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Silon Winter by Saimain Silon Winter :iconsaimain:Saimain 4,372 465 QUICK GRAB HIS TAIL by Luciferific QUICK GRAB HIS TAIL :iconluciferific:Luciferific 723 64 :: Commission outfit July 05 :: by VioletKy :: Commission outfit July 05 :: :iconvioletky:VioletKy 63 8 Anastasia Stamp by TwilightProwler Anastasia Stamp :icontwilightprowler:TwilightProwler 118 5 Window Pain by BazzlewithaK Window Pain :iconbazzlewithak:BazzlewithaK 13 3 Takeo by PiperOfGameln Takeo :iconpiperofgameln:PiperOfGameln 55 5 Pooka + Snow Stamp by TwilightProwler Pooka + Snow Stamp :icontwilightprowler:TwilightProwler 73 3 Hunter by PiperOfGameln Hunter :iconpiperofgameln:PiperOfGameln 76 7 Anastasia + Dimitri Stamp by TwilightProwler Anastasia + Dimitri Stamp :icontwilightprowler:TwilightProwler 140 6 Anastasia + Dancing Stamp by TwilightProwler Anastasia + Dancing Stamp :icontwilightprowler:TwilightProwler 112 3 dont forget by quietsecrets dont forget :iconquietsecrets:quietsecrets 52 43 Autodestruction by PiperOfGameln Autodestruction :iconpiperofgameln:PiperOfGameln 20 2 SA Gillian Application Sheet by Incross SA Gillian Application Sheet :iconincross:Incross 14 49 Tao by PiperOfGameln Tao :iconpiperofgameln:PiperOfGameln 20 3 Safe and Sound by PiperOfGameln Safe and Sound :iconpiperofgameln:PiperOfGameln 14 6 Raizel by PiperOfGameln Raizel :iconpiperofgameln:PiperOfGameln 15 3 devil's lackey by Lodias devil's lackey :iconlodias:Lodias 11 12 Commission: Medusa on Vacation (Watercolor) by indigowarrior Commission: Medusa on Vacation (Watercolor) :iconindigowarrior:indigowarrior 8 2 Closer by Mechanical-Moon Closer :iconmechanical-moon:Mechanical-Moon 4 5 will you always love me by Sharubaby will you always love me :iconsharubaby:Sharubaby 6 6 Servant Boy by Maclafel7 Servant Boy :iconmaclafel7:Maclafel7 5 10 Len Kagamine by taliatheotaku Len Kagamine :icontaliatheotaku:taliatheotaku 2 15 Oliver AKA Snigger - REF by L-i-NKedxART Oliver AKA Snigger - REF :iconl-i-nkedxart:L-i-NKedxART 3 1 Ubi by Riku-Aelitonnes Ubi :iconriku-aelitonnes:Riku-Aelitonnes 2 11
Jehovah - prologue
A small, lanky boy stepped forward, uncertainty painted on his thin face. He looked out before him at the masses of wealthy people that had gathered for the auction. Each of them watched him; examined him, searched for any possible flaw in his appearance.
He swallowed hard and willed the crowd to not react as so many others before had, but no amount of sheer will could prevent their eyes from finding his own. At the end of their search, once their eyes met his, he knew it would happen again, just as it had happened so many times prior.
A scream erupted from somewhere within the crowd, and he flinched. He knew why she had screamed, and he wished she hadn't as shouts began to echo through the crowd. Too many voices melted together into one loud sound for any one thought to be heard clearly.
The boy squeezed his eyes shut and took a small step back on the rocky, dirt ground he was standing on. He clenched his fists at his sides and willed the tears that threatened t
:iconangelic-elf-ivy:Angelic-Elf-Ivy 1 1
your servant ADEIRAS by LovinEvil your servant ADEIRAS :iconlovinevil:LovinEvil 1 12 Diary of John by Cardgambler Diary of John :iconcardgambler:Cardgambler 2 4 Astion and In by AkasunaKage Astion and In :iconakasunakage:AkasunaKage 8 17 Cravat party by emera Cravat party :iconemera:emera 2 0 Heron Anthro Doodle by tayba Heron Anthro Doodle :icontayba:tayba 0 0 Princess and The Servant Boy by Kat11120 Princess and The Servant Boy :iconkat11120:Kat11120 0 0 Jade Winsimth (aka Skurvy Caeser) by Mesaari Jade Winsimth (aka Skurvy Caeser) :iconmesaari:Mesaari 5 0 My Dearest Servant... by WalksinTwilight My Dearest Servant... :iconwalksintwilight:WalksinTwilight 11 5 SnoBall: Beat the Servant Boy by TawnyKunyan SnoBall: Beat the Servant Boy :icontawnykunyan:TawnyKunyan 0 4 Hidden Heros by chychylove Hidden Heros :iconchychylove:chychylove 4 8 Brad and John in Love by Cardgambler Brad and John in Love :iconcardgambler:Cardgambler 4 6
Time After Time Ch. 7 The Memories Return
"W-Where are you taking me, Hyde?" Luna said as she ran behind him. "And could you please slow down? I'm not used to running this quickly."
"I'm taking you to Cindy. She should be in the reception hall." said Hyde.
"Cindy?" Luna questioned. "What does she have to do with this getting me to remember things? Is she the one who knows magic?"
Hyde suddenly stopped running and turned to the house cat. "Yes, she does. It was also because of me that she removed your memories of what truly happened a few nights ago. How could I have been so selfish?"
Luna sat down and glanced up at him. "You must have had a good reason to make me forget. Am I the only one who forgot what happened that night?"
"Everyone but me and Cindy knew what truly happened that night. I didn't want to be ran out of the palace. Everyone had to forget." Hyde said. "But you and Melody didn't deserve to  forget your night and neither did Cathney! Why do I have to be such a selfish idiot? Oh, that's right, so I didn't have
:iconlorettafox:LorettaFox 0 5
U5A7Q by Usato U5A7Q :iconusato:Usato 65 15 Princess Angelica + Magic Fan by TrainerKelly Princess Angelica + Magic Fan :icontrainerkelly:TrainerKelly 14 10 Day 7: Shiny Ninetails by Kittybaka-chan Day 7: Shiny Ninetails :iconkittybaka-chan:Kittybaka-chan 17 2
Story of Tragedy
In a lost kingdom, far away
The royal family ruled with unending viciousness
Until a little pink princess was born
By the often straying mother queen
They raised her to be a malicious little girl
But her trusted servant prevented such true errs
Pretending to be as she was not
The boy servant and his mysterious likeness to her
Made sure her mask was nigh flawless
Poor little pink princess
A girl of just fourteen
Forced to do as her parents willed
The cruelness she displayed before them
Was no more than a façade.
Then her parents found out her secret
The kindness she showed was intolerable
They made a pact to rid themselves of one so weak
And hired a man of bloodiest red to do their bidding
The princess's pale servant boy overheard their talk
Of the dastardly deed that was to take place
He thanked the gods for his femininity
And went to send the princess
On an unscheduled trip for their neighboring country
The assassin found the girl where her parents said
She lay still, asleep in b
:icondeerdryad:Deerdryad 1 5
Samuel Lucas by pandafoot105 Samuel Lucas :iconpandafoot105:pandafoot105 2 2 In by AkasunaKage In :iconakasunakage:AkasunaKage 12 5
Yes, Your Grace Part 6
   “Child, you must wake up!”
   “Laura? What’s happened?”
   “Her Grace is in a fit, and calling for you!” She threw off her nightgown and rushed into her dress, dashing for Her Grace’s suite. She tore around the corners and slid to a stop, then held her breath and knocked for permission to enter.
   “Come in! You! You’ve besmirched the name of the entire palace!” She grabbed the girl’s ears and shook. Hard. Shouting over the cries of pain, she continued her tirade. “Leaving your post, spilling onto your outfit, and worst of all, you ran into The Prince!” She let go of her ears, but only to shove her against the wall and get the bullwhip.
She screamed as her backside burned, Her Grace still shouting. “You will not humiliate us again! The Prince asked after you! You didn’t even apologize, you ungrateful wretch! Can you fathom my embarrassment? The
:icondolphin64575:dolphin64575 5 6
Just the two of us.. by DragonBlueflame Just the two of us.. :icondragonblueflame:DragonBlueflame 7 8 Servant_Boy by BabyDogmewmew Servant_Boy :iconbabydogmewmew:BabyDogmewmew 3 7 Shinohara Atack by Neko3935 Shinohara Atack :iconneko3935:Neko3935 6 2 Milk) by PiperOfGameln Milk) :iconpiperofgameln:PiperOfGameln 8 2 Princess and Servant Boy by no-faces Princess and Servant Boy :iconno-faces:no-faces 1 2