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Death Battle Idea 1 by WeirdKev-27 Death Battle Idea 1 :iconweirdkev-27:WeirdKev-27 26 10 :2011: The Playboy Bunny Witch? by Woo-Foo-Battlefield :2011: The Playboy Bunny Witch? :iconwoo-foo-battlefield:Woo-Foo-Battlefield 16 3 High She-as by Ai-Alchemy High She-as :iconai-alchemy:Ai-Alchemy 33 11 I Hate the Animated Titanic Movies!!! by SithVampireMaster27 I Hate the Animated Titanic Movies!!! :iconsithvampiremaster27:SithVampireMaster27 96 64 Bday card - WeirdKevand27 by Jose-Ramiro Bday card - WeirdKevand27 :iconjose-ramiro:Jose-Ramiro 50 46 Purple Gals in Itchy Christmas Sweaters by JoeyWaggoner Purple Gals in Itchy Christmas Sweaters :iconjoeywaggoner:JoeyWaggoner 99 4 Saranoia by IceWolf762 Saranoia :iconicewolf762:IceWolf762 39 12 .: Ying Yang Yo: Saranoia :. by mitsugu .: Ying Yang Yo: Saranoia :. :iconmitsugu:mitsugu 45 18 Comission Saranoia by Ai-Alchemy Comission Saranoia :iconai-alchemy:Ai-Alchemy 36 5 Animeish Lina by DanOblong Animeish Lina :icondanoblong:DanOblong 22 10 Deep Purple by SithVampireMaster27 Deep Purple :iconsithvampiremaster27:SithVampireMaster27 28 9
2nd Death Battle Script
Death Battle Script #2
Saranoia vs Misty

Boomstick: Who doesn't love a good catfight? Nobody I care about.
Wizard: There's no denying that seeing two women fight can be interesting to watch.
Boomstick: And hot!
Wizard: Yeah...that too. But this time, two lesser known fighters that step up to the playing field and gain a moment in the Death Battle spotlight.
Boomstick: Saranoia, the feminist femme fatale.
Wizard: And Misty, the psychotic mercenary for hire.
Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.
Wizard: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.
Wizard: Saranoia is a cat demon hybrid with a long history of hatred towards men. As a child, her father had always favored her older brother Mark over her.
Boomstick: Is her daddy using the Jedi Mind Trick on her?
Wizard: I guess they had to bring the plot in somehow. Saranoia is a powerful sorceress and a master of disguise.
Boomstick: She has a collection of ma
:iconvincentthecrow:VincenttheCrow 18 30
YinxSaranoia Commission by Jose-Miranda YinxSaranoia Commission :iconjose-miranda:Jose-Miranda 42 15 Plungering Saranoia by SithVampireMaster27 Plungering Saranoia :iconsithvampiremaster27:SithVampireMaster27 19 6 Saranoia Suffrage by Jose-Ramiro Saranoia Suffrage :iconjose-ramiro:Jose-Ramiro 25 33 Terrible Trio by Montatora-501 Terrible Trio :iconmontatora-501:Montatora-501 50 16 YinxSaranoia by WeirdKev-27 YinxSaranoia :iconweirdkev-27:WeirdKev-27 26 7 Point Commission - Pirate Saranoia by SkunkyNoid Point Commission - Pirate Saranoia :iconskunkynoid:SkunkyNoid 20 3 New pics + pending ones by Woo-Foo-Battlefield New pics + pending ones :iconwoo-foo-battlefield:Woo-Foo-Battlefield 8 33 Halloween costumes for Sy by Echidna-halfdragon Halloween costumes for Sy :iconechidna-halfdragon:Echidna-halfdragon 17 6 My Top 10 Hottest Animated Girls 02 by SithVampireMaster27 My Top 10 Hottest Animated Girls 02 :iconsithvampiremaster27:SithVampireMaster27 20 6 Colored Pic 13 by closet-perv Colored Pic 13 :iconcloset-perv:closet-perv 48 14 Baby-noia By Toonatiu by megabluex Baby-noia By Toonatiu :iconmegabluex:megabluex 21 1 rq yin yang babby by Lewamus rq yin yang babby :iconlewamus:Lewamus 14 7 Me and the posse by IllusiveMistery69 Me and the posse :iconillusivemistery69:IllusiveMistery69 19 2 Saranoia maid by 14-bis Saranoia maid :icon14-bis:14-bis 631 145 [COMMISSION] Spicy and Span by TheSharkMaster [COMMISSION] Spicy and Span :iconthesharkmaster:TheSharkMaster 180 26 Santa Held Hostage by DarkVigilante Santa Held Hostage :icondarkvigilante:DarkVigilante 93 21 Saranoia's New Wand (2 of 6) by Vestiphile Saranoia's New Wand (2 of 6) :iconvestiphile:Vestiphile 25 0 Saranoia and Misty give Presents by SithVampireMaster27 Saranoia and Misty give Presents :iconsithvampiremaster27:SithVampireMaster27 11 4 Saranoia By Toonatiu-colored by megabluex Saranoia By Toonatiu-colored :iconmegabluex:megabluex 17 0 Saranoia by Dagolmeca Saranoia :icondagolmeca:Dagolmeca 10 4 Saranoia by DoofenEmpire Saranoia :icondoofenempire:DoofenEmpire 10 4 Carl and Saranoia by DoofenEmpire Carl and Saranoia :icondoofenempire:DoofenEmpire 9 6 BBAnTop 10 Villainesses meme by BBAngel17 BBAnTop 10 Villainesses meme :iconbbangel17:BBAngel17 12 5 The 3 Damas by Jose-Ramiro The 3 Damas :iconjose-ramiro:Jose-Ramiro 41 7 Luffs by Kikyz Luffs :iconkikyz:Kikyz 23 2 rq saranoia and yin by Lewamus rq saranoia and yin :iconlewamus:Lewamus 6 2 Saranoia by JakeJonouchi Saranoia :iconjakejonouchi:JakeJonouchi 5 2 206 by JakeJonouchi 206 :iconjakejonouchi:JakeJonouchi 5 0
Weirdkevand27's UHF
We open up to what appears to be the sound of fighting.("Huh, Who's laughing now, bitch!")Swing! Went the golf club as it's victim could do nothing.("Friggin piece of crap.")Another swing from the golf club's owner as it continued to beat up it's victim.("You think your all that? Huh, you think your all that? Well your not, you worse then all that. Your All That season 10. Yeah I when there!")Three more swings came from the club and it appears to be hit for the thing. Until...
"Misty what the Hell Are You Doing?!?" The 16-year-old boy said angrily at the purple-hoodie wearing female ninja.("Showing this damn laptop Who's the Boss! huh.") the ninja said before taking another swing and it.("And then it said that it that it liked Judith Light better when she was in Ugly Betty, so I started beating the crap out of it with this golf club.")
"Well stop it! I Gotta start on my first fanmake before the day's done." the boy said before taking the golf club from her. "And Quit using my golfclubs
:iconweirdkev-27:WeirdKev-27 4 38
Rubella and Saranoia by SithVampireMaster27 Rubella and Saranoia :iconsithvampiremaster27:SithVampireMaster27 4 4 Saranoia - Original by JakeJonouchi Saranoia - Original :iconjakejonouchi:JakeJonouchi 4 2 Saranoia By Toonatiu by megabluex Saranoia By Toonatiu :iconmegabluex:megabluex 3 0 Demon Cat-Gem Hybrid: Saranoia - Purple Toumaline by SwordSparks Demon Cat-Gem Hybrid: Saranoia - Purple Toumaline :iconswordsparks:SwordSparks 1 5 Saranoia Rubberball TF by EarWaxKid Saranoia Rubberball TF :iconearwaxkid:EarWaxKid 1 0 rq girl  beard in love by Lewamus rq girl beard in love :iconlewamus:Lewamus 4 12 rq ice cream with what by Lewamus rq ice cream with what :iconlewamus:Lewamus 3 14
weirdkevand27's UHF 2
Chapter 2:Yes! this is the Fanmake's main pairing!
"How could you do this to me?" Timon said to Saranoia from inside an old Hash that was just pulling in front of 'Master Fung's house of Xiaolin'."I knew this would happened."
"Your right, Timon." Saranoia said as they were getting outta the car."I'm Sorry! What can I say I'm a miserable worthless hunk of slime!" "Here." Saranoia said as she bend down to pick up a crowbar "Just take this crowbar and.."Sara said as she handed Timon the crowbar and then took of her 'WWWoW' hat, bend her head over and screams."JUST BASH MY HEAD RIGHT IN! GO AHEAD JUST BASH IT IN!"
"Sara you know I couldn't do that." Timon said denying his friend's suicide request. "You still own me five bucks." he said,  handing her back the crowbar.
As Saranoia was putting the crowbar back she heard one of the windows from Master Fung's breaking and saw the man that fell from it. she then looks from the po
:iconweirdkev-27:WeirdKev-27 2 10
rq hh by Lewamus rq hh :iconlewamus:Lewamus 2 5