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The Principals Office
Her name is Erica. she has long black hair that was always in a bun or else flowing down past her slender shoulders. Her skin was pale and her blue eyes set off her thick black eyelashes, that always made her look so innocent. She had long muscular legs, and a perfect waist that made her body curve with grace. She always wore the tightest shirts to show off her perfect and perky 34C breasts.
I walked into my 4th period class late, hot and bothered, for Jason was trying his hardest to get into my panties, and I was just toying with him. I found it fun to give him such a huge hard-on and walk away, but in the end, I also end up teasing myself.
Breathless I sat down, and Mrs. Finch asked why I was late, and I replied innocently “I was giving Jason a blowjob” and Mrs. Finch blushed and said “now, now watch your mouth young lady!” as everyone laughed.
That's when I noticed Erica sitting two seats to the right of me, She was wearing a small white button up shirt that
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RWBY: Revenge of the Malachite Sisters
At Beacon Academy, the day after the new student initiation test leading to the formation of RWBY, a boat docked at the academy's port and out stepped out two females in goth like clothing. One of them wearing a red attire named Miltiades Malachite and the other in white clothing named Melanie Malachite.
"You need to cheer up Melanie, we no longer work for Junior." Miltiades said looking up at the school.
"But, but he was my world." Melanie said in a moody tone to her sister.
"Well I know what will cheer you up." Miltiades said with a smirk.
"We’re joining the hunters? I doubt they take us in." Melanie said still in a bad mood.
"Not at all Melanie, that yellow hair bitch is here." Miltiades said which brought a dark smirk to her sister’s face making her bad look vanish.
"Is that so?" Melanie said as they slowly began to walk towards the main section of the school.
"Urrrhnn, these uniforms are hideous!" Weiss complained as she and Ruby wore a red plaid skirt, and a
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Zippy and his Happy Meals
WARNING:  Contains consensual vore, digestion, schoolgirls and uniforms.  Also a hungry Plushie.
Outside the train station was still noisy with the hectic bustle of travellers but inside the restaurant was quieting down now with most of the school kids making their way home but the commuters probably still working away in their offices for another few hours.
Among the customers remaining was a young business woman who'd come in to wait for her train home. She was so tired that she still wore the name badge that the trainer had given her but even so she was being ignored. Not something a woman as attractive as her usually managed but today she found it welcoming.
Not that she had set out to attract attention that way, but she had been attending training with some senior colleagues and had her best skirt suit and Victoria Secrets push up bra on so usually got herself noticed.
What was less welcoming, or at least more unusual, was the company she was keeping, pa
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