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children of the wolves,
  long hair tangled in the northern wind
 the snow bothers you not,
  packed deep into the hillside, it is warm shelter
          fire smoke ekes out through the sparse firs
         elk in the pit,
                 and the wounding sound of the wolves crawls through your bones.
            children of the wolves,
       brave hearts and iron legs
              you live among the kings of the tundra
            and wear yourselves proudly.
       the furs of the lost grace your shoulders
                a reminder of who looks after who,
                      who oversees the overseers.
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Samhain :iconunholyvault:UnholyVault 789 0 October Nights :iconivannadark:IvannaDark 206 0 Night Of The Spirits :iconcorvinerium:Corvinerium 300 90 Fairy of Halloween Pumpkin :iconcandra:Candra 10,924 529
I'll meet her again...
It’s Samhain. The line between the spirit
world and our own is a ray of moonlight.  
It’s the night when the reluctant soul sticks
to our plane, hovering - a withered rose
whose beauty is the figment of a dream;
a gleam gilding the surface of the lake.
For long hours of idyll would the Lake
poets revel in letting their spirit
soar free on the nightingale’s wings, and dream  
of glimpsing their Muse clad in pure moonlight –
but tonight magic’s afoot: clouds just rose
to blur the moon like fumes from incense sticks.
The Romantics’ habit of rambling sticks
to mind tonight, as I stroll to the lake
and sit down to recall the violent rows
we’d have every night, before her spirit
gave itself over to the bland moonlight
and chose to rest and die, not live and dream.
But perhaps ‘tis I that’s strayed in a dream?
For in that small nest, fashioned out of sticks,
I see her visage, painted in moonlight.
I glimpse a lady traversing the
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Halloween night :iconcandra:Candra 5,228 335 Zombie Pumpkin Carving :iconevilninjachris:EvilNinjaChris 390 27 Halloween Spell :iconle-regard-des-elfes:Le-Regard-des-Elfes 198 174 Magie d'automne :iconle-regard-des-elfes:Le-Regard-des-Elfes 367 164 the k e e p e r :icongutterface:gutterface 1,155 83 Fall Background Landscape 4 :iconfantasystock:FantasyStock 210 0 Hallows Eve :iconautonoe:Autonoe 313 62 Haunted Hills 19 :iconkuoma-stock:Kuoma-stock 250 33 The Witches Familiar :iconkerrianncrau:KerriAnnCrau 669 69 Empress2 :iconelisanth:Elisanth 450 46 Moonlit :iconhannahchapman:HannahChapman 197 77 Mari Lwyd :iconrhynwilliams:RhynWilliams 341 36 Digital Painting: The Terror Tree :iconukulelemoon:UkuleleMoon 1,069 38 I Just Love To Be a Witch! :iconenysguerrero:EnysGuerrero 1,284 117 Free Avatar: Wolven Moon :iconfantasystock:FantasyStock 478 40
Dark Mother
Bleed your colors to the ground,
let them swirl in the vortex of your breath.
The gathering chill escaped from your lungs
whispers the green earth into death.

Dark Mother, keep the spirits
you hold within your hands.
Souls eternally bidden,
soaked and seeped into the land.
Dark Mother, keep your fury
quivering deep within the ground.
Harm us not, but let us hear
the power of that sound.
The wheel is turning, always turning
as the sun falls from the sky.
Mother can you tell me,
oh can't you tell me why?
Dark Mother, stir your cauldron
deep living waters of rebirth.
Wash clean this wretched wreckage
we have wreaked upon the earth.
Dark Mother, shall we reap
all that we have sown?
When spring returns will you be there?
to light our path toward home?
The wheel is turning, always turning
as the seasons slowly die.
Mother can you tell me,
oh can't you tell me why?
Will you exhale a merciful breath,
to warm our world once more?
Or stop the wheel from turning,

leave us trappe
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