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SatW - Roll Call by Nebulan SatW - Roll Call :iconnebulan:Nebulan 422 76 Denmark and Iceland by MatildaK Denmark and Iceland :iconmatildak:MatildaK 39 4 :SatW: Iceland by Evanyia :SatW: Iceland :iconevanyia:Evanyia 37 15 AppalachiaAndStates-Earthquake by Nebulan AppalachiaAndStates-Earthquake :iconnebulan:Nebulan 44 33 SatW mah heritage- part 4 by coco-san-3195 SatW mah heritage- part 4 :iconcoco-san-3195:coco-san-3195 22 7 SATW Germany by Virtue147 SATW Germany :iconvirtue147:Virtue147 16 10 NorwayDenmark special huggle by AmaiAkarui NorwayDenmark special huggle :iconamaiakarui:AmaiAkarui 42 8 SATW by SarcastiicCat SATW :iconsarcastiiccat:SarcastiicCat 14 10 Duck tape Finland by SunlightKitten Duck tape Finland :iconsunlightkitten:SunlightKitten 15 1 Sister Sweden - Scandinavia and the World by freyv Sister Sweden - Scandinavia and the World :iconfreyv:freyv 14 7 Aats- Commonwealths by Nebulan Aats- Commonwealths :iconnebulan:Nebulan 8 9 id by ginkaze id :iconginkaze:ginkaze 20 6 Iceland by Ohdotar Iceland :iconohdotar:Ohdotar 6 4 Scania's Cake by StantheLion Scania's Cake :iconstanthelion:StantheLion 5 0
A Bad Hair Day
With a sigh of exasperation, Norway lifted himself from the kneeling position he had been in. Looks like he wasn't under the bed either. He swore that kid got better at hiding every damn time, and it always took forever to find him. He wouldn't be surprised to see the day when he would be searching a century before he found his brother. All of this difficulty just because of a haircut!
Just when he was about to give up for the day, he heard the faintest hint of shuffling as he entered the kitchen. Norway whipped his head in the direction of the noise, which just so happened to be the pantry...which was twice the height of his brother. Not even bothering to wonder how the hell he got up there (he learned early on not to be surprised when his little brother did the impossible), Norway quietly made his way to the pantry. Slowly opening the creaky wooden door, he peered inside the dark pantry, a small sigh of relief escaping him as he saw exactly whom he was looking for.
Meeting Nor
:iconkatethephantomfox:katethephantomfox 4 6
SATW Sweden/Finland by Virtue147 SATW Sweden/Finland :iconvirtue147:Virtue147 4 3 Puberty strikes again by kinggemz Puberty strikes again :iconkinggemz:kinggemz 3 0 *grunt* by StantheLion *grunt* :iconstanthelion:StantheLion 3 0 Scandinavia and the World: BRAZIL 2014 by roxyjana Scandinavia and the World: BRAZIL 2014 :iconroxyjana:roxyjana 2 1 Sweden pony by Simbelle Sweden pony :iconsimbelle:Simbelle 2 0 Finnish Lion Derp by CMJHFantasy Finnish Lion Derp :iconcmjhfantasy:CMJHFantasy 3 0 Scandinavia and the world fanart. Old. by squirreltune Scandinavia and the world fanart. Old. :iconsquirreltune:squirreltune 0 0 SATW Norway by Dayana-Chan4477 SATW Norway :icondayana-chan4477:Dayana-Chan4477 0 0 The Chic Magnet by ievastakvile The Chic Magnet :iconievastakvile:ievastakvile 0 0 Swedish Siblings by StantheLion Swedish Siblings :iconstanthelion:StantheLion 1 0 SATW Iceland by Dayana-Chan4477 SATW Iceland :icondayana-chan4477:Dayana-Chan4477 0 0 Let's Go! [SatW] by thelegendarycatalyst Let's Go! [SatW] :iconthelegendarycatalyst:thelegendarycatalyst 1 0 SATW Denmark by Dayana-Chan4477 SATW Denmark :icondayana-chan4477:Dayana-Chan4477 1 0 Finland pony by Simbelle Finland pony :iconsimbelle:Simbelle 1 0 Abandon Hope by Valkosipuli Abandon Hope :iconvalkosipuli:Valkosipuli 5 1 New Favorite Game by Valkosipuli New Favorite Game :iconvalkosipuli:Valkosipuli 120 22