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Xeno-quetzalcoatl by GuthrieArtwork Xeno-quetzalcoatl :iconguthrieartwork:GuthrieArtwork 1,428 55 Dragon of Despair by drakhenliche Dragon of Despair :icondrakhenliche:drakhenliche 881 169 Type Collab: Mega Steelix by ShadeofShinon Type Collab: Mega Steelix :iconshadeofshinon:ShadeofShinon 612 43 Angst Fish by KatePfeilschiefter Angst Fish :iconkatepfeilschiefter:KatePfeilschiefter 647 24 Eyes of green dragon - stone painting necklaces by AlviaAlcedo Eyes of green dragon - stone painting necklaces :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 856 66 Serpentine by Archaical Serpentine :iconarchaical:Archaical 587 22 Mountain scape Cheia 26Jul2008 by John77 Mountain scape Cheia 26Jul2008 :iconjohn77:John77 1,228 403 Comish - ...And Intruders Shall Perish by TwilightSaint Comish - ...And Intruders Shall Perish :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 696 91 Commission: SWTOR by CPatten Commission: SWTOR :iconcpatten:CPatten 244 20 Dolomites by AljoschaThielen Dolomites :iconaljoschathielen:AljoschaThielen 1,974 182
Midnight Meal
The balmy summer night enveloped the lakeside house. The full moon was looming high up in the air while its image was copied upon the lake's motionless surface. The only sound in the area was silence as the night drove on. Lights within the subtle abode were dimmed for the evening.
Inside the house was Nathan lounging peacefully on the living room sofa, and Milotic, who was curled around him with her head comfortably resting upon his shoulder. His gentle hand stroked her silky, crimson hair as she gave a light-hearted kiss upon his cheek. With silence filling the rooms, the pair felt as though there was nothing to be done. Nathan let out a sigh as they both gazed blankly out of a window.
"I don't know about you, but I'm feeling a bit bored right now..." he said with a yawn.
Milotic gave a warm smile towards Nathan. "Well, I guess that makes two of us," she replied.
Both of them were in desperate need of excitement. There was no one around to battle and it was too late to
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View from a bridge 2 by calimer00 View from a bridge 2 :iconcalimer00:calimer00 377 74 Gorgon by eronzki999 Gorgon :iconeronzki999:eronzki999 273 18 Medusa by eronzki999 Medusa :iconeronzki999:eronzki999 241 17 Passion is blind by Patchco Passion is blind :iconpatchco:Patchco 483 75 Champagne Serpentine by j-adree Champagne Serpentine :iconj-adree:j-adree 498 155 Ref Sheet Comish - Aratina by TwilightSaint Ref Sheet Comish - Aratina :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 187 28 Serpentine steps by CourtneyTrowbridge Serpentine steps :iconcourtneytrowbridge:CourtneyTrowbridge 206 22 Serpentine Old Warrior dragon by Reptangle Serpentine Old Warrior dragon :iconreptangle:Reptangle 368 30 Slytherin Crest by Autlaw Slytherin Crest :iconautlaw:Autlaw 303 57 skratch - RandomVeus PXL's 08 by theCHAMBA skratch - RandomVeus PXL's 08 :iconthechamba:theCHAMBA 469 33 Morelia by Culpeo-Fox Morelia :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 1,221 111 Remote Norway pt. VI by TheChosenPesssimist Remote Norway pt. VI :iconthechosenpesssimist:TheChosenPesssimist 320 36 Scales by Uzlo Scales :iconuzlo:Uzlo 597 26 Serpentine by TD-Vice Serpentine :icontd-vice:TD-Vice 201 29 Serpentine by miss-mosh Serpentine :iconmiss-mosh:miss-mosh 2,504 118 Milly's Meal by VoraciousPanda Milly's Meal :iconvoraciouspanda:VoraciousPanda 231 11 Z- Snake by TFed-Artist Z- Snake :icontfed-artist:TFed-Artist 384 17 Zelia Met Her Match Page 1 by Severflame Zelia Met Her Match Page 1 :iconseverflame:Severflame 177 43 Black Cat by Mahafsoun Black Cat :iconmahafsoun:Mahafsoun 379 22 Serpentine by Mahafsoun Serpentine :iconmahafsoun:Mahafsoun 218 9 Trollstigen - Norway (15) by LorcanPL Trollstigen - Norway (15) :iconlorcanpl:LorcanPL 247 44 ninjago serpentine pic 1 by SilentCartoonist ninjago serpentine pic 1 :iconsilentcartoonist:SilentCartoonist 236 118 Serpentine by Laura-Ferreira Serpentine :iconlaura-ferreira:Laura-Ferreira 560 36 HM: Kazu by Bootsii HM: Kazu :iconbootsii:Bootsii 221 701 Basiliska by pin100 Basiliska :iconpin100:pin100 271 79 Serpentine by AkinAdekile Serpentine :iconakinadekile:AkinAdekile 152 7 Elongating Snakie Lass by Jesoran Elongating Snakie Lass :iconjesoran:Jesoran 88 14 I see Color in a World of Grey by Klaymortia I see Color in a World of Grey :iconklaymortia:Klaymortia 150 24 Serpentine Phoenix sculpture by Reptangle Serpentine Phoenix sculpture :iconreptangle:Reptangle 269 16 Serpentine Princess Zelia by Severflame Serpentine Princess Zelia :iconseverflame:Severflame 242 56 The Caged Bird's Song - 2 by Gailavira The Caged Bird's Song - 2 :icongailavira:Gailavira 120 9 Mecha-Quetzalcoatl Commission + VIDEO by RobertCrescenzio Mecha-Quetzalcoatl Commission + VIDEO :iconrobertcrescenzio:RobertCrescenzio 277 63 Azuga 29 Mar 09 Panorama by John77 Azuga 29 Mar 09 Panorama :iconjohn77:John77 140 42 Water Falls II by Furiousxr Water Falls II :iconfuriousxr:Furiousxr 207 56 Comish - Coiled King by TwilightSaint Comish - Coiled King :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 367 64 Serpentine by Mahafsoun Serpentine :iconmahafsoun:Mahafsoun 151 3 The Serpentine by joshuad17 The Serpentine :iconjoshuad17:joshuad17 131 29 Endless Realms bestiary - Grootslang by jocarra Endless Realms bestiary - Grootslang :iconjocarra:jocarra 116 23 Lilac by Mahafsoun Lilac :iconmahafsoun:Mahafsoun 203 7