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Herp Derp Cat by Missukka Herp Derp Cat :iconmissukka:Missukka 153 17 Photo Brushes by seko-design Photo Brushes :iconseko-design:seko-design 120 9 seko, below by ssamba seko, below :iconssamba:ssamba 35 7 Owari No Seraph (Seraph of the End) Chibis by StudioAkumakaze Owari No Seraph (Seraph of the End) Chibis :iconstudioakumakaze:StudioAkumakaze 40 2 - Gift Chibi - Elesis by Tukari-G3 - Gift Chibi - Elesis :icontukari-g3:Tukari-G3 29 3 CD Rudd Group Shot by CDRudd CD Rudd Group Shot :iconcdrudd:CDRudd 22 9 Diving Cat Girls by CDRudd Diving Cat Girls :iconcdrudd:CDRudd 59 18 My Burning Desire by DanteRedstone My Burning Desire :icondanteredstone:DanteRedstone 20 5 Pool Catgirl by CDRudd Pool Catgirl :iconcdrudd:CDRudd 65 10 The 'Ko Sisters and a Jeep by CDRudd The 'Ko Sisters and a Jeep :iconcdrudd:CDRudd 37 7 'Ko Family Picture by CDRudd 'Ko Family Picture :iconcdrudd:CDRudd 21 3 Seko Background by CDRudd Seko Background :iconcdrudd:CDRudd 15 5 East West Brochure by Mina2008 East West Brochure :iconmina2008:Mina2008 10 1 Seko's Work Problem by CDRudd Seko's Work Problem :iconcdrudd:CDRudd 23 8 Prof Seko Intro by PiXelSam Prof Seko Intro :iconpixelsam:PiXelSam 9 3 seko by paratoner seko :iconparatoner:paratoner 9 3 Underwater by FayneFirestar Underwater :iconfaynefirestar:FayneFirestar 10 5 DemonBusters by FayneFirestar DemonBusters :iconfaynefirestar:FayneFirestar 12 3 Playing Dead Space at night by Misha-needs-love Playing Dead Space at night :iconmisha-needs-love:Misha-needs-love 7 16 Bamboo by Pipilia Bamboo :iconpipilia:Pipilia 11 12
Due Luna SE- Cat and Fox
Ko was not happy.
Ko was really not happy.
In fact it could be said that Ko was at the moment reviewing all that she knew of the veins and arteries of the human body, and planning carefully just where she could insert her claw to get the most veins out with minimal effort.
As she charged through another robot, carelessly rending the smooth blue metal it was formed of, she finished what sounded like an incredibly profane comment directed at “-freaking idiots who can’t stay in a freaking hospital like they’re SUPPOSED TO!”
The robot fell backwards, and with a little flip, the enraged cat landed on top of an ever-accumulating heap of robots. Even what was becoming her regular schedule of bot-bashing couldn’t begin to cover how infuriated the cat was. Shoulders heaving, ears flat against her head, eyes narrowed to slits, canines bared, she looked for all the world like the moment she found the hospital escapee in question, Due Luna would have a slaughter or two to
:icongiantflyingradish:giantflyingradish 5 24
H.O.T.D: Saeko Busujima (Wallpaper - Anime) by RoyLandOficial H.O.T.D: Saeko Busujima (Wallpaper - Anime) :iconroylandoficial:RoyLandOficial 6 1 H.O.T.D. HERPIN by DualKCosplay H.O.T.D. HERPIN :icondualkcosplay:DualKCosplay 6 0 Seko Paper Baby by FayneFirestar Seko Paper Baby :iconfaynefirestar:FayneFirestar 5 3 Skyrim concept by FayneFirestar Skyrim concept :iconfaynefirestar:FayneFirestar 6 2 Halo Seko by FayneFirestar Halo Seko :iconfaynefirestar:FayneFirestar 6 0 Art trade with Seko- ItaSasu by Amou-chan Art trade with Seko- ItaSasu :iconamou-chan:Amou-chan 5 2 Beach Party with Anya by FayneFirestar Beach Party with Anya :iconfaynefirestar:FayneFirestar 7 2 Veranda Brochure's Cover 1 by Mina2008 Veranda Brochure's Cover 1 :iconmina2008:Mina2008 5 6 ADIO by seko0408 ADIO :iconseko0408:seko0408 4 10 Dead OC Meme by FayneFirestar Dead OC Meme :iconfaynefirestar:FayneFirestar 5 3 Nuzlocke Saphir pg 149 by Eevee33 Nuzlocke Saphir pg 149 :iconeevee33:Eevee33 5 1 Back to the beginning by FayneFirestar Back to the beginning :iconfaynefirestar:FayneFirestar 5 1 SEKO new style 2 by E-koe SEKO new style 2 :icone-koe:E-koe 4 12 Charli Chaplen Poster 1 by Mina2008 Charli Chaplen Poster 1 :iconmina2008:Mina2008 4 1 Beater, Snake, and Dragon by KTdragon Beater, Snake, and Dragon :iconktdragon:KTdragon 4 0 Models A. - webdesign by seko0408 Models A. - webdesign :iconseko0408:seko0408 4 3 SEKO piece vol. 2 by E-koe SEKO piece vol. 2 :icone-koe:E-koe 2 12 Gaia-Seko's Birthday-21Aug09 by gyakuten-no-megami Gaia-Seko's Birthday-21Aug09 :icongyakuten-no-megami:gyakuten-no-megami 4 3 Molotow by seko0408 Molotow :iconseko0408:seko0408 3 5 Star Brushes by seko-design Star Brushes :iconseko-design:seko-design 3 0 Malchik gey -sketch2- by FayneFirestar Malchik gey -sketch2- :iconfaynefirestar:FayneFirestar 3 13 Flipped by Pattia Flipped :iconpattia:Pattia 3 2 Derp by Kazoruh Derp :iconkazoruh:Kazoruh 4 0 RyoushiAbarai:KurokuHitsugaya by KTdragon RyoushiAbarai:KurokuHitsugaya :iconktdragon:KTdragon 3 0 I Can Change That by KTdragon I Can Change That :iconktdragon:KTdragon 4 4 Geevee by FayneFirestar Geevee :iconfaynefirestar:FayneFirestar 4 3