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Don't Be Shy, My Doll - Uta x Reader
A very petite looking girl walked down the streets of the 4th Ward. The streetlights reflected with in her (E/C) orbs beautifully and gave them an extra shimmer. Ah, the streetlights, she loved them. They gave a sense of security with their brightness compared to the surrounding darkness. Thankfully, the HySy ArtMask Studio what by one of those said comforting streetlights. Her heels tapped against the concrete as she walk along the sidewalk and into the shop. Masks filled the room and the walls left, right and all around. However, there was not a single sight of the owner. "Excuse me..." She shyly spoke. "Is anyone here?" Her voice could be easily heard in the silence of the shop. Though, there was no answer. Stepping deeper in the shop, there was still no Uta to be found. Puffing up her cheeks, she turned around slightly frustrated. As she was turning, she saw Uta right in front of her. "Boo." He spoke with an expressionless tone and face. However, that was enough to spook her and ma
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Pokemon Creepypasta- Abandonment Hurts
Pokémon Creepypasta –Abandonment Hurts
I have always been a fan of the Pokémon series ever since I was 2 in 1998 when it came out. I didn't really know that it was a game at first so I just watched the TV. show. Then I played my first Pokémon licensed game: Pokémon Pinball at my doctor's office on his Gameboy colors in the waiting room but finally when I was 5 I would Finally get my own Pokémon game for my own Purple see-through Gameboy color that I had gotten for my 5th birthday along with Pokémon Crystal Version. I loved that thing to death I played it all the time even though I couldn't read some of it but I still loved it all the same.
  I popped in the cartridge and watched as the Gameboy screen flickered on with a "Ding!" and watched my first Pokémon journey unfold as something rushed past in the grass and a Pichu and Wooper  came up to see what it was. There it was: Suicune running through the fields.
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Mind Your Momma
Mind Your Momma
Ever since I was a child I've had an affinity for adventure. Nothing fills me with the same sense of overwhelming joy and adrenaline than running through the forest at dusk, and exploring forgotten ruins of old buildings left to rot away.  This same passion of mine has always filled my mother with great disapproval.
Every time I would prepare to embark on a new journey, she'd give me the same old spiel about how foolish and dangerous such behaviors were, and how I really should listen when she told me not to go.
Despite her warnings, I never ran into trouble. Sure, I'd gotten my fare share of bumps and bruises from rough spills while hiking, but I wore them like battle scars. I knew the woods behind my house like the back of my hand. So well, in fact, that I began to grow bored with them.
However, to my delight, a few weeks ago my mother informed me that we would be moving to a new town to be closer to my Uncle. I won't list the name of said town because I don't trust y
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