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How 2 Make an Anime Gurl
Girls, girls, girls. Everybody loves girls! They're so soft and cuddly! Know what else everyone loves? That's right! Anime! So what happens when you put the two best things in the world together!
Anime girls. We've gone through how to make dicktastic sexbombs believable female characters and space marines main characters, let's explore some of the more whimsical elements fiction has to offer.
1. Body Type The biggest and most important rule of anime girls.
No fat chicks. You ever see a hot fat chick in anime? Yeah, that's what I thought. The only part of them that's allowed to be fat is their breasts. (Or they usually gotta be flat as boards, one or the other, no in between). If an anime girl doesn't conform to this body type, she simply isn't hot. And because Japan thinks so, everyone should think so.
2. Eyes and Hair Next most important to no fat chicks, all their eyes must be big, big, BIG. The eyes are like breasts. The
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Gaara x reader
               I watched as you trained. I couldn't help but envy and hate you all at the same time. All
the kids loved you even their parents. While on the other hand they thought of me as a
monster. Someone that wants to kill them all. But to tell you the truth all I want is a friend.
A true friend that won't judge me of what was place inside of me but the real me. As i sat
in the tree watching I noticed that three other kids were coming towards you. I watched
as they came behind you and pushed you to the ground. I got mad. Why did they mess
with you? You never did any thing to them. I jumped from the tree and walked towards
them. I could hear them laughing and hiting you at the same time.
"Leave her alone!" I yelled. All four girls turned to me. "G-Gaara!" the three girls stammered. They started to back away. "If I ever catch you near her again you're all dead. Understand?" I asked
them. Before they left they
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