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A ShadAmy Story
ÿþShadAmy Story
As she sat there, staring into space as usual, Amy Rose hummed to herself. It was another beutiful day in paradise, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and as she sat in her back yard she thought to herself "Do I need anything more than this?" Raising her glass of juice to her mouth she hear a loud bang come from the front door "Now who could that be, Sonic's out in the tornado with Tails, Knuckles and Rouge are some where..." but then it hit her, there was only one person it could be, Shadow. Amy's heart beated like a drum as she approched her door, it wasn't like Shadow to make house calls, infact, it wasn't like Shadow to talk to anyone. Amy's hand gripped the door handle, she knew deep down she didn't want to open it but, curiosity got the better of her. As she turned the handle she heard a thud from the other side of the door. She opened the door slowly and to her surprise she found Shadow sat on her door step "H-hey Shadow, h-how can i-i help you
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Let's Begin :iconkirinousm:KirinouSM 584 167 BrainSpew the 83rd :iconaltalamatox:Altalamatox 925 89 Shadow Melody :iconshadowhatesomochao:shadowhatesomochao 635 135 a darker reality :iconcorpse-boy:Corpse-boy 462 103 Back Pockets :iconaltalamatox:Altalamatox 745 71 Shade boy :iconcorpse-boy:Corpse-boy 879 205
Staring outside, though I know I’m half-blind
When she suddenly taps me, and appears from behind.
I jump in surprise, not expecting her here.
Still, I do think it is rather nice with her near...
She asks me a question, and I turn away.
Unhindered by me, she continues to say:
“You don’t know them by sight, you don’t know them by dream.
How do you feel colors that you’ve never seen?”
I paused for a moment, wondering how to reply;
She knew it was awkward, she knew I was shy
I didn’t know quite what to say, then I thought:
Why is she so keen to see what I cannot?
Sighing, I tried to find how to explain;
I longed just to tell her, but I sounded insane...
Red is my temper, my fury, my ire;
Burning inside like an internal fire.
I feel it inside, but the pain is surreal;
I don’t know if it can even be healed
Black is my color to represent fear,
Making me wish I could just disappear.
Falling through darkness, the night, and the
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Mah Best Friend is See-Through
The last of the day's rain dripped golden from the eaves and leaves of the city of Altalamatox. It flowed in molten veins between the cobblestones, dashed though the gutters as liquid amber, diving down drains and hills and all away into the vast lake.   
Perched on a lakeshore hill, its glass dome rising above neighboring buildings, windows glinting in the evening light, the Greater Altalamatox Public Library stood serene as the ivy that feathered its walls. Inside it buzzed like a hive as its denizens wrapped up for the night.  
The bulk of the bustle ringed the front desks, where carts jammed with books were being muscled away into the sorting rooms or back off into the shelves for the next day, with a liberal scattering of people dancing their way through the traffic on individual errands.
Shad, the marble centaur whose existence as a sentient statue had not excused the teen from a terrible case of acne, was cantering after the Library's flock of troublesom
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Treetops, Tia Chi and Plus Marks
Author Comments: Sometimes when we read yaoi fanfiction we find that the events that happen can be kind of unrealistic and risky. I’ve tried to make this fanfic a little more possible, but as you know, it can be difficult to predict what will happen in real life.
Just to clear some stuff up: Knuckles and Shadow are both gay and both of them know the other is. Also, they are both 16 and it is summer (2008) at about 7pm and the sun is near setting. (I’ve been dreading this moment ^^) Now I have to star typing; this is my first fanfic. Please enjoy!
It was a fairly windy day and Knuckles and Shadow were trying to play frisbee in a large grassy field that they always hung out in. The wind was becoming annoying as it kept blowing the frisbee in the wrong direction, which resulted in a lot of diving for the little plastic disk.
“This is becoming kinda difficult isn’t it?” said Shadow
“Yeah, we should probably stop before the thin
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