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You Sausage
When you asked to see how they made their sausages, you were expecting a brief description, maybe even a little demonstration as they led you into the back.
Awfully peculiar then, how you now find yourself standing naked in the kitchen, a raven-haired hottie giving you a sly look as she pulls a jar of something from a refrigerator.  This is crazy, you think fleetingly to yourself as she comes over and places a firm, gentle hand on your shoulder. That must be quite an innuendo around here... Her blue eyes are relaxed, half closed like a dusky evening, her smile is infectious. You smile a little back, sure things will be all right. She removes something from the jar; you look but she squeezes your shoulder gently, telling you to keep your eyes on her. You do as she wants, and she brings her hand up with it - you let her place it on your tongue.
Hot! Too hot!
You cough as the spicy thing stings your mouth. Not wanting to project whatever treat she's given you back
:iconbarrel-o-tf:Barrel-o-TF 151 76
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