist:Ritualist 491 36 Pandora Hearts by adelhaid Pandora Hearts :iconadelhaid:adelhaid 286 51 Devio-Evolution of Metal Fans by M-EX Devio-Evolution of Metal Fans :iconm-ex:M-EX 506 282 Into the light... by adunio Into the light... :iconadunio:adunio 138 71
Sharon gets punished
I always thought that Sharon (my daughter) was a perfect little angel, because she always told me that she would have dinner at a friend’s house. However, one day, a neighbor told me that she saw Sharon in the park (around that time) with some streetwise people, smoking cigarettes and drinking beer. I didn’t believe it at first, but when the police brought my daughter back home, I could tell by the way she looked that my neighbor told the truth. Angry as I could be, I yelled at Sharon: “Go to your bedroom at once, young lady, and stay there.” Ashamed, Sharon went upstairs, while I talked with the police. “I am very sorry for my daughter’s irresponsible behavior,” I explained. “If I only knew this before…” “It was not your fault, sir,” the officer said. “She only got involved with the wrong people, but I do think it would be a wise thing if you gave her a good punishment.” “You can bet on that,
:iconkumaranl:KumaraNL 25 2
Vampiria by adunio Vampiria :iconadunio:adunio 145 41 PH - Always by my side by Miyukiko PH - Always by my side :iconmiyukiko:Miyukiko 415 55 Pandora Hearts Sharon Break by Majuki Pandora Hearts Sharon Break :iconmajuki:Majuki 1,666 124 The Big Four Cap2 AU by Milady666 The Big Four Cap2 AU :iconmilady666:Milady666 1,403 171 PH: Sharon Rainsworth by hiyuki PH: Sharon Rainsworth :iconhiyuki:hiyuki 207 97 Sagittarius Vs Cancer by abe123 Sagittarius Vs Cancer :iconabe123:abe123 232 190 Lost in the Darkness... by adunio Lost in the Darkness... :iconadunio:adunio 289 32 Bleach by ChewedKandi Bleach :iconchewedkandi:ChewedKandi 628 224 Pandora Hearts:Kill the rabbit by Ansuchi Pandora Hearts:Kill the rabbit :iconansuchi:Ansuchi 268 53 'Shhh... We're hunting... by hel999 'Shhh... We're hunting... :iconhel999:hel999 480 111