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SCP 354 Containment Breach by isogonica SCP 354 Containment Breach :iconisogonica:isogonica 439 33
Muted Experiments Ch. 6 (SCP-049 x Mute!Reader)
ANOUNCEMENT: There will be no lemon in this series! For those who don't know what that is, be glad you don't know yet. But, as ClassicMalt pointed out, 049 *probably* would be one of those entities that wouldn't really be sexually interested in a human being. But if the fans wish to write one themselves, let me know when it is finished, and I will post a link to it in one of the next chapters.
ALSO: if you are into xMale!Reader stuff, feel free to change the gender on this, I could care less, because what you like is what you like, I can't change that.
(Continuing directly from Ch. 5)
   You storm out of the containment cell; anger showing on your face. You could almost strangle someone. One of the guards approach you, but when you shoot him a glare, he pauses.
"Ma'am, did something go wrong?"
   Your jaw almost dropped to the floor. You just wanted to slap him, but knowing he knew not of what you knew; your best friend's demise was only one of those problems. Inhal
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Containment Breach SCP-682 by DarthMoga Containment Breach SCP-682 :icondarthmoga:DarthMoga 357 30 SCP 173 Containment Breach by isogonica SCP 173 Containment Breach :iconisogonica:isogonica 507 24 SCP 035-Contaminated Sewer by isogonica SCP 035-Contaminated Sewer :iconisogonica:isogonica 406 37 SCP-173 by dante-cg SCP-173 :icondante-cg:dante-cg 148 27 SCP-999 by AgentKulu SCP-999 :iconagentkulu:AgentKulu 326 151 Kagome Kagome .:SCP Version:. by Sabrina-Tellijohn Kagome Kagome .:SCP Version:. :iconsabrina-tellijohn:Sabrina-Tellijohn 241 39 SCP-1000 by Ateo88 SCP-1000 :iconateo88:Ateo88 342 25 SCP-035 by Shiala SCP-035 :iconshiala:Shiala 142 7 See You LAAATER! by RainDante See You LAAATER! :iconraindante:RainDante 1,111 81 Secure Contain Protect by Shiala Secure Contain Protect :iconshiala:Shiala 84 30 SCP 939 by Kanoro-Studio SCP 939 :iconkanoro-studio:Kanoro-Studio 273 26 049 by parenthesisgrey 049 :iconparenthesisgrey:parenthesisgrey 237 24 SCP-860-2 by Moonsaber99 SCP-860-2 :iconmoonsaber99:Moonsaber99 203 16 SCP-1000 True ver. by Ateo88 SCP-1000 True ver. :iconateo88:Ateo88 361 36
Various! SCP x reader (part 1)
You knew it wasn’t alright. You worked in this place long enough to know when something wasn’t alright. No one knew where you worked apart from yourself and your colleagues, though you suppose it is for the best really.
To be exact you worked at some foundation, the foundation. Everyday you spent your time around monster, creatures and artifacts that could potentially kill you. You, being a janitor, only clean their containment cells but that is enough for you to understand just what kind of things you are working with.
Today was suppose to be indifferent from the last. Today you were meant to get up, clean a few hallways and cells, eat, drink and sleep. It seemed fate had other plans. You knew that the moment you heard the alarms…
‘The site is experiencing multiple Keter and Euclid level containment breaches. Full site lock-down initiated’
It was at that moment, you knew you were screwed. The chances of you were escaping were slim, you knew that to be a f
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MARKIPLIER!!! by MrBuckalew MARKIPLIER!!! :iconmrbuckalew:MrBuckalew 713 61 A Very Serious SCP Drawing by AgentKulu A Very Serious SCP Drawing :iconagentkulu:AgentKulu 93 16 682 sketch by lykitty 682 sketch :iconlykitty:lykitty 178 11 SCP:280 (THE EYES IN THE DARK) by HollowX4000 SCP:280 (THE EYES IN THE DARK) :iconhollowx4000:HollowX4000 98 2 Scp-087-b by OmniaC173 Scp-087-b :iconomniac173:OmniaC173 97 11 SCP bros by Uncle-Nemes1s SCP bros :iconuncle-nemes1s:Uncle-Nemes1s 212 24 [SFM]SCP-076-2 and SCP-105 by Happich [SFM]SCP-076-2 and SCP-105 :iconhappich:Happich 142 24 SCPony - Containment is Magic by wolfjedisamuel SCPony - Containment is Magic :iconwolfjedisamuel:wolfjedisamuel 914 321 Pewdiepie - OHAI by Kinjy-Dizp35 Pewdiepie - OHAI :iconkinjy-dizp35:Kinjy-Dizp35 425 108 [SCP] Let's Do It In The Cubicle [Animated] by teh-muffin-thing [SCP] Let's Do It In The Cubicle [Animated] :iconteh-muffin-thing:teh-muffin-thing 320 561 Scp 049 by Ninnydoodles Scp 049 :iconninnydoodles:Ninnydoodles 372 56 Moar Pewdie Sketches by EddieSketti Moar Pewdie Sketches :iconeddiesketti:EddieSketti 473 18 SCP love by KayIvl SCP love :iconkayivl:KayIvl 181 51 SCP-106 - The 'Old Man' by andepoul SCP-106 - The 'Old Man' :iconandepoul:andepoul 96 18 SCP-049 doodle by AgentKulu SCP-049 doodle :iconagentkulu:AgentKulu 117 16 The Face of your Nightmares by AgentKulu The Face of your Nightmares :iconagentkulu:AgentKulu 119 57 Pewdiepie:. SCP Containment Breach by Igirre Pewdiepie:. SCP Containment Breach :iconigirre:Igirre 240 69
SCP 682 x reader (part 3)
You were basically out of the frying pan and into the fire. So, why were you put into the fire? You did something right, then kinda messed up later. Apparently, people were interested in the fact you supposedly lasted much longer in that god forsaken cell then any of you predecessors. Honestly it was probably sheer luck that allowed you to survive more than one hit but when scientists see something different from the norm they will and shall investigate.
The result was that you are now lying on an operation table having who knows what done to you. You were dazed but still very much conscious when they barely scraped through the finishing touches and stitched you back together.
“The cross blood transfusion has been successful” You heard a voice say. ‘Transfusion’? Who’s blood were they giving you, and why? The doctors began to motion for you to be taken back to your cell while guards dragged you off.
Being thrown into the cell made you realise just how flop
:iconlenaichi:Lenaichi 52 18
Markiplier - SWAG by ChromaticBokeh Markiplier - SWAG :iconchromaticbokeh:ChromaticBokeh 586 35 PEWDIEPIE - SCP: CONTAINMENT BREACH by XanderComicsInc PEWDIEPIE - SCP: CONTAINMENT BREACH :iconxandercomicsinc:XanderComicsInc 463 49
Various! SCP x reader (part 2(049))
You had seen a few elevators along your long and painstaking journey through this literal hell hole. Every time you saw one, you would silently wonder whether down below held the way out, though you were always swayed from proceeding into the elevator by the ominous and not so friendly sounding noises from below.
By now, you were desperately craving human contact. The eye pods were as good enough company as any small friendly being could be, but they could not provide the friendly ‘hello’ or reassurance that any human being could do. It was weird, you technically weren’t alone yet you felt a huge void of emptiness and loneliness around you.
You tried engaging SCP 131 A and B in some one sided conversations but those short ‘chats’ didn’t make you feel better one bit. “How are you feeling?” followed by some illegible noise was no where near a proper conversation.
The radio you found not too long ago was not providing anything useful. Yes, y
:iconlenaichi:Lenaichi 49 7
Markiplier by YorokobiNyan Markiplier :iconyorokobinyan:YorokobiNyan 131 15 Scp 682- (modified) by HollowX4000 Scp 682- (modified) :iconhollowx4000:HollowX4000 175 30 SCP-513 Macabre doodle by AgentKulu SCP-513 Macabre doodle :iconagentkulu:AgentKulu 51 15 Pewdiepie : Do Not Blink ! by ashita-no-jyo Pewdiepie : Do Not Blink ! :iconashita-no-jyo:ashita-no-jyo 323 44 SCP-049 Closeup by TheSilverDragon116 SCP-049 Closeup :iconthesilverdragon116:TheSilverDragon116 115 35 My Selfie Can Cure You by Rosemary-the-Skunk My Selfie Can Cure You :iconrosemary-the-skunk:Rosemary-the-Skunk 181 38
SCP 682 x reader (part 1?)
It wasn’t your fault. You’d swear down on your life that it wasn’t. One moment you were living a normal, happy life and the next… let’s just say that things didn’t end well.
People blamed you. People told you that it was your fault. People don’t know the truth. All they saw was you, stood in the middle of a blood bath, looking down at the corpses by your feet.
They never knew how you felt. You did nothing, nothing at all, except wake up to the smell of copper and a squishy feeling beneath your body. The terror and fear that washed over you the instance you woke up was immeasurable, that is probably why you were just stood there, too shocked to move a muscle.
“Stop where you are!” “Hands where we can see them!” “Turn around slowly!” “What have you done!” These and a mixture of others were what first hit your ears, first sounds to penetrate the echoing silence in your skull. You wanted to reason wit
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Six eight two by KayIvl Six eight two :iconkayivl:KayIvl 187 16 SCP-049 by NiGHTSgirl666 SCP-049 :iconnightsgirl666:NiGHTSgirl666 84 33 SCP-939 Macabre doodle by AgentKulu SCP-939 Macabre doodle :iconagentkulu:AgentKulu 60 8 682- Mr.Hard to destroy by lykitty 682- Mr.Hard to destroy :iconlykitty:lykitty 169 26