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Derpy Poster One :iconpixelkitties:PixelKitties 1,833 424
When we met you
We took amuse
Your tilted eyes
Our laughter's cue
Your torso's shade
A silvered gray
Your mane pure blonde
Was there much to say?
You seemed melded in
Never should have stood out,
But Fate had decided,
Your eyes to move about
A simple mistake,
You were not to be,
But there you stood,
And begat our glee.
We took to you quickly,
Becoming more than a joke,
Your makers your shell,
Our ideas your yolk
We made you love pastries
Gave profession as well,
We built you a family,
Our love it did swell!
You were our icon,
You held us together
Your strange off put eyes
Kept us in tether
Your makers observed
Also taking affection
You showed up more,
In fantastic direction!
We saw you around
From background to fore
Your presence keeping
A state of our lore.
Then the day came
That moment so grand,
One only we
Could ever understand
The day finally came
We had waited at length
When it graced over us,
We all felt its strength.
You Spoke! You Spoke!
We Clamored! We Cheered!
Never we felt
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Somepony That I Used to Know
Now and then I think of when you  were on the show
Like when you said you just don't what went rone
Told myself that you were right for kids
And felt so happy in your company
But that was friendship and it's a feeling I still remember
You can get addicted to a certain kind of (pony/show)
Like waiting for the season finale
Always the finale
So when we found that you could not make the rote
Well you said that you would still be in the back
But I'll admit that I was sad that you were over
But they didn’t have to censored you
Fro-ing her out like a baked-bad
And that she were nothing
And they don’t even think of your fans
But they  treat you  like a baked-bad
And that feels so rone
They didn’t have to to censorer you
Make the bronys cry in there beds
And then change the Dr name
I guess that they don’t like us though
Now you’re just somepony that I used to know
Now you’re just somepony that I used to know
Now you’re jus
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Twilight's Letter on Bullying
Dear Princess Celestia,
Today I learned a lesson about bullying and ponies who aren't perfect. Every pony is perfect just the way they are, no matter what, because if Derpy is being bullied, other ponies are too. Even if they can't change the way they are, they still have feelings. There is no reason to bully anyone because they get confused or they didn't know what they did wrong. All Derpy is trying to say to all of us is...
I Love You All Perfectly the Way You Are. Please Accept Who I Am.
your Faithful Supporter and Friends.
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