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Scribbling with Netty (18) :iconscribblenetty:ScribbleNetty 1,186 22 Scribbling with Netty (16) - VIDEO :iconscribblenetty:ScribbleNetty 1,569 42 Scribbling with Netty 11. - VIDEO :iconscribblenetty:ScribbleNetty 1,949 114 Scribbling with Netty (17) - VIDEO :iconscribblenetty:ScribbleNetty 1,250 25 Scribbling With Netty 8. :iconscribblenetty:ScribbleNetty 3,367 241 Scribbling with Netty 14. - VIDEO :iconscribblenetty:ScribbleNetty 1,509 48 Scribbling With Netty 4. :iconscribblenetty:ScribbleNetty 2,574 216 Scribbling With Netty 3. :iconscribblenetty:ScribbleNetty 2,874 232 Scribbling With Netty 7. :iconscribblenetty:ScribbleNetty 2,511 135 Scribbling with Netty 15. - VIDEO :iconscribblenetty:ScribbleNetty 1,315 32 Scribbling With Netty 5. :iconscribblenetty:ScribbleNetty 1,653 124 Scribbling With Netty 9. :iconscribblenetty:ScribbleNetty 1,830 63 Scribbling with Netty 12. - VIDEO :iconscribblenetty:ScribbleNetty 1,717 56 Scribbling with Netty 13. - VIDEO :iconscribblenetty:ScribbleNetty 1,431 55 Scribbling with Netty 10. :iconscribblenetty:ScribbleNetty 1,654 67 Scribbling With Netty 6. :iconscribblenetty:ScribbleNetty 2,031 636 Eye of Horus :icontoefje-kunst:Toefje-Kunst 502 64 Scribbles and Doodles Photoshop and GIMP Brushes :iconredheadstock:redheadstock 562 38 Scribbling with Netty 2. :iconscribblenetty:ScribbleNetty 1,338 130 MLPFIM. Baby Spike :iconwaterloks:waterloks 335 98 #28 A submersible vehicle... :iconkaizoku-hime:Kaizoku-hime 345 19
i'm a fan of scribbling.
i'd like to get
drunk; to be at that
point where you're completely
wasted yet
still able to form sentences,
and maybe see if
i can write better.
after all,
all the good writers
are alcoholics anyway.
and i want to be like that.
i want to
get high just to see
if it's really
told me it was; if
you feel like
you're flying through
clouds of pleasant
i guess that's what we
called love in the
and i still live by
those rules.
i like to pretend
i'm completely
out of my
mind just to
see people react
and to see
the pity i always acted like i
wanted; and maybe i'll
understand why
everyone says
they understand
what goes on
inside my head.
i'm not really as
drugged as you think
just medicated.
and i still feel like
i'm in love with those
old friends.
:iconstuff7:stuff7 54 49
Scribbling with Netty :iconscribblenetty:ScribbleNetty 813 58 #24 Global Tiger Day :iconkaizoku-hime:Kaizoku-hime 316 22 #25 - A character or creature from an 80s movie :iconkaizoku-hime:Kaizoku-hime 380 44 Jeff the Killer- GO TO SLEEP :iconhekkoto:Hekkoto 161 21 Lamp :iconfiorina-artworks:Fiorina-Artworks 160 18 Kai Beyblade :iconfabio-dayo:fabio-dayo 287 27 rei beyblade :iconfabio-dayo:fabio-dayo 400 52 #23 - Make a cute animal dangerous :iconkaizoku-hime:Kaizoku-hime 168 25 New look of His Highness's portrait :iconhekkoto:Hekkoto 125 85
Run Along Boy...
Long gone the time when I looked at the future
Full of questions , impatience and hope
Long past behind me the era of seeking a cure
To my troubles, the answer is dope.
I wish I could share memories of joy
Of my childhood; such a disparity
My lifestyle simply has come to deploy
Overwhelming tentacles over my sanity.
When I was younger , a boy who believed
In the strength of his mind, he was so wise
Yet from all this faith; he never concieved
That he'd become the prophet of his own demise.
Lying down on the floor, in a pool of my blood
I can't help but wonder what a man I became
The boy I suffocated , dragged in the mud
Would simply cast me way, I'm a shame.
When I was a little I used to laugh and play
My innocent mind was a treasure
Now that pinch of innocence has been cast away
Crushed by my utter reality failure.
Sensing my fading energy, I surrender
And wish to dream for just one second
Return to the time when all was splendor
When I was innocent and young...
In my last seconds I ga
:iconchildrenofpain:ChildrenOfPain 18 29
hlloo. say heloo t omuy m. :iconhekkoto:Hekkoto 126 13 Scribbling my MOE :iconayasemn:ayasemn 279 39 shadow bird :iconbatmunkh:batmunkh 103 28
Lack of Inspiration
Scribbling, scribbling, scribbling
Seeking abnormalities to write
Nibbling, nibbling, nibbling
Chewing nails out of sight
Giggling, giggling, giggling
Such strange words, not so bright
Babbling, babbling, babbling
No inspiration, nor any light
:iconsaykha:saykha 13 13
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