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tout ce qui le blesse me tue by nami64 tout ce qui le blesse me tue :iconnami64:nami64 5,818 442 Claude Speed - GTA III by PatrickBrown Claude Speed - GTA III :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 3,506 289 J-A stupid and useless book... by nami64 J-A stupid and useless book... :iconnami64:nami64 5,729 509 HA: Unexpected by InvisibleDeath HA: Unexpected :iconinvisibledeath:InvisibleDeath 1,468 385 .:Taking Over Me:. by BleedingHeartworks .:Taking Over Me:. :iconbleedingheartworks:BleedingHeartworks 504 41 Lucifer - updated by Z-Pico Lucifer - updated :iconz-pico:Z-Pico 3,437 320 Play me I'm yours by Z-Pico Play me I'm yours :iconz-pico:Z-Pico 3,249 91 Lucifer - black by Z-Pico Lucifer - black :iconz-pico:Z-Pico 2,736 151 ki c ki va paC a la casserol by nami64 ki c ki va paC a la casserol :iconnami64:nami64 4,710 407 Inspiring STOCK Example XX by PhelanDavion Inspiring STOCK Example XX :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 850 13 .:GuestArtist:. The Fall Pg. 7 by SEGAMew .:GuestArtist:. The Fall Pg. 7 :iconsegamew:SEGAMew 927 143 The Blackened Halo by alexiuss The Blackened Halo :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 4,504 291 Day Light [video edit] by Z-Pico Day Light [video edit] :iconz-pico:Z-Pico 1,344 120 Yaoi Commission: Rev x Kaz: Our Game by Yaoi-World Yaoi Commission: Rev x Kaz: Our Game :iconyaoi-world:Yaoi-World 2,788 282 little skecth for a fic by nami64 little skecth for a fic :iconnami64:nami64 2,560 238 SEME - for men by Z-Pico SEME - for men :iconz-pico:Z-Pico 1,468 280 MFND - Comic Cover by oOKalmaOo MFND - Comic Cover :iconookalmaoo:oOKalmaOo 1,254 307 Royal Jewels Collection by MissMikopete Royal Jewels Collection :iconmissmikopete:MissMikopete 2,034 219 My Light... by nami64 My Light... :iconnami64:nami64 4,529 224 UV XXXX by DIVASOFT UV XXXX :icondivasoft:DIVASOFT 562 37 Lovefool by ElenaR Lovefool :iconelenar:ElenaR 1,773 357 Photoshop: Painting Tutorial and effects by alexiuss Photoshop: Painting Tutorial and effects :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 6,222 446 Tda Racing Miku 2012 - Download by YamiSweet Tda Racing Miku 2012 - Download :iconyamisweet:YamiSweet 491 82 I am Lorde ya ya ya by Laovaan I am Lorde ya ya ya :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 1,790 57 Snox oculus by Culpeo-Fox Snox oculus :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 4,984 404 Stein Zupancic Viking STOCK 05 by DiamonEyes Stein Zupancic Viking STOCK 05 :icondiamoneyes:DiamonEyes 453 379 Lift Me Up - Detail by Laovaan Lift Me Up - Detail :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 1,075 30 Jogamen by DIVASOFT Jogamen :icondivasoft:DIVASOFT 832 41
Costume Shop
Costume Shop
"I found this really cool place," Jane said. "It sells the best costumes."
"Really?" I said, kissing her forehead. We were curled up on the couch, watching a movie. "Halloween isn't for another year."
"Yeah," Jane agreed. "But because of Halloween, it's having a clearance sale." I groaned. I knew what that meant.
"What?" Jane asked.
"Every time you see a sign that says 'clearance', you have to go for it," I said. "And every time, you take me with you."
"Well, then," She said, smiling. "What could you possibly be doing that's more important than shopping with your girlfriend?" I made a face, as if I was pondering deeply, then said:
"I've got a date with Karen tomorrow," I said. Jane responded by smacking a pillow into my face. "I'm joking!" I exclaimed. "Fine, I'll come with you."
"Thank you!" Jane said, giving me a kiss.
The next day, we stood outside the shop. It looked old, like an antique store, with fa
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Harry and Ginny - LINEART by nami64 Harry and Ginny - LINEART :iconnami64:nami64 4,276 405 american football by nami64 american football :iconnami64:nami64 5,029 420 A Gypsy in Agrabah by Ehryel A Gypsy in Agrabah :iconehryel:Ehryel 5,172 294 His Hands by nami64 His Hands :iconnami64:nami64 4,622 497 UV XXXXI by DIVASOFT UV XXXXI :icondivasoft:DIVASOFT 416 11 Bloody Mary by WhiteSpringPro Bloody Mary :iconwhitespringpro:WhiteSpringPro 512 95 I Can Almost See You by Laovaan I Can Almost See You :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 1,156 26 Roadside snack by Vale-city Roadside snack :iconvale-city:Vale-city 1,639 107 Point of view by DIVASOFT Point of view :icondivasoft:DIVASOFT 447 26 Pixie Normal by Verehin Pixie Normal :iconverehin:Verehin 4,666 125 A Quick Snack 2 by Vale-city A Quick Snack 2 :iconvale-city:Vale-city 1,331 21 Commission: Hot Like Fire by R3dFiVe Commission: Hot Like Fire :iconr3dfive:R3dFiVe 2,853 209 Sexy by MadMinami Sexy :iconmadminami:MadMinami 580 118
Raining Food
A woman opened her eyes. What her eyes saw she could not comprehend. She hadn't a clue where her body lied or even who she was. She searched the room for any of the slightest recollection, but she was left dumbfounded.
It'd appear she had gained consciousness in complete nothingness. She was consumed gravely by the absence of color. White. She examined herself, and noticed she was inside the garments of a white crew-neck T and a white pear of sweat pants. Nothing more. Nothing less.
"Hello?" she beckoned out. The air was pungent in its silence. No reply. Yet, this didn't seem to damage her hopes.
"Is there anybody out there?"
Once again, no reply.
"Who am I?"
She walked around the white. What could this be? Was she dead? Was this the afterlife? Heaven? Hell? Purgatory, even?
She walked until she ran herself into a all. There was no shadow of hers that should have taken space on the wall. It was a miracle she could even see. What sources of light was in here?
She grasped her ac
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Playing With Science by BedlamTrap Playing With Science :iconbedlamtrap:BedlamTrap 1,013 17 L.O.V.E. by FlyPi L.O.V.E. :iconflypi:FlyPi 1,946 100 CM: Eris Eats Her Comrades by Metalforever CM: Eris Eats Her Comrades :iconmetalforever:Metalforever 1,515 62 Stomach Ache 6 by Vale-city Stomach Ache 6 :iconvale-city:Vale-city 1,534 89 Backfire Spell by Tiger1001 Backfire Spell :icontiger1001:Tiger1001 1,691 120 Stomach Ache 5 by Vale-city Stomach Ache 5 :iconvale-city:Vale-city 1,428 27 Ank 8122 Le sac by ANDR3KO-FOTOGRAPHIE Ank 8122 Le sac :iconandr3ko-fotographie:ANDR3KO-FOTOGRAPHIE 298 31