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Shipping Trash Bin :iconyararts2:YarArts2 83 16 W.I.T.C.H - Battle at the pier :iconmistrel-fox:Mistrel-Fox 126 46 Black feathers :iconmistrel-fox:Mistrel-Fox 138 48 Speedpaints: W.I.T.C.H :iconrines-sha:Rines-Sha 97 7 Angel of darkness :iconhusky-foxgryph:Husky-Foxgryph 67 39 Shagon..Griffin mode :D :iconmistrel-fox:Mistrel-Fox 96 16 W.I.T.C.H Sketches :icongossamerwing:GossamerWing 59 40 There's only one step... :iconmistrel-fox:Mistrel-Fox 145 73 Two Hearts to One :icongossamerwing:GossamerWing 59 32 W.I.T.C.H. Perfect for each other :icondarkkingm:DarkKingM 41 77 W.I.T.C.H. :iconmaestro-nosferatu:Maestro-Nosferatu 35 10 W.I.T.C.H. Shagon Custom Doll :iconshagonsheart:ShagonsHeart 14 13 W.I.T.C.H. sketches__WxM :icondarkkingm:DarkKingM 22 14 [This is (not) Sasuke] :iconnanairota:nanairota 35 7 The Demon in Me :icongossamerwing:GossamerWing 25 4 another B-day gift :iconmistrel-fox:Mistrel-Fox 31 12 Shagon -sketch- :iconmistrel-fox:Mistrel-Fox 25 13 Evil Matt Olsen W.I.T.C.H :iconshagonsheart:ShagonsHeart 24 6 Matt Olsen Regent of Earth :iconshagonsheart:ShagonsHeart 18 17 Maskless Shagon + Will :iconshagonsheart:ShagonsHeart 18 2
Shagon's Fight
Disclaimer: I don't own W.I.T.C.H. or any of the characters.
Time Period: Two or three months post end of W.I.T.C.H.

He watches. He waits, sprawled out on the boy's mental plane, feeling nothing but utter revulsion and contempt as he observes Matt's day to day life. Shagon is vulnerable, debilitated, incapable of changing or shaping the events that take place around him.
This disgust, this lack of power also manifests in a physical form. He feels abhorrence surge through what's left of him. The depth of his emotions provoke warmth, a sensation that he would experience more often if he could only regain control of Matt's mind.
Yes, what he sees makes him seethe. Shagon watches the dusky haired teen revel in triumph and relief, both of which are the result of his new-found freedom. No more evil villains to battle. It's just me and Will, Matt thinks on a routine basis. He's overwhelmed with ease and often spends his days in the company of his friends, his family, or with <
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W.I.T.C.H. Will Matt Embrace 2 :iconshagonsheart:ShagonsHeart 12 1 Maskless Shagon Will Green Eye :iconshagonsheart:ShagonsHeart 13 6 Style-Test: Shagon [huke] :iconnanairota:nanairota 12 0 W.I.T.C.H. Will + Matt Embrace :iconshagonsheart:ShagonsHeart 13 2 Alchemy from W.i.t.c.h. series :iconaniri-argail:Aniri-Argail 9 9 Angel of Malice - Shagon :icondinalosthedragon:DINALOStheDRAGON 7 8 Angel of Rage :iconnikly:NIkly 7 6 WITCH: Genderbent Shagon :iconladyzimamythos:LadyZimaMythos 6 8
To Her Regents Three Chapter 1
To Her Regents Three
Chapter One: Matt's Unusual Morning
Matt groaned as he slapped the snooze button on his alarm clock radio. He barley got any sleep the night before. He had a lot on his mind. From finally freeing himself from Shagon, to battling off a super powered Nerissa, Phobos, Cedric and now this. He could feel it within him, a warm almost innocent and yet powerful energy, the Heart of Earth. Even though he only held one third of the heart himself, its presence was always with him. Not like the Demon Shagon, who took over his entire being bending Matt to his will, no this like the feeling of an old friend or a loved one always beside him.
The weeks after the defeat of both Phobos and Nerissa had finally given him time to think about his involvement with the Guardians and little Lillian, the true keeper of this awesome power. While accepting the role of Regent of Earth was sort of done on the spot, that didn't make the responsibility any less sever. Until Lillian was old enough
:iconshagonsheart:ShagonsHeart 5 4
VW in Snow :iconbellybuttxn:bellybuttxn 4 2 Witch Gene Shagon :iconichsha-docdom:Ichsha-DocDom 4 0 SF 'WITCH gene' :iconichsha-docdom:Ichsha-DocDom 3 1
Hating Myself: Chapter 1
Disclaimer: I don't own W.I.T.C.H., it is own by Disney and not by me. I'm just writing this for fun.
This story takes place during W.I.T.C.H. the TV Series Season 2. This story takes place just before "L" is for Loser and will continue until "U" is for United. I wanted to tell the story of Shagon from Matt's point of view. There aren't enough Matt fics out there. This fic is also Pro WillxMatt. Thank you, Shiroi Misa AKA Shagonsheart
Hating Myself Part 1: Wishful Thinking
Matt Olsen sat in his room trying to digest all this new information. Nerissa, a former Guardian gone bad, had trapped Elyon within the Heart of Meridian. While her Knights of Vengeance were no more she seemed stronger than ever. He almost missed the days of Phobos, at least they knew what he was after and what to expect most of the time.
He sighed, "They" more like the Guardians and Caleb. He was pretty much useless in a major fight. Logically he knew he should leave the fighting to Will and the other girls but his
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W.I.T.C.H Logo With Shagon's S :iconyvxgreatxboss:YVxGreatxBoss 4 0
To Her Regents Three Chapter 2
If I Could Talk to the Animals
Matt's unusual morning was only getting weirder by the minute. When Mr. Huggles discovered he could now talk to his master that was all he wanted to do. He leapt up and down chattering on and on asking question after question. Finally Matt had to clamp the little guy's mouth shut.
"Huggles listen to me. I don't know why I can suddenly understand you but we need to find out if it's you or me."
Huggles looked up confused. "What do you mean?"
"Well, can we just hear each other or can other people hear you as well?"
"Like how the kitty can talk like a human?" Matt found it a little funny how Huggles referred to Napoleon but at least Huggles was making the connection.
"Yeah, I guess that's one way to put it. And if that's the case you can't let anyone else know you can talk understand?"
Keeping his eyes on Matt the dormouse nodded. "Because dormice and kitties aren't suppose to talk like humans?"
"You got it." He said relieved that Huggles understood the situa
:iconshagonsheart:ShagonsHeart 3 4
To Her Regents 3 Chapter 11
Meet the Parents
Saturday had arrived, and this meant preparations were in order. At the Vandom household, Susan Vandom had returned from food shopping. What was supposed to be a simple but nice dinner was now turning into a big affair. With the addition of Tomas, and his fiancé Serena, she had to make extra portions, and add in extra courses, and dessert.
'Typical Tomas, he changes my plans, and expects me to do all of the compromising!' she thought to herself, as she handed her daughter Will, the vegetables to be cut up for the soup. She tried to keep her comments to herself though, this was supposed to be a nice day for the family to meet Will's now, long time boyfriend. She could put up with Tomas, and his girlfriend for one night. She could rant about it to her friends later.
Will could tell her mother wasn't really happy about the extra seats set at the dinner table, but was trying not to show it. But she could suck it up for one night. She knew there would be a few events i
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To Her Regents Three Chapter 5
The Reign of Frogs
Matt met up with Will and the girls the next morning. So far his musical meditation seemed to be working. He managed to get to school wearing his Ipod, and to his delight didn't have a headache yet. It was still louder than he would like, but after going so long without any improvement he could deal with a minor irritation for a while. Will was happy that her boyfriend didn't seem to be in constant pain anymore, and hoped it would last.
"Glad you're feeling better Matt." Will said with a relieved smile. "Oh, I almost forgot."
She held out a pair of tickets and Matt couldn't believe his eyes. "YOU got tickets for Rob Zombie's Halloween?" As delighted as he was he was feeling a little guilty. He had flat out refused to go with her to the VMJ Movie after all. "This is great Will but be honest with me. If you really don't want to go I'll understand. I remember how you said you couldn't stand this type of movie."
Will looked away for a moment before pushing a loose strand
:iconshagonsheart:ShagonsHeart 3 1
Hating Myself: Chapter 2
Disclaimer:  I still don't own W.I.T.C.H. Disney just does the cartoon.
Chapter 2: Anger of the Beast
Matt groaned as he started to come to. He was becoming aware of some sort of nipping at his ear. Instinctually he swatted the irritation away but a bite to his finger brought him back to reality. For a moment he didn't know where he was or how he got there. A moment later, it all came back to him. 'Will' knocking on his window, Mr. Huggles freaking out, and Nerissa snatching him out of his own yard.
He took a look around and discovered he was in some sort of cell carved into a cave that looked like it was hidden within a mountain. It was cold, very cold. And the bars looked like they made of pure energy spaced just enough to see out, but not for him to squeeze through. He knew it was a stupid idea but he just had to know just how strong his prison was. Slowly he reached out to try and touch one of the bars. He didn't even get within two inches before the electrified energy sh
:iconshagonsheart:ShagonsHeart 2 2
To Her Regents Three Chapter 4
"Dear Heart"
Cornelia had called an impromptu W.I.T.C.H. meeting, in the basement of the Silver Dragon after school that day, to discuss Matt decision to tell Lillian about W.I.T.C.H. or S.W.I.T.C.H. Irma joking called it, adding Shagon's initial into the name. The others weren't amused. Matt arrived with Huggles in toe, hoping to get a chance to explain himself before the blond lynched him. He was surprised and relieved that she had brought Napoleon with her. At least he had someone on his side. Cornelia was about to yell again but Will put up her hand.
"Give him a chance to explain Cornelia, maybe it's not as bad as we're making it out to be."
Matt took a deep breath before he began. "OK, first of all I didn't tell her about W.I.T.C.H. or our secrets. I just read her a bedtime story from Will's book." He said holding up the notebook but instead of being relieved Will was horrified.
"YOU HAD IT! Matt, I was going crazy looking for that thing! I thought I lost it, or someone swiped it!
:iconshagonsheart:ShagonsHeart 2 2
To Her Regents 3 Chapter 10
Will was right when she thought her mother might get home late. She tried waiting for her, but fell asleep on the couch. The next morning she found herself in her own bed, tucked in. "Mom must have put me to bed." She thought, letting out a yawn. Thank goodness it was Saturday, she needed a day to recover from the St. Valentines day brawl. She was tempted to sleep a little longer, but the smell of hot pancakes coming from the kitchen lured her out of bed.
"Morning sleepy head." Her mother cried happily, humming to herself as she put a fresh plate of pancakes, and strawberry topping on the table. Will raised an eyebrow. True, her mother would often cook on the weekends, but she seemed in an unusually happy mood today.
"I take it your date went well." Will said, helping herself to the stack of pancakes. Susan smile, and twirled as she finished setting the breakfast table. "I hope you didn't have too much fun Mom."
Susan blushed, but didn't loose the smile on her face. "Nothi
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improvement :icondrakeshya:Drakeshya 2 0
''Information Overload'' SAB Clip :icontoadking07:toadking07 2 0
To Her Regents Three Chapter 7
"Love is a Battlefield"
Will and Matt were the last ones to arrive, and were greeted by a very pissed off crowd. "This SUCKS!" Exclaimed Hay Lin, still in her purple and white outfit. "Why'd they have to pick tonight to escape? It was going so well with Eric, but then I had to fake a phone call saying there was a family emergency back home." She was still fuming about that. "He had something important to tell me too, but said it could wait until everything was alright with my family. Oh, now I'm mad, and feel guilty." Will, Matt, Cornelia, and Caleb all shared similar stories about having their dates interrupted. Taranee was the only one who seemed to end her night on a good note. Ironically thanks to her mother's curfew she was already on her way home from her date with Nigel when she got the message. She would have liked to have invited him in for some coffee with her folks, but at least she got to finish her date.
"And how about you Irma?" ask Will. "How did your date with Andrew-"
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W.I.T.C.H. Hating Myself :iconshagonsheart:ShagonsHeart 2 0