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Volcano by humon Volcano :iconhumon:humon 3,934 821 Icelands, Volcano, and Puffin by tarateme Icelands, Volcano, and Puffin :icontarateme:tarateme 182 39 Hallway SatW by Freaky-Midget Hallway SatW :iconfreaky-midget:Freaky-Midget 68 42 :SatW: Iceland by Evanyia :SatW: Iceland :iconevanyia:Evanyia 38 15 Demon Caretaker. by anorwegan Demon Caretaker. :iconanorwegan:anorwegan 160 21 SatW: Australia and Iceland by bailey1rox SatW: Australia and Iceland :iconbailey1rox:bailey1rox 107 73 Cinadel by Impkat Cinadel :iconimpkat:Impkat 28 10 Halloween 2013 - Jack-o-lantern by Karalora Halloween 2013 - Jack-o-lantern :iconkaralora:Karalora 28 6 Christmas Preparations by anorwegan Christmas Preparations :iconanorwegan:anorwegan 29 10 Snow White Iceland by Impkat Snow White Iceland :iconimpkat:Impkat 14 7 SATW ICELAND HEADBANG!!! by XEPICTACOSx SATW ICELAND HEADBANG!!! :iconxepictacosx:XEPICTACOSx 18 2 WHAT THEY HAVE IN COMMON. by SpinningAxis WHAT THEY HAVE IN COMMON. :iconspinningaxis:SpinningAxis 16 8 satw - iceland, norway's brother by aldohyeah satw - iceland, norway's brother :iconaldohyeah:aldohyeah 14 2 That Ain't Right by n3peta-leijon That Ain't Right :iconn3peta-leijon:n3peta-leijon 8 2 Iceland White by kinggemz Iceland White :iconkinggemz:kinggemz 6 9 Scandinavia and the cosplay by HerrLudwig Scandinavia and the cosplay :iconherrludwig:HerrLudwig 6 1 spOOP (SaTW) by kinggemz spOOP (SaTW) :iconkinggemz:kinggemz 5 2 Iceland by Ohdotar Iceland :iconohdotar:Ohdotar 6 4
A Bad Hair Day
With a sigh of exasperation, Norway lifted himself from the kneeling position he had been in. Looks like he wasn't under the bed either. He swore that kid got better at hiding every damn time, and it always took forever to find him. He wouldn't be surprised to see the day when he would be searching a century before he found his brother. All of this difficulty just because of a haircut!
Just when he was about to give up for the day, he heard the faintest hint of shuffling as he entered the kitchen. Norway whipped his head in the direction of the noise, which just so happened to be the pantry...which was twice the height of his brother. Not even bothering to wonder how the hell he got up there (he learned early on not to be surprised when his little brother did the impossible), Norway quietly made his way to the pantry. Slowly opening the creaky wooden door, he peered inside the dark pantry, a small sigh of relief escaping him as he saw exactly whom he was looking for.
Meeting Nor
:iconkatethephantomfox:katethephantomfox 4 6
SatW - Iceland by DimensioGirl SatW - Iceland :icondimensiogirl:DimensioGirl 4 0 SatW Iceland Pixel by yumyum8675309 SatW Iceland Pixel :iconyumyum8675309:yumyum8675309 3 0 SatW Sister Iceland Pixel by yumyum8675309 SatW Sister Iceland Pixel :iconyumyum8675309:yumyum8675309 2 0 SATW: Iceland by Jene777 SATW: Iceland :iconjene777:Jene777 2 1 SATW characters by CitizenOfOurWorld SATW characters :iconcitizenofourworld:CitizenOfOurWorld 2 8 SatW - Iceland 2 by DimensioGirl SatW - Iceland 2 :icondimensiogirl:DimensioGirl 0 0 SATW Advents 1 by JackieDolamoreFan SATW Advents 1 :iconjackiedolamorefan:JackieDolamoreFan 1 0 Who is it? by AskSATWIceland Who is it? :iconasksatwiceland:AskSATWIceland 2 1 SATW Iceland by Bonnefeta4life SATW Iceland :iconbonnefeta4life:Bonnefeta4life 0 0 Iceland by Scarlet-Angel13 Iceland :iconscarlet-angel13:Scarlet-Angel13 0 6 Excuse me... by eeveeon22 Excuse me... :iconeeveeon22:eeveeon22 0 2 SATW Iceland by Dayana-Chan4477 SATW Iceland :icondayana-chan4477:Dayana-Chan4477 0 0 SatW - Iceland 3 by DimensioGirl SatW - Iceland 3 :icondimensiogirl:DimensioGirl 1 0 Nordic Eyes by VackraLjusaFarger Nordic Eyes :iconvackraljusafarger:VackraLjusaFarger 0 3
Clash of the Daredevils: North Vs. South!
London, England: August 12, 2012…
"We know!"
"I should, like, get another gold medal for getting the most gold medals!"
"There's a vicious cycle waiting to happen…" England muttered between sips of his ale. His tone was more amused than annoyed—the power-trip of hosting had buoyed his spirits to begin with, and his own medal count was none too shabby.
It's common knowledge that the Olympic Games are capped off with the closing ceremonies, an emotion-laden event wherein the winners are tearfully honored to the strains of stirring orchestral music and the rest are effectively told "Train harder next time, losers."
Common knowledge doesn't know about the wrap party afterwards, when the gathered countries reward themselves for sitting through the closing ceremonies by boozing it up and bragging to each other about their wins, or conversely spreading malicious gossip about the winners. "Yeah, sure…it's easy to take the gold
:iconkaralora:Karalora 3 6
Salt versus Demons by Galadnilien Salt versus Demons :icongaladnilien:Galadnilien 17 1
A distinctive, terrible crunch sounded from the floor, muffled by the carpet and the foot that bore down upon a hopelessly busted pile of plastic. Norway swore and lifted his foot up, inspecting the bottom and wincing as he picked out a broken fragment of toy airplane from his toe. He studied the little emblem on a piece of wing, twirling it in his fingers and sighing.
"Denmark!" he called.
From the kitchen, the door of the fridge slammed closed, and Denmark appeared from around the corner, his arms full of beer and a lone slab of cheese sticking out of his mouth.
"Wh'ron'?" he mumbled.
"I'm going to the store. Emergency shopping."
Norway picked up the toy and held it out for Denmark to see, and the smaller nation's eyes went wide. He sucked in the cheese and swallowed it quickly.
"We're doomed."
"Not unless I can replace it without him noticing," Norway said, shoving the broken parts into his pocket. "Keep him occupied while I'm gone."
"How do I do that?! What if he starts asking wher
:iconhelsinkiangels:HelsinkiAngels 1 0
Iceland Fan Club 03 by makruasfangirl Iceland Fan Club 03 :iconmakruasfangirl:makruasfangirl 5 3 Iceland's Ride by VackraLjusaFarger Iceland's Ride :iconvackraljusafarger:VackraLjusaFarger 12 7