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Sex toy part 3- SasoDei
Chapter 3
For a week I was near death. The fever weakened me even more. Hidan and Konan tried to feed me, to lower my temperature, to calm me every time I woke up screaming. But I refused to eat, the temperature rose and I stopped sleeping. Each time I fell asleep I was in a black room...naked. There I couldn´t see anything but suddenly there were footsteps heading for me... a cruel laughter... This voice! I knew it... Soon the person arrived next to me and watched me for a moment.
"Deidara," it said, "You´re lost! I own you, bitch!"
All of sudden the pain hit me... the enormous pain from before... and I saw Sasori laughing at me.
I couldn´t stand this dream any more! Too...painful! So I refused to close my eyes even if Hidan and Konan begged for it.
"Dei, you´ll die if you don´t sleep! You have to rest!"
"Please Dei, fuck! It´ll kill you... Believe me, nobody can hurt you! You´re safe!"
But I wasn´t and still I´m not! I sense his presence a
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Good Hunter... :iconbadcompzero:BADCOMPZERO 244 8 Contraption Erotica :iconirenelangholm:IreneLangholm 101 70 naruto wet and shirtless :iconaironalia:aironalia 180 78 Best buy :icongeokorf:GeoKorf 58 17 The 'Tree' :iconbobthedalek:bobthedalek 169 117 His Highness wants some fun with his pet~ :iconhekkoto:Hekkoto 93 16 cheshire cat :iconcaptain-by-moonlight:Captain-By-Moonlight 320 67 Press 2 Play :icondoodzki22:DOODZKI22 21 13 Malfunction :iconhivih:HiViH 17 0 NIER 2B :iconbear-witch:bear-witch 238 8 King of the Smuppets :iconcktherat:CKtheRat 159 23 At stock :iconlatex-rat:latex-rat 37 2
I'm a man so I must be a jerk
We are people
We are not perfect
Don't judge us
Because you aren't perfect as well
Some of you think we're jerks
Some of you think we're peverts
Some of you think we're rapists
You think we drink, fight and swear
You see us
As unable to be kind
Unable to be nice
Unable to fall in love
Unable to have deep, complex thoughts
I'm sorry
But you are wrong
Most of us are not like that
Maybe you had bad experiences
Maybe you have a reason
To think that way
But you can't stereotype us
Just like we don't stereotype you
When we are nice to you
Be nice to us
Don't assume
We just want sex
And you may get yourself a friend
Don't judge us, please...
In the other end...
Some of you see us
As simple, faceless bodies
Bodies you can use as you please
You are wrong as well
We're not just landscape
We're not sex toys
Like I said before
We're people
So please, get to know us
Change your perspective
Before it's too late
If you need someone
Someone to talk to
I'm right here
I'm listening...
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One and Two Halves for Dinner
"OW!  Dammit!  IAAAANNNNN!
"Oh.  Hi, Sam!  I forgot the cushion, didn't I?  Sorry!"
"You asshole."
I round the corner between the bedroom and the living room to find Sam, now just a lovely, limbless torso and head, lying on her back on the transporter pad.  
"You know, Ian, it's not very nice to remove a girl's limbs without at least warning her.  You could have at least put down a pillow!"
"Aww, I'm sorry sweetie.  I just forgot.  Let's be honest though, of all the girls in the world who can afford to fall two and a half feet and land on their rump after some jerk dematerializes their legs without warning, you're the most well-equipped for a cushioned landing," I say, scooping up her delightfully soft alabaster torso.  
"Well… that is true" she conceded.
"Besides, you know I'll be happy to kiss your ass and make it all better," I quip, grinning.  Covering Sam's amp
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'Til We Meet Again
'Til We Meet Again
The two weeks before Lynda’s birthday were the longest two weeks of her life.  In one way that was good, she savored every minute she got with Milo during the day.  It was the nights that proved difficult.  She’d already burned out two sets of batteries in the vibrator Cyndi had talked her through buying.
Cyndi wasn’t having a great time of it either.  They went flying every day, and when Milo used the magic ring—the ring that she had sweated for, darn it—to turn Lynda into a model airplane, she had a difficult choice.  Go flying, and deal with her fear of heights, or stay on the ground as a pair of panties.  If she was lucky, Milo would leave her as a plush kitty with working glass eyes.  Once, she ended up as a tiny model pilot in the gondola of a blimp.  That was the worst of both worlds, so after that she stuck with Lynda, and gradually came to accept that as a plane they were unlikely to suddenly fall out of the sky.  She even came
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