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Scamp by dannyphantomxpikaJB
Scamp by DannyFentonasEminemm
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A Crossover Story
It was a warm night in the streets of San Francisco, two dogs one a shepard named Charlie and the other a dog named Sasha walked down the streets, the two were no ordinary dogs, they were guardian angels sent from canine heaven. The two in mortal form loved each other very much, as Valentines Day loomed in closer love was in the air, well it was till Itchy rushed up
"Charlie! Sasha!" Itchy panted trying to catch his breath
"Whoa easy Itch, what's up?" Charlie asked
"Annabelle's been calling you on the horn. Something important came up." Itchy told Charlie
"If it's Carface or Bella Donna again.." Charlie growled, he hated when his dates with Sasha got interrupted.
"Well we can't leave Annabelle waiting." Sasha told Charlie, the three dogs headed off into the skies as they soon arrived in canine heaven, the three approached a beautiful pink whippet sitting on a cloud, the book of life in her paws.
"Charlie, Sasha, where were you two?" Annabelle asked.
"Well we were cruising along toward
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I Didn't Know
KF and Robin sat on the couch in the living together, M'gann and Superboy passed out beside them in a cuddle and Kald'r snoring quietly in his arm chair with Artemis sleeping on the arm rest. On the TV played the beautiful Disney Movie Lady in the Tramp 2, Scamp's Adventure.  They were currently at the scene where Scamp and Angel walked together in the park late at night, much like a date. Both KF and Robin hadn't actually wanted to see the movie that much at first , but M'gann had insisted they do, that innocent, excited gleam in her eyes. They couldn't turn her down so with deep, heavy sighs they had nodded yes. After a few minutes into the movie though, the two had found they actually enjoyed it, Wally thinking Scamp was just plain awesome and Robin loving the catchy tunes. And as luck would have it another song started right up.
"I've never felt this feeling before. She gives me shakes and shivers I can't ignore and I see that there's more now than just… running f
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