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The transformation challenge (Dragon into Knight) :iconphyrexianrevoker:phyrexianrevoker 272 93 My Girlfriend's Notebook tg Full :iconthextra89:TheXtra89 1,493 80 CMSN: Free Hugs :icontf-artist-chan:TF-Artist-Chan 231 51 Kicking up a TSundere Storm TG :icontfsubmissions:TFSubmissions 245 10 Makoto the Magical Girl pg 2 - TG :iconthemightfenek:TheMightFenek 532 61 (Gift) 'A Heavenly Blessing' Ah! My G. TG by KyoD :iconjanusdadefender:JanusDaDefender 972 60 A suitable subject (Rosvo commission) :iconhelixjack:HelixJack 595 107 Makoto the Magical Girl pg 1 - TG :iconthemightfenek:TheMightFenek 472 33 Interactive Musical TG - J-POP - CLOSED :iconthemightfenek:TheMightFenek 626 100 Kyle TG :iconthemightfenek:TheMightFenek 686 42 How to draw action fight scene :iconmayshing:mayshing 1,611 114
Night of the Were-Schoolgirl
Bzzt bzzt bzzt bzzt!
The alarm had started going off.
Bzzt bzzt bz —
Cadell managed to pull himself out of bed. “What time is it? 6:30 PM?! Crap!” He was going to be late to his night classes again! He had to get dressed, and fast! “What to wear, what to wear?” Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a box that had not been there last night. It was addressed to him, but he didn’t recognize the sender. He reached for the note on top.
Mr. Cadell,
I notice that you seem to be
in need of some new clothes.
Enclosed you will find a
Playboy bunny undershirt/boxer
set. These should be perfect
for your night classes.
Sincerely, TGH5

“TGH5? Who’s that?” Still, he knew that they were right. With all of the jobs he was working, he needed to take night classes just so he could earn his Bachelor’s degree. And with all the money he was making paying for his apartment, he couldn’t afford to buy new clothes. “Well, you should never loo
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Magical TG Amulet :icontfsubmissions:TFSubmissions 1,423 44 Werewolf Sequence 3 :iconabrownrigg:ABrownrigg 407 50
Two Howls (Werewolf Transformation)
"C'mon Molly, you know everyone will be there, can't you go to a party just once?"
Molly's best friend looked at her with pleading eyes.
"Not a chance" Molly said, looking back to her computer "You know I have the report due monday, I can't go to your stupid party." Jenna sighed.
"That stupid report isn't due for two days, and, it's Halloween." Jenna folded her arms. "Why don't you want to go to a party with your best friend? What's going on?" Jenna looked genuinely concerned, she wanted her friend to get out more, but lately she was...aloof, removed, something wasn't right.
"Jenna, just, go without me, ok? I can survive not going to a party, just, leave me alone." Jenna recoiled as if she had been struck. Her friend never acted like this. She had to do something, it didn't sound like Molly was worried about something...else.
A devilish smile flashed across Jenna's face. She yanked the cord of her friend's computer from the wall, smiling as the screen went dark, erasing hours of hard w
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