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Vi Bio
Name: Vi
Species: Human
Height: 5ft 8in
Weight 300lbs
Captain Vi is a laid back and semi-lazy freelance captain. When off the clock she can be found resting on her ship or in one of the local buildings at a spaceport, mostly just waiting to be hired, but is likely just relaxing before her next job. She’s laid back, enjoys a bit of joking around, and overall if a pretty chilled out and cool gal. When on the job however she sets aside her easy going nature and takes action, determined to get whatever job that was given to her done, fighting when necessary, although she’d prefer to sit back and just talk away the issues and relax rather than get into a fight. But if necessary she’s a pretty scrappy fighter, using either her fists or her junky blaster pistol to try and fend off those who wish her harm. She’s surprisingly good at more athletically taxing things such as running and climbing despite her size, which is mostly a result of the rough training she has
:iconchaoscartoons:ChaosCartoons 5 9
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