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Desert 3 by B-SquaredStock Desert 3 :iconb-squaredstock:B-SquaredStock 1,091 573 Watercolor Brushes by mcbadshoes Watercolor Brushes :iconmcbadshoes:mcbadshoes 2,807 789 He's mine by ILsama He's mine :iconilsama:ILsama 1,634 232 ROTG doodles and sketches - COOKIES by Sardiini ROTG doodles and sketches - COOKIES :iconsardiini:Sardiini 2,387 220 Alarm Clock by LadyDeadPooly Alarm Clock :iconladydeadpooly:LadyDeadPooly 2,600 275 Words Unspoken- PG 2 by elixirXsczjX13 Words Unspoken- PG 2 :iconelixirxsczjx13:elixirXsczjX13 3,348 571 Rise Of The Guardians - Sandy and Jack by ispan0w0 Rise Of The Guardians - Sandy and Jack :iconispan0w0:ispan0w0 1,731 137 mellow 1 by venomxbaby mellow 1 :iconvenomxbaby:venomxbaby 1,057 171 Sandy Colored Places by ToolKitten Sandy Colored Places :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 7,411 449
Sandman x Reader - meeting the Sandman
Sandy saw little sand stars flying around his head.
he remembered bringing his dreams to children than a sudden clash with something and then he crashed.
where was he?
groggily he looked around, taking in his surroundings.
he appeared to be inside someone room
“how did…?”
He looked up and was met with the most beautiful (e/c) eyes he had ever seen
And he had seen a lot.
He shook his head a bit before looking again, bits of sand flinging everywhere.
“it’s a golden you are actually kind of cute, wait what am I saying…”
Sandy tried to stand up but the pain got him first and he sat down again, a worried look came over his face
The girl noticed his pain.
“oh! Just a moment”
Carefully not to disturb her parents or her brother she rushed downstairs.
She quickly grabbed the first aid kit and went back up.
the little man hadn’t moved a bit
she was getting worried now and carefully shook his shoulders
“hey… litt
:iconsavanir:Savanir 187 34
I'm Comin' Home? by forte-girl7 I'm Comin' Home? :iconforte-girl7:forte-girl7 4,797 846 Black Veil Brides is my Drug by elemental-goddess89 Black Veil Brides is my Drug :iconelemental-goddess89:elemental-goddess89 122 43 Red Sonja by Sandman-AC Red Sonja :iconsandman-ac:Sandman-AC 521 17 Poison Ivy by Sandman-AC Poison Ivy :iconsandman-ac:Sandman-AC 754 35 Paradise Island Wallpaper by nxxos Paradise Island Wallpaper :iconnxxos:nxxos 625 103 Cloud Strife -Advent Children ver.- by Sandman-AC Cloud Strife -Advent Children ver.- :iconsandman-ac:Sandman-AC 547 45 Aluminium Pangolin Knit Gloves by CraftyMutt Aluminium Pangolin Knit Gloves :iconcraftymutt:CraftyMutt 1,656 136
A Guardian's Guardian
  Jack cried out as he was slammed into the trunk of the tree, pain spreading across his back. He fell to the ground but before he could make any movement to get back up, a furry paw pressed down on the center of his back.
  He cried out again as the claws tore though the fabric of his hoodie and dug into his flesh, drawing blood. Tears rushed to his eyes as he grit his teeth, trying to pull away from his attacker. But the paw held him in place.
  The cruel laughter stung in his ears and the paw pressed down harder on his back, feeling as it would break his spine. He dug his fingers into the ground, trying to hold back the sob that rose in his throat.
“Not so cocky now, are you? Serves you right, you little pest.”
  Jack managed to turn his head, glancing at the animal. He was only a bit taller than the boy, but much larger in weight. In fact, he was rather fat. His fur coat was dirty brown, with a middle long tail trailing behind him. His eyes were cold
:iconwildspirit-forever:WildSpirit-Forever 75 30
Desert 2 by B-SquaredStock Desert 2 :iconb-squaredstock:B-SquaredStock 187 51 Bubble of Love by Allenare Bubble of Love :iconallenare:Allenare 1,011 212 RotG Sketchdump by NightmareHound RotG Sketchdump :iconnightmarehound:NightmareHound 1,524 77 The Approaching Storm by cerona The Approaching Storm :iconcerona:cerona 2,482 511 Eater by Sanskarans Eater :iconsanskarans:Sanskarans 861 61 [RotG]Sandy vs Pitch(novel VER.) by Wavesheep [RotG]Sandy vs Pitch(novel VER.) :iconwavesheep:Wavesheep 4,799 210 Pitch's Inside by Breetroad Pitch's Inside :iconbreetroad:Breetroad 1,285 219 Hamtaro OC Maker 1.1 by pichu90 Hamtaro OC Maker 1.1 :iconpichu90:pichu90 1,905 511 Pull and Push by ILsama Pull and Push :iconilsama:ILsama 1,137 211 Duel of the Fates by Sandman-AC Duel of the Fates :iconsandman-ac:Sandman-AC 847 60 Random Flower Mini-Comic by Allenare Random Flower Mini-Comic :iconallenare:Allenare 980 128 OP -Food- by vtophya OP -Food- :iconvtophya:vtophya 1,028 129 Words Unspoken- PG 1 by elixirXsczjX13 Words Unspoken- PG 1 :iconelixirxsczjx13:elixirXsczjX13 1,843 183 Good and Evil-Life and Death by Holly6669666 Good and Evil-Life and Death :iconholly6669666:Holly6669666 532 128 BE MY VALENTINE? by ILsama BE MY VALENTINE? :iconilsama:ILsama 1,045 151 The Trailer by rufftoon The Trailer :iconrufftoon:rufftoon 5,190 918 Sandy color by Scebiqu Sandy color :iconscebiqu:Scebiqu 2,533 139 mouse 5 by venomxbaby mouse 5 :iconvenomxbaby:venomxbaby 708 92 Lancelin 2 by faestock Lancelin 2 :iconfaestock:faestock 1,136 216 Squidward Devours Spongebob by MatthewJWills Squidward Devours Spongebob :iconmatthewjwills:MatthewJWills 1,298 1,218 Shukaku Awakens by catandcrown Shukaku Awakens :iconcatandcrown:catandcrown 573 41 OP-Censure- by vtophya OP-Censure- :iconvtophya:vtophya 1,121 150 Human Bunnymund (Rise of the Guardians) by the-ALEF Human Bunnymund (Rise of the Guardians) :iconthe-alef:the-ALEF 1,096 164 The Bet by LadyDeadPooly The Bet :iconladydeadpooly:LadyDeadPooly 1,335 134 Heartstrings ch3/p9 - A minor temporal disturbance by TriteBristle Heartstrings ch3/p9 - A minor temporal disturbance :icontritebristle:TriteBristle 651 493 New BCB Relationship Chart. by taeshilh New BCB Relationship Chart. :icontaeshilh:taeshilh 555 214 Sandy sculpture 4 by soheyl Sandy sculpture 4 :iconsoheyl:soheyl 2,439 635
More than a Legend - Jack Frost x Reader
"Damn it, damn it." You hissed under your breath, "Why does it exist, why!?" Your whisper turned into a shout of irritation. Your arms tucked in firmly under your arm pits, your body bracing against the bitterly cold winter you head out into the white snowy terrain, into the icing topped woods. You stumble through the white woods, shivering and rattling like a child's toy, muttering under your chaffed blue lips.
Why were you out? Oh because your mother felt it would be good to get some fresh air. Just standing on the porch of your stone cottage in the middle of winter would have sufficed but no, you were shoved out the front door, with only a leather jacket. You forgot your hat, gloves and scarf and now little beads of tears leaked out the corners of your eyes from the pain of the cold. The thing is, you didn't have anything else to do. You couldn't walk or even drive into the village to see your friends because it was too damn far, at least ten miles away. Your friend Becky, w
:iconwolfworld:wolfworld 1,483 954
Kitana by Sandman-AC Kitana :iconsandman-ac:Sandman-AC 329 22 What if by LadyDeadPooly What if :iconladydeadpooly:LadyDeadPooly 1,297 218 shipwreck random 4 by faestock shipwreck random 4 :iconfaestock:faestock 483 75