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sweetdreams by fdasuarez sweetdreams :iconfdasuarez:fdasuarez 3,049 172 Fear the White Dress by humon Fear the White Dress :iconhumon:humon 2,426 293 Scary emo girl sketch :P by suicidal-voodoo-doll Scary emo girl sketch :P :iconsuicidal-voodoo-doll:suicidal-voodoo-doll 615 67 Les Diables by Les-Diables Les Diables :iconles-diables:Les-Diables 1,553 424 Wanna play? by Mikeinel Wanna play? :iconmikeinel:Mikeinel 3,608 328 Banshee by Tsabo6 Banshee :icontsabo6:Tsabo6 771 70 Horrorpop! by MicolSMorton Horrorpop! :iconmicolsmorton:MicolSMorton 578 65 After mummy has said goodnight by Sally-Jackson After mummy has said goodnight :iconsally-jackson:Sally-Jackson 235 36
The Underwear Judge part 1
One stormy night there were 3 teens, 2 girls and a boy aged 18.
Their names were Amy, Jessica (Jess) and Tom and they were on their way to the store but somehow got lost.
They found this random abandoned house in the middle of nowhere, it was getting close to midnight so they decided to spend a night there.
The 3 were surprised that the inside looked so nice and clean compared to the outside which looks damaged.
So the 3 had a look around to see what's in this strange house.
They didn't really find anything it was basically just an empty clean and tidy house.
So they went to look at the bedrooms and there were only 2 bedrooms but lucky enough 1 had 2 beds so the 2 girls took the 1 with 2 beds and the boy took the other 1.
The beds were so comfy and the rooms looked so nice they were able to get to sleep very quickly.
It was still a little stormy with the wind blowing and the lightning and thunder going on.
Eventually Tom woke up after he heard a very loud thunder and he needed to go to
:iconamywedgie:amywedgie 32 36
Manifestation by Sally-Jackson Manifestation :iconsally-jackson:Sally-Jackson 375 53 What now? by Amizyolaroid What now? :iconamizyolaroid:Amizyolaroid 977 80 Scarecrow by Xephiliomia Scarecrow :iconxephiliomia:Xephiliomia 296 258 Transformation by oilcorner Transformation :iconoilcorner:oilcorner 372 53 Sleeping eyes wide open by PisikeP2takas Sleeping eyes wide open :iconpisikep2takas:PisikeP2takas 233 43 Chained Doll by AyaNyu Chained Doll :iconayanyu:AyaNyu 175 14 Scary Girl by xXToKiO13HoTeLXx Scary Girl :iconxxtokio13hotelxx:xXToKiO13HoTeLXx 172 22 Succubus by Tsabo6 Succubus :icontsabo6:Tsabo6 431 51 Twisted by m1ss-e Twisted :iconm1ss-e:m1ss-e 99 49
What is fear?
I was told to find out about fear. They said to ask people what fear was. So first, I asked a small child.
“What is fear?”
The child frowned thoughtfully. “Fear is when the monsters under your bed are out to get you and you know it, but your mommy and daddy don’t believe you.”
I thanked him and kept going. Next, I asked an old woman.
“What is fear?”
The old woman looked sad. “Fear is the feeling of death creeping up on you and you knowing it is impossible to stop. Fear is being helpless to stop it. Be thankful that you are still young.”
I nodded thanks and kept moving. Finally, I asked a girl with scars on her arms and a scowl on her face.
“What is fear?”
She laughed derisively. “If you need to ask, you won’t know.”
“But I do know!” I protested. “I know that fear is. I just want to know what you think fear is.”
“Do I have to answer?”
I smiled encouragingly. “As
:icondeviantjewgirl96:DeviantJewGirl96 36 10
Ghost Shoot 03 by MeetMeAtTheLake2Nite Ghost Shoot 03 :iconmeetmeatthelake2nite:MeetMeAtTheLake2Nite 155 43 Ashia's Remembrance by Pyramiddhead Ashia's Remembrance :iconpyramiddhead:Pyramiddhead 211 37 Sadist Ayah Moment by AyaNyu Sadist Ayah Moment :iconayanyu:AyaNyu 323 48 may I smile now? by ponyania may I smile now? :iconponyania:ponyania 274 13 Red Riding Hood by Chuchy5 Red Riding Hood :iconchuchy5:Chuchy5 206 40 Behind You by kuschelirmel Behind You :iconkuschelirmel:kuschelirmel 92 32 Bloodbath by SamBriggs Bloodbath :iconsambriggs:SamBriggs 211 75 wrecked by wonderbandalice wrecked :iconwonderbandalice:wonderbandalice 561 36 She's with the creatures in the copse by Jujoweh She's with the creatures in the copse :iconjujoweh:Jujoweh 145 31 A Sinful Life Dying by StefaniaRusso A Sinful Life Dying :iconstefaniarusso:StefaniaRusso 119 33 Shiro  sketch by SOZOMAIKA Shiro sketch :iconsozomaika:SOZOMAIKA 246 14 Dark priestess by Dylerith Dark priestess :icondylerith:Dylerith 77 78 Emily by JuliaDunin Emily :iconjuliadunin:JuliaDunin 204 149 Tomie by color-sekai Tomie :iconcolor-sekai:color-sekai 153 26 Warning zombies ahead! by Helen-Stifler Warning zombies ahead! :iconhelen-stifler:Helen-Stifler 141 8 Your Nightmare by Zindy Your Nightmare :iconzindy:Zindy 291 34 HAPPY BELATED B-DAY WANTED OTL by Daenarys HAPPY BELATED B-DAY WANTED OTL :icondaenarys:Daenarys 174 35 cthulhu by thebiscuitboy cthulhu :iconthebiscuitboy:thebiscuitboy 88 17 Sacred Seasons 2 Lizzie by frogbillgo Sacred Seasons 2 Lizzie :iconfrogbillgo:frogbillgo 188 29 Lilith fanart by faustsketcher Lilith fanart :iconfaustsketcher:faustsketcher 455 20 Scary Anime Girl by SasukeXSariya Scary Anime Girl :iconsasukexsariya:SasukeXSariya 110 47 When We Were Happy by Senecal When We Were Happy :iconsenecal:Senecal 111 52 Hypnic Jerk by ShyCrow Hypnic Jerk :iconshycrow:ShyCrow 25 6 XIII: OKIKU by mementomoryo XIII: OKIKU :iconmementomoryo:mementomoryo 206 119 Philippa The Crackling Rider by Pyramiddhead Philippa The Crackling Rider :iconpyramiddhead:Pyramiddhead 134 32 Child's Play by AnnaPostal666 Child's Play :iconannapostal666:AnnaPostal666 128 17 League of Legends: Digi Art Throwdown: Elise by Splitin2kun League of Legends: Digi Art Throwdown: Elise :iconsplitin2kun:Splitin2kun 128 32 Ghost Shoot 09 by MeetMeAtTheLake2Nite Ghost Shoot 09 :iconmeetmeatthelake2nite:MeetMeAtTheLake2Nite 96 32 +the creepling+ by nayruasukei +the creepling+ :iconnayruasukei:nayruasukei 246 140 Scary girl... or something? by Lo-chan07 Scary girl... or something? :iconlo-chan07:Lo-chan07 39 38