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~Request~Masky x Reader x Hoodie -LEMON:PT.1-
A/N~ Wow, I hate so much... =_= at least I can still use t to write the stories and then copy and paste 'em. Anyways, this was a request from :iconminergirl13: before April Vacation ended for me. Here we go, another lemon... :grump: Once this gets sexual, this is what I'll be like XD ----> :headsmash: Also, i'm making this in two parts only because I've got a fuck ton of homework..... Sorry, I'll shut the fuck up and write... X.X
What a week! Hunting, killing, so much tense. You were sore and your body was covered in various areas with bruises and scars. You needed something to relax you, and clear out your mind. And you knew exactly what would do the trick.
A warm, relaxing, and calming bubble bath. No matter how immature it seemed for your league, you could go for one. Walking into the bathroom, you shut the door behind you and stripped from your blood dressed clothes. You set the apparel onto the sink counter and filled the tub with warm steaming water
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Help Needed Sebastian X Reader
         You were sitting on the small front porch of your home when an urgent letter arrived for you. It was from the Phantomhive estate. Quickly ripping into it, you noticed the letter was from Sebastian. The letter read as follows:
       Dearest companion,
I am dreadfully sorry for the lack of notice, however, I am in dire need of your assistance today. The young master has planned for a rather large get together for the investors of his company without my knowledge. I am one hell of a butler, but this is simply too much to do on my own. I do hope you will be able to help me today, I trust no one more fully with this task.
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Black Butler Seven Minutes In Heaven Undertaker
        It was finally your turn to draw from Grell's purse. You walked up to where he was standing, and placed your hand inside. There were items of all shapes and sizes, but there was one that was very easy to recognize. You lifted your selected item from the purse and held it up. "Who put the bone in the purse? Wait, is this, a cookie, or, a crumpet?"
"No, no, my love." The Undertaker walked up to you and snatched the bone from your hand. "It's my biscuit." He bit into it and let out a strange sort of laugh. "They just taste better when they look like this. I have more if you want to try some." He moved behind you and started playing with your hair. "This is quite nice it is. I think I should like to try this color myself."
"Oh no, don't change your hair." Grell wrapped his arms around  the undertaker. "You're such a very handsome man, just the way you are. Oh, but I forgot." Grell let go and giggled. "You two should already be in the closet by now. Now come
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Black Butler Seven Minutes In Heaven Sebastian
      After taking a moment to glance around the room, Grell's eyes locked on yours. "You're going to be next." Rushing towards you, Grell took your hand and pulled you to your feet. "Come on now, we have many players left and so very little time for everyone to take a turn."
Heeding his words, you walked up the center of the great room to take your turn. Plunging your hand into the large red handbag Grell was holding out for you, you begin looking for an item. A moment later, you decided on a soft piece of cloth. After pulling it out of the bag, you notice it had the letter "S" embroidered on it, along with a small kitten silhouette. "I think I already know, but whose handkerchief is this?"
Sebastian immediately stood up to claim it, but Grell quickly intervened. "No, I was supposed to get my Bassy's item, not you, now put it back." Throwing a slight tantrum, he angrily stomped his feet and flailed around. "No one's going to be in the closet with him but me."
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Black Butler Seven Minutes In Heaven Intro
            Everyone was gathered in the largest room of the Phantomhive home. No one was sure who had brought them all together or why. Suddenly the large wooden doors slammed open and a flash of red interned the room, running to the center.
It was Grell, now standing in front of everyone. "I'm so sorry I'm late. I was on my way when there was this sale I just had to stop-"
"Grell, would you very much mind telling us why you thought it wise to bother the master today?" Sebastian stared at him with an annoyed look. "He does have things to do you know."
"Oh of course Bassy." Grell twirled around a large, flashy red purse. "I was sitting alone, bored to death, when I thought to myself. We should all play a game."
Ciel rubbed his eyebrows in frustration. "Get in with it already."
"Mercy you're testy. You all give me an item, only the boys for now." Grell giggled. "Then a lovely young lady will draw an item from my purse. Then I'll shove the two of you in the
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Inheritace: A Moment in Eternity
Eragon sat on his surprisingly comfortable throne while he listened to his fellow riders discuss the events and politics of Alagaësia and the other known lands.
The room was large, tall and dark, illuminated only by coloured fire that circled the room behind the seated riders. Each rider sat in similar, yet smaller seats than Eragon and wore clothing respective of their cultural backgrounds with colours that represented their dragons scattered among their person.
Eragon himself was wearing his usual dark leathers, a green tunic similar to the ones he wore in Ellesmera centuries ago, underneath a mountainous indigo cloak layered with wolf furs and armour that rested on his shoulders.
He watched as his riders told of the peace and conflict throughout the surrounding lands, a sense of pride swelling throughout him as he listened to Rider Kadvar, a Kull, tell of his victory in the south. He had protected the harvest of the southern villages from raiding bandits. Having trained Kadvar
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Black Butler Seven Minutes In Heaven William
         "It's your turn to play. Now come up here and stop wasting time." Grell pulled you to the center of the room, picking up his purse and holing it out for you. "Pick something good now, I want to be entertained." He smiled wide.
You reached into the bag and felt around for a bit. A moment later you lifted out a crumpled piece of paper. You unwrinkled it to read the name on it. "It says William T. Spears. Guess that makes it pretty obvious who it belongs to huh?"
William stood up, walked over to you and adjusted his glasses. "I do apologize. I honestly didn't bring any items suited to put in a purse. When Grell called me here he said it was an emergency. I was not prepared to play a game suited for school children."
Grell was puffing and ranting behind the two of you. "How dare you pick my Williams name out. Out of all the items in my purse you have to pick that one! The horror of it all." Grell swooned dramatically, almost falling to the floor. "I just d
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Black Butler Seven Minutes In Heaven Grell
          You get called to the center of the room to pick an item from Grell's hand bag. After feeling around for a moment, something you think you recognize gets your attention. You lift the item you've chosen up and out of the purse to reveal a group of cherries. "Hey, these are still in really good shape. I think I could even eat these."
"Don't you dare, those are for my Bassy." Grell quickly grabbed the cherries out of your hand, dropping the purse to the ground with a loud thud. "Put them back in my purse, pick something else."
William roughly hit Grell over the head with his scythe. "Stop prolonging this idiocy and get in the closet."
Grell immediately straightened up. "Fine, but I want you all to know that I am not going to enjoy this. Not even one little bit." Taking your hand, he roughly pulled you into the closet. "Some one time us, only seven minutes now. I don't want to be in here any longer than I have to be." Grell slammed the two of you in
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Captured Undertaker X Reader
        “God, why does my head hurt so bad.” You tried to rub your sore head, only to realize your arms, and legs were strapped down. “The heck? Why am I in restraints?” Panic and anger set in. Your heart was racing and your breath became rapid. You had no idea where you were or why you were there. You pulled in vain with all your might against the restraints. Finally, feeling you had no other option, you started to scream as loud as you could.
After a moment of screaming, you heard a mans voice. “Hello there love. I didn't expect you to wake so early.” The man let out a cackle, one you would be able to recognize until the end of time. “Let me just untie you then now love.”
“I'm going to kill you. Do you have any idea how scared I was?” You wanted to slap him so badly it wasn't funny. Unfortunately your hands were still tied down by your sides.
“Yes love, I think the whole street knows, what with all
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Walk With Me Sebastian X Reader
         Today had been long, hard, and tiring. You were often called over to help with Ciel's parties, but today was unusually difficult and stressful. Now that the guests were leaving, and everything had calmed down, you walked outside to get a bit of fresh air. As you took in the crisp night air, all the stress from  the day began to drift away. The air smelled like fresh cut grass and flowers. Suddenly, the hair on your arms stood up, a chill went up your spine. You spun around, but no one was there. “Okay, who else is out here?”
“My apologies. I didn't know you were out here, and it is rude for a man to approach a woman when she's alone. Especially in the dark.” Sebastian made his way towards you, coming only close enough so that you could see his face. “I didn't mean to frighten you.”
“It's okay.” Seeing Sebastian standing there immediately calmed you down. “What are you doing out here? I thought
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Lonly!Russia x Reader :Love me forever..:
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~No ones POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
You knocked on the large doors of the russian man you were visiting. After a few more minutes you knocked again, only to have it slowly creek open.
"Russia?.." you croaked walking thro the seemingly empty mansion. "A-are you there?.."
He might be in his room sleeping perhaps, you thought going up the stairs. Taking in the sights of his home you've noticed that none of the Baltic's were there either.
Sighing heavily, you pushed the door slowly open, the room was frozen. you were shocked that snow had not spilt into the ice-cold room,
"R-russia..?" you muttered under your breath, as if not to wake him.
"____________....?" he sputtered.
the room being pitch black made it difficult to see where your friend exactly was. That is until he grabbed you and pulled you into the cold room.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
OMGGGG, I thought entering the cold room, Damn! what is he thinking staying in he
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Train Your Brain Contest


The Art Department with deviantART brings you about the best news any art student could ask for: free tuition!

Through the Train Your Brain Challenge, The Art Department (TAD) is offering a massive number of exclusive scholarship opportunities to members of deviantART. TAD is the best of the best in providing online art education, with a variety of programs taught by world-class faculty. Check out their group, TheArtDept, to watch video tutorials from their faculty!

Submit your work in one of the five disciplines offered by TAD: Illustration, Drawing and Painting, Animation, Entertainment 2D, and Entertainment 3D. Make something new or use something you've made in the past!
You could win tuition and travel to one of TAD's programs, a trip to Pixar Studios near San
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