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Revenge's Thirst (Ryuko Matoi x Male!Reader) Ch 1
 This one's out for the boys! :)
 Chapter 1: The Boy With Vengeance
 "Almost got it," said a small boy. He carefully placed the last Popsicle stick on his project. "Phew. There, all done." Before the boy's eyes stood a little representation of the village he lived in, composed out of sticks. Sure, it wasn't the best but it looked just exactly like it, the houses, the park, the school, the hall...all the way to the bridge. The bridge led to the city that his mom worked in.
 He beamed at the thought of his mother's face when she would come home from work, surprised by the boy's art craft. She would hug him and thank him, rewarding him with a dessert for dinner. Partly, that was the reason why the boy did these art crafts for his mother but he also did it to see her smile. When she smiled, the boy felt safe and proud. Also, she had done so much for him.
 His mother was the only guardian to provide for him. His father...was a diffe
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Ryuko Matoi - Kill La Kill by Kinpatsu-Cosplay Ryuko Matoi - Kill La Kill :iconkinpatsu-cosplay:Kinpatsu-Cosplay 457 22 Ryuko Matoi - Kill La Kill by Kinpatsu-Cosplay Ryuko Matoi - Kill La Kill :iconkinpatsu-cosplay:Kinpatsu-Cosplay 284 5 Ryuko Bunny by FrancineCaroline Ryuko Bunny :iconfrancinecaroline:FrancineCaroline 147 33 It's time for chocolates! by FrancineCaroline It's time for chocolates! :iconfrancinecaroline:FrancineCaroline 470 101
Revenge's Thirst (Ryuko Matoi x Male!Reader) Ch 2
 Chapter 2: A Girl With Fury
 "So, you're the new kid," the teacher said. He wore glasses, had blue hair and had on a white button down shirt with black slacks. He seemed pretty moody and bored.
 "Yes," (y/n) said, nodding. "My name is (y/n) (l/n). I' as a transfer. I have a family here."
 The teacher nodded. "I see. And will you be here for graduation?"
 "Of course," (y/n) said. "I'm planning to complete here anyway. You won't find me dropping out or any of that thing. I mean, why would I drop out of a perfect school like this one?"
 "You should of," the teacher said. "Believe me, kid. If I were you, I would turn back now and never look back. It's the only way for you to get a life."
 (Y/n) frowned. Goodness, everyone was saying bad stuff about this school. For it being a very high class school, it was marked down by a lot of people. Then again, it could of been the no stars. The one stars and above got higher admission. They
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Ryuko Matoi by MaryMagika Ryuko Matoi :iconmarymagika:MaryMagika 166 11
Revenge's Thirst (Ryuko Matoi x Male!Reader) Ch 3
 Chapter 3: Saving Kids From Meanies
 After the brutal disagreement, (y/n) wasn't so sure if he wanted to go back. Instead, he stayed beside the bathroom, glaring at any kid who happened to push pass him into the restroom.
 He wasn't being a dick. He was simply just frustrated still over that bitch. Who was she anyway?
 He slowly paced around inside the bathroom, wondering what he should do. "Well, I can't stay here long," he said. "Maybe I should go back...and apologize...that really was unnecessary. I's not like we're suppose to be enemies, right? She doesn't know what I've been through...nobody does....Great, what a fucking moron I am." He slapped his face.
 He titled his head a bit. "I really got to get it together...what's really wrong with me?" He shook his head and began to rub it. "Maybe I'm just pmsing...even though I'm not a girl..." He sighed. "I didn't transfer over to this school for nothing. It's looks like I'm already mak
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I think I lost my way! by FrancineCaroline I think I lost my way! :iconfrancinecaroline:FrancineCaroline 141 20 She is agitated and strange .... by FrancineCaroline She is agitated and strange .... :iconfrancinecaroline:FrancineCaroline 128 31
Revenge's Thirst (Ryuko Matoi x Male!Reader) Ch 5
 Chapter 5: Too Quick To Be Late
 The dream swirled around in his mind again. He felt the same shock of a sword diving into his chest from the back. He collapsed onto his knees and gasped as it left his body. Then he felt himself scatter around again, as if some virus spread in a computer and started to swipe the bits around.
 This pain is unbearable, he thought. The sow came again.
 It took a hold of his standing corpse and with the needle, sewed into his flesh. The pieces of his skin glued back to his flesh.
 Oh gawd, this is tortute, he thought. He wanted to spasm out of this but he couldn't. He attempted to wave his arms around. Someone took a hold and held them back.
 Please let me go! he cried. Let me go! He tried to shake it off but the pull on his arms snapped them back harder. It was another struggle of ripping and sowing him.
 He banged his head against the concrete. Let me go! Let me go! He felt mumbles escape his lips, shivering at
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Revenge's Thirst (Ryuko Matoi x Male!Reader) Ch 4
 Chapter 4: More Questions For Answers?
 By the end of the day, (y/n) learned more about Honnouji Academy and especially about Lady Satsuki. He learned about Ryuko's mission: to find the murderer of her father. Along the way, she had seen the true horrors of the school, how Satsuki dominated it like a dictator, Goku uniforms, Stars...everything.
 "Sorry about your father," (y/n) said.
 His head began to even have more questions though. What were life fibers? Were they made out of something to power the Goku uniforms? Why did her father made Senketsu? Was Satsuki just pulling on her strings?
 "I don't know what she's planning, but she's pissing me off," Ryuko said. "Every time we face one another, it's either I pass out with blood or Mako's saving me, or something. I just want to know if she did it. It's an obvious yes or no question!"
 "And the reason why," Nurto said. "I mean, there has to be a reason. Was she after something? What? Wh
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Senketsu by SourAcid Senketsu :iconsouracid:SourAcid 368 22 LADY SATSUKI by RACHEL-NYCOLE LADY SATSUKI :iconrachel-nycole:RACHEL-NYCOLE 124 16 I'll keep fighting by FrancineCaroline I'll keep fighting :iconfrancinecaroline:FrancineCaroline 93 24 More Out of Character Ryuko by mergeritter More Out of Character Ryuko :iconmergeritter:mergeritter 164 17 matoi by juurikun matoi :iconjuurikun:juurikun 197 9 Wonder Woman and the Magical Girls by DannimonDesigns Wonder Woman and the Magical Girls :icondannimondesigns:DannimonDesigns 57 82 kill la kill ryuko fanart by fragile-creation kill la kill ryuko fanart :iconfragile-creation:fragile-creation 100 17
Laundry Day (Senketsu x Reader)
 Why is it that....gee, I don't know....THERE'S NOT ENOUGH LIKE KILL LA KILL READER INSERTS OUT THERE? I mean, there's probably some out there (I've checked) but I feel like pretty much almost every character in Kill la Kill needs some love...I'm already making some reader inserts for some...I have made others as well if you check my gallery...but this needs to stop now! As much as I love looking at other anime reader inserts, I feel like Kill la Kill needs here we go with Senketsu....PLEASE DON'T JUDGE ME!!!! I will make a human one as well....
 Pic is not owned by me!
You sometimes wondered whether joining Ryuko on her quest to find your father's killer was the best idea. Yes, you were her sister. Though, you weren't surely twins, you two shared a close friendship and the one thin
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Kill la kill Ryuko by sempernow Kill la kill Ryuko :iconsempernow:sempernow 101 2
Revenge's Thirst (Ryuko Matoi x Male!Reader) Ch 6
 Chapter 6: All That Rage In His Body
 By the next day, the students relaxed. It had been a pain in the butt for them to cross through all of hell coming at them. "I'm so tired," Mako said, already falling into a deep sleep.
 (Y/n) smiled and also laid down his head. His head was full of nothing but headaches and his muscles ached a bit. As much as he trained, he hoped for nothing but at least his legs being sore from perhaps dodging and running a lot. Nope, his whole body roared with pain. Then again, what could he expect from a crazy school with a course of death traps everywhere? He expected a giant meteor to fall down now and hit a classroom. Seriously.
 "You ok?" he asked Ryuko. Ryuko nodded.
 "Yeah, I'm fine," she said. "How about you?"
 "I'm holding up a bit," he said. "Umm...thanks for..."
 "I told you, it's no problem," Ryuko said, kicking up her feet on the table. "If anything, at least the paybac
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Revenge's Thirst (Ryuko Matoi x Male!Reader) Ch 8
 Wow! It's been a long time since I'm now writing back to this story. Anyway, I'm sorry for the long wait, but I hope it was worth it to all of you! As of now, I've made a new list of reader inserts to tackle on one by one so hopefully with this one, it'll help steady the flow of requests and other ones I plan to again, it might take a while to get back to this one but I'll try...
 NOTE: If you want to see how the blades looked, look into the description as to what they "possibly" might look like. This is just my interpretation for them in case any of you have a hard time picturing one. They can be any form you'll like and also any color so feel free to interpret them or use the one I came up with...
 Kill la Kill (c) Trigger
 All characters not associated with Kill la Kill (c) me
 You (c) yourself

 Chapter 8: Training Is Harder Than You Thought
 (Y/n) stared down at the swords. The swords reflect
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Ryuko - Valentines by Clay3 Ryuko - Valentines :iconclay3:Clay3 34 22 Ryuko Matoi: +Fierce+ by HeikiC Ryuko Matoi: +Fierce+ :iconheikic:HeikiC 46 11 April Turnover - senketsu and Ryuko swap by ONATaRT April Turnover - senketsu and Ryuko swap :icononatart:ONATaRT 285 9 Ryuko Matoi Kill La Kill by MaraVWGolf Ryuko Matoi Kill La Kill :iconmaravwgolf:MaraVWGolf 27 14 Satsuki Kiryuin + Senketsu Cosplay (Kill la Kill) by UnicaGem Satsuki Kiryuin + Senketsu Cosplay (Kill la Kill) :iconunicagem:UnicaGem 36 0 Purposeful by Zhenya-Chan Purposeful :iconzhenya-chan:Zhenya-Chan 50 23 Patty and 'Nique - Let's Cosplay! by Meet-The-Real-Me Patty and 'Nique - Let's Cosplay! :iconmeet-the-real-me:Meet-The-Real-Me 32 51 Satsuki in Senketsu by Bamz-OSully Satsuki in Senketsu :iconbamz-osully:Bamz-OSully 36 4 SENKETSU! by smrrfette SENKETSU! :iconsmrrfette:smrrfette 44 18 KILL LA KILL by RinKaDrawings KILL LA KILL :iconrinkadrawings:RinKaDrawings 19 3 ryuko matoi - scissor blade by nmnumberzero ryuko matoi - scissor blade :iconnmnumberzero:nmnumberzero 66 6 Senketsu Kisaragi by DuskHelena Senketsu Kisaragi :iconduskhelena:DuskHelena 25 1 Ryuko Matoi by AdamMasterArt Ryuko Matoi :iconadammasterart:AdamMasterArt 55 2 Ryuko + Senketsu by madebykit Ryuko + Senketsu :iconmadebykit:madebykit 97 6 ikaros senketsu 2 remake by edjarit-117 ikaros senketsu 2 remake :iconedjarit-117:edjarit-117 91 5 Kamui Senketsu by for-the-saba Kamui Senketsu :iconfor-the-saba:for-the-saba 27 8 Ryuko Matoi And Senketsu by WMcLaughlin56 Ryuko Matoi And Senketsu :iconwmclaughlin56:WMcLaughlin56 28 0 Bringing It Down! by TonioSteiner Bringing It Down! :icontoniosteiner:TonioSteiner 28 2 Ryuko Matoi - Kill la Kill cosplay 2 by seaofrabbitz Ryuko Matoi - Kill la Kill cosplay 2 :iconseaofrabbitz:seaofrabbitz 26 1 Ryuko Matoi by emi-cat Ryuko Matoi :iconemi-cat:emi-cat 32 8 LIFE FIBER SYNCHRONIZE by Karin-Sawada LIFE FIBER SYNCHRONIZE :iconkarin-sawada:Karin-Sawada 44 2 Ryuko Matoi by WaterFox-Studios Ryuko Matoi :iconwaterfox-studios:WaterFox-Studios 31 3 Ryuko Matoi Final Form by xl-Jade-lx Ryuko Matoi Final Form :iconxl-jade-lx:xl-Jade-lx 28 6 Kill La Kill by AleexaLeto Kill La Kill :iconaleexaleto:AleexaLeto 25 2