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Project Portfolio - A Shameless Self-Promotion (1)
*Oh I definitely plan to write more! There's not enough space to contain the beautiful artists that I discover here ... let alone my work (the shameless part begins here LOL LOL)*
So Andorada got this idea of a project portfolio and I am more than willing to participate because I get to tell you the story of my inspiration from DeviantArt. Let me tell you a bit about me first.
I am a professional artisan craft. I entered DeviantArt as an amateur but eventually decided to become a pro because I got tons and tons of inspirations here. I use wires (mainly silver wires) and gems as my medium and life has never been more exciting ever since I joined DA about ten months ago. Here's a few sample of my work for you to enjoy:

I am the kind of person that derived inspirations from things that I see. I got my inspirations from shapes and colors, and photography plus
:icondreamsofgems:DreamsOfGems 10 18
Shadows of Oblivion: Promotional Card :iconshono:Shono 20 23
Project Portfolio - A Shameless Self-Promotion (2)
*I promised that I would write more of this feature journal but apparently the last two months were tough on me. I was unable to create anything at all but this project constantly stayed on my mind.
And I have to write more, during the last hours of submission to this project - not because I want to win anything, but because I feel the injustice to my friends who has been with me all year round and has created everything wonderful that constitute my inspirations and thoughts during my time in DA
This project is presented by Andorada through the journal 
OK ... shameless self-promotion ... Here are some of my other work:

Sometimes my work requires a maintenance of mood that was so long and complicated, until I had to limit my views to only beautiful things ... and these artist
:icondreamsofgems:DreamsOfGems 8 18
Animazement '07 Table Sign :iconbrandokay:brandokay 20 59 Shameless Advertising :iconharukitsu:HaruKitsu 8 2 Lol go watch my video :iconxxflamefrost101xx:XxFlameFrost101xX 7 0
A Stranger
A Month of Letters – Day 6:
A Stranger
To whom I do not know:
Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate it!   I hope that you enjoyed your stay and maybe even found something that you liked in my gallery.
If anything in particular held your interest, please let me know.  I love receiving comments, favorites are also nice, and watches are most welcomed!
Thanks so much, again.  Y'all come back now, ya hear?

:icongentlewolf:Gentlewolf 4 3
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