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VTOL by ProlificPen VTOL :iconprolificpen:ProlificPen 1,101 58 Medical Vehicle by AdamPaquette Medical Vehicle :iconadampaquette:AdamPaquette 853 20 The Observatory by HjalmarWahlin The Observatory :iconhjalmarwahlin:HjalmarWahlin 8,889 508 RESTRICTED - Steampunk Clock Render by frozenstocks RESTRICTED - Steampunk Clock Render :iconfrozenstocks:frozenstocks 747 109 Desert City by SebastianWagner Desert City :iconsebastianwagner:SebastianWagner 1,535 85 Megastructure by Hideyoshi Megastructure :iconhideyoshi:Hideyoshi 5,731 465 The Observatory 2 by HjalmarWahlin The Observatory 2 :iconhjalmarwahlin:HjalmarWahlin 4,836 199 The Observatory 3 by HjalmarWahlin The Observatory 3 :iconhjalmarwahlin:HjalmarWahlin 2,568 120 Control Room by JamesLedgerConcepts Control Room :iconjamesledgerconcepts:JamesLedgerConcepts 1,335 175 Samurai by Hideyoshi Samurai :iconhideyoshi:Hideyoshi 5,135 322 New Nebula by priteeboy New Nebula :iconpriteeboy:priteeboy 644 235 Cityscape 2 by Hideyoshi Cityscape 2 :iconhideyoshi:Hideyoshi 788 75 The Sovereign II by Nikolaspascal The Sovereign II :iconnikolaspascal:Nikolaspascal 1,395 18 Atoll 7 by adamkuczek Atoll 7 :iconadamkuczek:adamkuczek 1,045 16 Gun Frigate by Orpheus7 Gun Frigate :iconorpheus7:Orpheus7 375 37 Silent Mountains by QAuZ Silent Mountains :iconqauz:QAuZ 2,357 313 Saucer Hill by dylancole Saucer Hill :icondylancole:dylancole 2,008 0 RESTRICTED - Steampunk Clock II Render by frozenstocks RESTRICTED - Steampunk Clock II Render :iconfrozenstocks:frozenstocks 618 83 Orb Of Light by xzendor7 Orb Of Light :iconxzendor7:xzendor7 1,725 434 Sanctuary by tigaer Sanctuary :icontigaer:tigaer 1,884 130 Dream of Saturn by QAuZ Dream of Saturn :iconqauz:QAuZ 2,031 304 Nuked Moose by Keithwormwood Nuked Moose :iconkeithwormwood:Keithwormwood 3,150 458 Scifi girl design by Aisxos Scifi girl design :iconaisxos:Aisxos 688 13 Station dusk by Hideyoshi Station dusk :iconhideyoshi:Hideyoshi 871 127 Abandoned Spacestation by Hideyoshi Abandoned Spacestation :iconhideyoshi:Hideyoshi 1,029 213 Scifi Calendar 2017 by ErikShoemaker Scifi Calendar 2017 :iconerikshoemaker:ErikShoemaker 536 234 130904 into the atmosphere by przemek-duda 130904 into the atmosphere :iconprzemek-duda:przemek-duda 1,940 75 Los Angeles 2100 by rashomike Los Angeles 2100 :iconrashomike:rashomike 332 30 Descent by EmilisB Descent :iconemilisb:EmilisB 287 48 Contest Entry: Man-Portable Railgun by Great-5 Contest Entry: Man-Portable Railgun :icongreat-5:Great-5 302 28 Hallucination by sinakasra Hallucination :iconsinakasra:sinakasra 1,718 74 MR-240 Maverick by The-Xie MR-240 Maverick :iconthe-xie:The-Xie 659 59 Slaver by Keithwormwood Slaver :iconkeithwormwood:Keithwormwood 1,122 78 The Abyss by Hideyoshi The Abyss :iconhideyoshi:Hideyoshi 1,618 179 ALIENS HEAD CONCEPT IV by Nikolaspascal ALIENS HEAD CONCEPT IV :iconnikolaspascal:Nikolaspascal 1,047 38 Undefined Object by maxspider Undefined Object :iconmaxspider:maxspider 1,023 206 Scavenger by Keithwormwood Scavenger :iconkeithwormwood:Keithwormwood 870 60 World on Wire by RobShields World on Wire :iconrobshields:RobShields 3,203 287
The Doctor X Reader-Ice Skating Lessons- One-shot
That was the only word I could use to describe the world around me. The snow around me was untouched, save for the footprints I'd left trailed behind me. Mountains could be seen off in the distance, rising up in majestic glory. The sky was a crisp bright gray, small flakes falling softly from it. Uninterrupted by the wind, I could stick my tongue out and catch the flakes easily. Such a childish thing it was, but I didn't care.
Yes, it was a perfect winter day.
Skipping through the last of the sparse, bare trees, I grinned as I finally reached my destination. The lake sparkled before me in all its glory, the surface covered in the thick, mid-winter ice. I paused a moment before letting out a loud laugh and barreling down the hill in a very un-lady like manner.
I slid to a stop at the bottom, falling purposefully down on my rear. Ignoring my wet pants, I pulled my skates off of my back. Throwing my boots off onto a snowdrift, I quickly laced the bladed footwear.
I'd been waiting mo
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Dream by DanilLovesFood Dream :icondanillovesfood:DanilLovesFood 1,515 309 Cityscape 4 by Hideyoshi Cityscape 4 :iconhideyoshi:Hideyoshi 675 62 Hangar by Hideyoshi Hangar :iconhideyoshi:Hideyoshi 1,219 136 Alrik - Found Object Robot by adoptabot Alrik - Found Object Robot :iconadoptabot:adoptabot 800 192 BATMAN BEYOND by Pryce14 BATMAN BEYOND :iconpryce14:Pryce14 2,600 103 AWAKE by tigaer AWAKE :icontigaer:tigaer 1,167 271 Alien concepts by Ansemaru Alien concepts :iconansemaru:Ansemaru 299 23 Shipwreck by JamesLedgerConcepts Shipwreck :iconjamesledgerconcepts:JamesLedgerConcepts 612 105 Saldean Frigate by Tekka-Croe Saldean Frigate :icontekka-croe:Tekka-Croe 536 31