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What's in a Gender?
I have a friend, but I won't give her a name. She's a transgirl, and one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. One day my friend was at school, wearing what she usually wears (cute capris, a nice Tee, heels and a head band) when one of our Vice Principals came up to her and said, "You can't wear that on your head. Take it off."
She argued, "But you're letting all the other girls get away with it!"
"Yeah, girls," the VP snickered. "Now take it off before I suspend you."
My friend slowly took her headband off and hurried off to class. While in the hall before the following class, she came across some of her friends. She saw one of them wearing a headband identical to hers. She went up to the girl and ripped it off of her head.
"Why'd you do that?!" her friends asked in outrage.
"If I can't wear one, you can't either!" she said, almost in tears.
For the rest of that day, there was not one girl in the school who wore a headband.
This story is not fictional. It happ
:iconmakoto-chiyoru:makoto-chiyoru 46 108
I just see it as you trying to control me,
Trying to turn me into something I’m not.
It’s like you want me to be sad, depressed and lonely
And that is why you break and regulate everything I've got.
    Can’t you see I am doing this for your own good?
    That I am trying to protect from all what is bad out there.
    If I didn't do it, I can guarantee you that nobody else would.
    It was never my intention to turn your life into a living nightmare.
You’re not protecting me, you’re preventing me,
Stopping me from taking and making my own decisions.
Even before I say or do anything wrong, you’re correcting me
And that is why I go to all these places without your permission.
    As long as you are under my roof, you will abide by my rules.
    You cannot see it now but in the future you will thank me.
    That means I want you to go to and come straight home from school.
    Recently your attitude stinks, so think before you speak and get an
:iconkelalewis-morin:KelaLewis-Morin 49 11
Rival Schools: Akira by Akusesu Rival Schools: Akira :iconakusesu:Akusesu 134 11